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US Telecom Industry Assessment & Forecasts 2011-2020

Published: Jan, 2012 | Pages: 45 | Publisher: SNS Research
Industry: Telecommunications And Wireless | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The U.S. telecom market is quite complicated and has multiple sectors. These sectors experienced robust expansion in the last decade. Recent history has led to considerable transformation, with novel technologies and various mergers coming to the fore. These technologies enable wider coverage, quicker speeds, and deeper market penetration.

The decade ahead would introduce many obstacles and transformations in the market. Repetition of trends similar to that of the past ten years could be a hindrance. This could result from mergers indulging in greater concentration & consolidation. Nonetheless, surging technological developments and transformations create bright prospects for the U.S. telecom market. 

Currently, revenues generated from all sectors of this market amount to around USD 750 billion. They are predicted to rise at nearly 4 percent and be USD 1.3 trillion by 2020. Several telecom segments should achieve market penetration by over ninety percent in the forthcoming years. 

Telecom firms render data transmission and mobile & fixed voice solutions to small enterprises, users, organizations, & entities. From a traditional perspective, telecommunication companies basically profit from text messaging, voice calls, and web & network connections. These three profit mediums are used via landline or wireline connectivity.  

Firms with the U.S. telecom market provide services to businesses also. These services are driven wireless along with data, wired web, & business solutions. As far as wireline is concerned, telecom firms present data & voice services to their clients for sales. These firms also supply ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ (VoIP) and traditional landlines. 

For the web, they provide services varying from basic connections to fast ones. For home leisure, they offer T.V. solutions via Internet Protocol T.V. Telecom companies take a greater step by selling innovative solutions. This ensures safe communication networks, video conferencing, & high bandwidth dedicated lines.

In the wireless sector, the U.S. telecom market profits through ‘subscription’ sales for data & voice services. It even advertizes & promotes notebooks, phones, tablets, & other modern devices. Additionally, the market offers hot wireless destinations to its consumers. Home clients primarily use wireless solutions. 

Some of the renowned market participants comprise Verizon, AT & T (T), and Sprint. 
 Chapter 1 Section 1: Introduction
1.1 Executive Summary
1.2 Acronyms & Terminology

Chapter 2 Section 2: US Telecom industry Dimensions & Segments
2.1 Chart of Telecom market segments in the US
2.2 Telecom market segments US Market
2.3 Telecom Industry Revenues & Forecast 2020
2.4 Telecom Industry Segments Revenue & Forecast 2020

Chapter 3 Section 3: US Wireless Telecom Dimensions & forecast
3.1 Wireless Telecom Dimensions & Forecast 2020
3.2 Wireless Telecom Key Trends & Issues
3.3 US Wireless Telecom Prepaid & Postpaid Subscriber Trends & Forecast 2020
3.4 US Wireless Telecom Prepaid Market Shares 2010
3.5 US Wireless Telecom Mergers & Industry Concentration
3.6 US Wireless Carriers Financial Performance & 2010 Summary Estimates
3.7 Wireless Telecom 2G, 3G & 4G Network Architecture Developments
3.8 US Wireless Telecom Data Revenues & Forecast 2020
3.9 US Wireless Telecom Handset Device Shares 2011
3.10 US Wireless Telecom Handset Sales & Forecast 2020
3.11 US Wireless Telecom Carriers Key Performance Indicators

Chapter 4 Section 4: Wired Landline Telecom Dimensions & Forecast
4.1 US Wired Landline Telecom Trends & Performance
4.2 US Wired Landline Total Subscriber Revenues & Forecast 2020
4.3 US Wired Landline Carrier Shares 2011
4.4 US Wired Landline Carrier Revenues & Forecast 2020

Chapter 5 Section 5: High-Speed Internet Services Dimensions & Forecast
5.1 US Total High Speed Internet Services Subscribers & Forecast 2020
5.2 US High Speed Internet Carrier Market Shares 2011
5.3 US High Speed Internet Carrier Shares & Forecast 2020

Chapter 6 Section 6: Pay-TV Services Dimensions & Forecast
6.1 US Pay-TV Total Revenues & Forecast 2020
6.2 US Pay-TV Carrier Market Shares 2011
6.3 US Pay TV Carrier Customer Satisfaction Ratings 2011
6.4 US Pay TV Carrier Customer Churn Rates 2011
6.5 US Pay TV Carrier revenue & Forecast 2020

Chapter 7 Section 7: Summary & Conclusions
7.1 US Telecommunications Industry summary & Assessment 

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