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Zambia's Mining Fiscal Regime: H1 2016

Published: Feb, 2016 | Pages: 14 | Publisher: Timetric
Industry: Mining | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Timetric's Zambian fiscal regime report outlines the governing bodies, governing law, rights and obligations and tax-related information on five commodities: coal, copper, gold, nickel and manganese.

Timetric's fiscal regime report covers Zambia, which has rich deposits of copper, manganese and other minerals. The country's mining industry is governed by the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development and its relevant departments. The Mines and Mineral Act consolidates and amends laws related to mines and minerals.

The report outlines governing bodies, governing law, rights, obligations and key fiscal terms which includes corporate tax, capital gain tax, royalty, mineral royalty tax, property transfer tax, turnover tax, withholding tax, capital allowance, debt equity ratio, loss carry forward and value added tax (VAT).

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Key Highlights
The Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development is responsible for policy framework and guidance through the Department of Mines, Department of Energy and Department of Water Affairs. The Environmental and Natural Resources Development (ENRMD), which comes under the Ministry of Land, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, is responsible for policy formulation on natural resources, the environment, and pollution control. The Mines and Minerals Act's main purpose is to regulate all mining activities such as prospecting and the mining of minerals, and to provide information for matters related to mining. The Zambia Chamber of Mines' main purpose is to promote members' interests, and encourage, protect and foster the country's mining industry .
 Table of Contents
1 Executive Summary 2 The Zambian Mining Industry - Governing Bodies 2.1 Ministry of Mines Energy and Water Development 2.2 Ministry of Land, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection 2.3 Zambia Chamber of Mines (ZCM) 3 The Zambian Mining Industry - Governing Law 3.1 Mines and Minerals Act 3.2 Licensing Types 3.2.1 Exploration license 3.2.2 Mining License 4 The Zambian Mining Industry - Rights and Obligations 4.1 Rights 4.2 Obligations 5 The Zambian Mining Industry - Key Fiscal Terms 5.1 Corporate Tax 5.2 Capital Gain Tax 5.3 Royalty 5.4 Mineral Royalty Tax 5.5 Property Transfer Tax 5.6 Turnover Tax 5.7 Withholding Tax 5.8 Capital Allowance 5.9 Debt Equity Ratio 5.10 Loss Carry Forward 5.11 Value Added Tax (VAT) 6 The Zambian Mining Industry - Future Development 7 Appendix 7.1 Abbreviations 7.2 Secondary Research 7.3 Primary Research 7.4 Contact Timetric 7.5 About Timetric 7.6 Timetric's Services 7.7 Disclaimer
List of Tables
Table 1: The Mining Industry in Zambia - Key Taxes and Rates, 2015

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