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Worldwide Handset Tracking Report: 2005-2011

Published: Sep, 2011 | Pages: 514 | Publisher: SNS Research
Industry: Telecommunications And Wireless | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

This report tracks global handset launches from over 272 manufacturers and provides long term forecasts on handset launches up to 2015. Numerical results in the report are presented in a comprehensible graphical style with granularity levels varying from a global level to a specific technologies. Figures from the report can be used to track investment opportunities and market behavior besides sizing and segmenting the global cellular handsets market.

Additional Details

The Signals and Systems Telecom team follows a thorough process when examining the market under consideration. The primary steps of the process are information gathering, organization and analysis.
The primary sources of the information gathering process are interviews with executives, business professionals, and engineers within the telecommunications industry sector. Secondary data sources are also utilized which include corporate financial performance reports, industry periodicals and trade group reports.
The information is then organized into a database incorporating industry trends, regional policies and demographics. Assigned analysts and query specialists then apply statistical models to forecast industry trends. The information is then generated in a graphical format to allow quick identification of market developments.

The following 272 handset manufacturers are covered: Acer, ADAR, AEG Mobile Communication, Aiji, Aiko, Airfone, AK Mobile, Akai, Alcatel, Altek, Amoi, Amplicom, Anycool Mobile, AnyDATA, Apple, Arcelik, Asiafone, ASUS, Audiovox, Auro, AUX, AVE, Avvio, BBK, Bea-fon, Beko, Bellwave, BenQ, BenQ-Siemens, Benten, Bird, Brionvega, Brondi, Bursaspor, BYD, Byond, Casio, CECT, Changhong, Chinacom, Commtiva, Communic8, Compal, Concord, Crea, Credo, Cyberbank, Daewoo, Danger, Daxian, Day Mobile, DBTEL, Dell, Digimax, Digiphone, Dmobo, Dolia, D-One, Doov, Dopod, Doro, DRV, Eastcom, EM Mobile, Emblaze Mobile, Emporia, Enfora, Enteos, E-TEN, E-Touch, FIC, Firefly Mobile, Fujitsu, GarminAsus, General Mobile, Geo Mobile, GFive, G-Fone, Giga Telecom, Gigabyte, Gionee, Global High Tech, Golden Royal, Goldmaster, Gotive AS, G-Plus, GUPP Technologies Inc, Hagenuk, Haier, Hisense, Hitachi, Hi-Tech, Hop Mobile, Hop-on Wireless, HP, HTC, Huawei, Hyundai, iKoMo, i-mate, ImCoSys, i-Mobile, Infinity, Infosonics, Innostream, INQ Mobile, Intex, ITEL, Itelco, ITT Italy, IXI Mobile, Ixuss, Jinpeng, JOA Telecom, Jon, Jowin, JRC, Karbonn Mobiles, KC Mobile, Kimpo, Kong Profit, Konka, Krome, KT Tech, KTFT, Kyocera, Lanix, Lava, LC Mobile, Lemon, Lenovo, Letus, Lexes, LEXIA, LG, Linx, Logitel, Longcheer, Luxus, Malata, Matsu, Maxon, Maxx, Meridian, Micromax, Micxon, Mi-Fone, Minton, Mio, MiTAC, Mito, Mitsubishi, Modelabs, Modu, Momentum, Motorola, MWG, My-G Mobile, MyMobile Watch, Myphone, NCBC, NEC, Neonode, Neox, Newgen, Nexian, NG Mobile, NGM Mobile, Nokia, Novatel Wireless, OKWAP, OLA, Olive, ONDA, Onida, OPPO, Option Wireless Technology, Orion, ORITE, Palm, Panasonic, Panda Electronics, Pantech & Curitel, Paragon Wireless, Philips, Phoenix, PhoneOne, Piquadro, Piranha, Pirelli, Platinium, Powerway, Pulid, Qoollabs, Raks, Ray Mobile, RIM, ROAD, ROSE, R-Way, Sagem, Samsung, Sanex, Sanyo, Seiko, Semp Toshiba, Sendo, Sharp, Siemens, Sierra Wireless, SIM Technology, SK telesys, SKY Teletech, Skyfavor, Skyzen, Sonim Technologies, Sony Ericsson, Spektra, Spice Mobiles, Startech, Superfone, Swissvoice, Synchronica, Taifeng, Tatung, Taxco, TBK, TCL, Techcom, Techfaith, Techwin, Tecno, Tecom, TeknoMaster , Telit, Tianyu, TI-Phone Mobile, T-Logic, Toplux, TORQ, Toshiba, Trident, Tristar, T-Tech, TTN Mobile, Twings, Ubiquam, Unicair Communication, Usha Lexus, UTStarcom, VEA, Verson, Vertice, Verykool, Videocon Mobile, Vitelcom, Vitze, VK Mobile, Wentto, Wmobile, WNC, WND, World Mobile, Wyncomm, Xcute, Xen, Yulong, Zakang, ZEN Mobile, Zonda, ZTE.

The report covers a total of 7,550 hand models circulating in the market since 2005
 Chapter 1.Section 1: Global Handset Launches and Forecasts
1.1. Unique Handset Models in the Market
1.2. Long Term Handset Launch Forecasts

Chapter 2. Section 2: List of Historical Handset Launches by Manufacturer

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