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Western Europe Handset Shipments, Vendor Market Share, Strategies and Key Trends Q3’2011

Published: Oct, 2011 | Pages: 21 | Publisher: SNS Research
Industry: Telecommunications And Wireless | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The worldwide handset shipment vendor market has exceeded over 396 million units in the third quarter of 2011. It is predicted with an annual CAGR of 14% in this quarter. Handset shipments have faced a decline in North America and Western Europe. Nokia was the biggest winner garnering the best sales, followed by Samsung. Other prominent vendors were ZTE and Motorola Mobility.
The current quarter of the Western Europe handset shipments vendor market in 2011 has seen the sale of 44.32 million shipments. It faced a 10.87% decrease in sales in 2010 and expects a significant growth pick-up in 2011. The growth rate is slightly better than the second quarter and the market remains optimistic for a stable fourth quarter. 

The third quarter has seen new market players as well as the current players offering new models in order to entice customers. Chinese manufacturers are expected to dominate on account of launching novel products and forging new partnerships to secure distribution channels. Some of the brands are Huawei, Oppo, ZTE, and Vivo. ZTE is the fastest growing brand threatening to outgrow brands like Lenovo.

The market’s future will depend on smartphones and their current capability. Coupled with supporting technologies of Wi-Fi and LTE, they offer a range of options not available in normal handsets.

Prominent players in the Western Europe handset shipments vendor market include Apple, Lenovo, Motorola Mobility, Samsung, and Toshiba. Samsung had a market share above 39% and cemented its position in this region. Nokia has surrendered its position to Samsung and settled in second position. It had a 19.6% market share in 2011. Apple achieved a 9.57% growth in sales, a much better achievement than its previous record. HTC had an 7.5% share, succeeding in sales of more than 3.3 million units. Blackberry had an optimistic start but ended up with a measly 5.7% market share.

Additional Details

List of Companies Mentioned

•	Acer 
•	Alcatel-TCL 
•	Apple
•	BenQ Mobile 
•	Casio-Hitachi 
•	Fujitsu
•	HP (Palm) 
•	HTC 
•	Huawei
•	Kyocera 
•	Lenovo 
•	LG
•	Mobiwire (Sagem) 
•	Motorola Mobility (Google Asset) 
•	Ningbo Bird 
•	Nokia 
•	Panasonic
•	Pantech 
•	Philips 
•	Samsung 
•	Sanyo 
•	Sharp
•	Sony Ericsson (Now a Sony Asset) 
•	Toshiba 
•	UTStarcom/PCD

List of Countries Covered

•	Andorra 
•	Austria 
•	Belgium 
•	Cyprus
•	Denmark 
•	Faroe Islands 
•	Finland 
•	France
•	Germany 
•	Gibraltar 
•	Greece 
•	Greenland
•	Guernsey Iceland 
•	Ireland Isle of Man
•	Israel 
•	Italy 
•	Jersey 
•	Liechtenstein
•	Luxembourg 
•	Malta 
•	Monaco 
•	Netherlands
•	Norway Portugal 
•	Spain Sweden
•	Switzerland 
•	Turkey 
•	UK
 Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Coverage
1.2 Executive Summary

Chapter 2 Section 1: Global Historical Regional Trends
2.1 Historical Market Size and Share by Region
2.1.1 Historical Handset Shipments by Region
2.1.2 Historical Year on Year Growth
2.2 Global Shipments: 2011 Quarters 1-3
2.2.1 Handset Shipments by Region 2011 to date
2.2.2 Global Handset Shipments by Region volumes

Chapter 3 Section 2: Western Europe Trends
3.1 Trends in Handset Shipments to Western Europe
3.1.1 Historical Handset Shipments Western Europe: Historical Handset Shipments 2004-2011
3.1.2 Handset Shipments 2011 Quarters 1-3 Western Europe: 2011 Qtr 1-3 Handset Shipments - Percentage per Quarter
3.1.3 Western Europe Handset Shipments 2011 Quarters 1-3 compared to 2010 & 2009 Western Europe: 2011 Qtr 1-3 Handset Shipments compared to 2010 & 2009

Chapter 4 Section 3: Western Europe Trends by Vendor
4.1 Historical Trends by Vendor
4.1.1 Historical Handset Shipment Vendors by volume
4.1.2 Historical Handset Shipment Vendors Market Share
4.2 2011 Quarters 1-3 Shipments to Western Europe
4.2.1 2011 Quarters 1-3 Handset Shipment Vendors Market Share
4.2.2 2011 Quarter 3 Handset Shipment Vendor Market Share
4.2.3 Vendor Strategies

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