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U.S. Ceiling Tiles Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Product (Gypsum, Metal, Mineral Wool), By Application (Commercial, Residential, Industrial), Competitive Landscape, And Segment Forecasts, 2019 - 2025

Published: Jan, 2019 | Pages: 90 | Publisher: Grand View Research
Industry: Materials | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The U.S. ceiling tiles market size is anticipated to reach at USD 3.18 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 9.6%, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Ceiling tiles are mainly used to provide better acoustic insulation for interior constructions. High demand from the construction industry in U.S. is expected to be the key factor booting the market growth. In addition, changing consumer lifestyles and growing demand for insulation is likely to drive the market further. Consumer awareness regarding the availability of innovative construction solutions that are durable and require low maintenance is also expected to impact the market favorably.

Mineral wool, fiberglass, metal, and gypsum are the major types of ceiling tiles available in the U.S. market. Other product types include wood and polycarbonate. All these products are lightweight, eco-friendly, and have a significant noise reduction coefficient. Trend of decorative and aesthetically appealing interiors and exteriors in the construction sector has impelled the use of advanced designing and printing technologies in the building materials market. The market is also witnessing innovation in walls and flooring materials, such as carpets, tiles, and coatings, aimed at creating unique and exquisite designs. On the contrary, ceiling tiles, ceiling suspension systems, and other specialty ceiling products have observed a relatively slow progress over the recent years.

This, in turn, is expected to create new avenues for research and innovation, in terms of providing enhanced visual effects and improved finishes for ceilings. Prominent manufacturers that offer mineral wool and fiberglass ceiling tiles include Armstrong World Industries, Inc. and ROCKWOOL International A/S. Knauf Gips KG, Hunter Douglas N.V., and SAS International offer gypsum and metal ceiling tiles. These industry participants supply ceiling tiles via different distribution modes, such as direct supply, wholesale or bulk selling, third-party supply contracts, and by various online portals. Owing to third-party agreements, companies are expected to benefit in terms of gaining access to the regional distribution and marketing networks while meeting the growing demand from key end users in the region.

Further key findings from the study suggest:

•	In terms of volume, mineral wool ceiling tiles segment captured the largest industry share of 42.5% in 2017 and will expand further at a notable CAGR over the forecast period

•	In terms of revenue, metal ceiling tiles segment is expected to witness the fastest CAGR of 8.7% during the estimated period

•	The commercial construction application segment is expected to witness a substantial growth in the coming years

•	The U.S. ceiling tiles market is partially consolidated and competitive in nature, with the presence of global multinational companies

•	Some of the key companies in this market are Armstrong World Industries, Inc.; USG Corporation; Knauf Gips KG; Rockwool International A/S; Compagnie de Saint-Gobain S.A.;, SAS International; and Hunter Douglas N.V.
 Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Methodology & Scope
                 1.1 Research methodology
                 1.2 Research scope & assumptions
                 1.3 List of data sources
                 1.4 List of abbreviations

Chapter 2 Executive Summary
                 2.1 Market snapshot

Chapter 3 Market Variables, Trends & Scope
                 3.1 Market segmentation & scope
                 3.2 Market penetration & growth prospects mapping
                 3.3 Market value chain analysis
                 3.4 Raw material outlook
                     3.4.1 Feldspar
                     3.4.2 Kaolin
                     3.4.3 Silica
                     3.4.4 Alumina
                     3.4.5 Fiberglass
                     3.4.6 Wood
                 3.5 Regulatory framework
                 3.6 Technology overview
                 3.7 U.S. ceiling tiles market dynamics
                     3.7.1 U.S. construction industry growth
                Overview of labor employment in the U.S.
                Surging renovation activities in the U.S.
                     3.7.2 Market driver analysis
                Revamp in the U.S. construction sector
                Focusing on Green Building segments
                     3.7.3 Market restraint analysis
                Volatile crude oil prices
                 3.8 Porter's analysis
                 3.9 PESTEL analysis
                 3.10 Market opportunity overview: Thermal conductivity - Heat flux analysis
                     3.10.1 Wood
                     3.10.2 Gypsum
                     3.10.3 Mineral Wool
                 3.11 Regional mapping: Analysis of product demand in the U.S.

Chapter 4 U.S. Ceiling Tiles Market: Product Estimates & Trend Analysis
                 4.1 Product movement analysis & market share, 2017 & 2025
                 4.2 Mineral Wool
                     4.2.1 Market estimates and forecasts, by mineral wool, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)
                 4.3 Metal
                     4.3.1 Market estimates and forecasts by metal, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)
                 4.4 Gypsum
                     4.4.1 Market estimates and forecasts by gypsum, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)
                 4.5 Others
                     4.5.1 Market estimates and forecasts by other products, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)

Chapter 5 U.S. Ceiling Tiles Market: Application Estimates & Trend Analysis
                 5.1 Application Movement Analysis & Market Share, 2017 & 2025
                 5.2 Commercial Construction
                     5.2.1 Market estimates and forecasts by commercial construction, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)
                 5.3 Residential Construction
                     5.3.1 Market estimates and forecasts by residential construction, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)
                 5.4 Industrial Construction
                     5.4.1 Market estimates and forecasts by industrial construction, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)

Chapter 6 Competitive Landscape
                 6.1 Company market ranking, 2017
                 6.2 Vendor Landscape
                 6.3 Competitive environment
                 6.4 Company market positioning
                 6.5 Strategy Framework

Chapter 7 Company market share
                 7.1 Company market share

Chapter 8 U.S. Ceiling tiles market share, by product
                 8.1 Product market share

Chapter 9 U.S. Ceiling tiles: Market Summary
                 9.1 Market Summary

Chapter 10 Company Profiles
                 10.1 Armstrong World Industries, Inc. (AWI)
                     10.1.1 Company overview
                     10.1.2 Financial performance
                     10.1.3 Product benchmarking
                     10.1.4 Strategic initiatives
                 10.2 USG Corporation
                     10.2.1 Company overview
                     10.2.2 Financial performance
                     10.2.3 Product benchmarking
                 10.3 Knauf
                     10.3.1 Company overview
                     10.3.2 Product benchmarking
                 10.4 ROCKWOOL International A/S
                     10.4.1 Company overview
                     10.4.2 Financial performance
                     10.4.3 Product benchmarking
                     10.4.4 Strategic initiatives
                 10.5 Odenwald Faserplattenwerk GmbH (OWA)
                     10.5.1 Company overview
                     10.5.2 Financial performance
                     10.5.3 Product benchmarking
                     10.5.4 Strategic initiatives
                 10.6 Saint-Gobain S.A.
                     10.6.1 Company overview
                     10.6.2 Financial performance
                     10.6.3 Product benchmarking
                     10.6.4 Strategic initiatives
                 10.7 SAS International
                     10.7.1 Company overview
                     10.7.2 Product benchmarking
                     10.7.3 Strategic initiatives
                 10.8 Burgess CEP
                     10.8.1 Company overview
                     10.8.2 Product benchmarking
                     10.8.3 Strategic initiatives
                 10.9 Byucksan Corporation
                     10.9.1 Company overview
                     10.9.2 Financial performance
                     10.9.3 Product benchmarking
                 10.10 Hunter Douglas N.V.
                     10.10.1 Company overview
                     10.10.2 Financial performance
                     10.10.3 Product benchmarking
                 10.11 CSR Limited
                     10.11.1 Company overview
                     10.11.2 Financial performance
                     10.11.3 Product benchmarking
                 10.12 Grenzebach BSH GmbH
                     10.12.1 Company overview
                     10.12.2 Product benchmarking
                 10.13 Eucatex SA
                     10.13.1 Company overview
                     10.13.2 Product benchmarking
                 10.14 Capitol Materials, Inc.
                     10.14.1 Company overview
                     10.14.2 Product benchmarking
                 10.15 Alpha Interiors
                     10.15.1 Company overview
                     10.15.2 Product benchmarking
                 10.16 Techno Ceiling Products
                     10.16.1 Company overview
                     10.16.2 Product benchmarking

Chapter 11 Mergers & Acquisitions (2016 & 2017)
                 11.1 Mergers & Acquisitions
List of Tables

TABLE 1 U.S. Ceiling tiles - Market driver analysis
TABLE 2 Ceiling tiles - Market restraint analysis
TABLE 3 U.S. ceiling tiles market estimates and forecasts by mineral wool, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)
TABLE 4 U.S. ceiling tiles market estimates and forecasts by metal, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)
TABLE 5 U.S. ceiling tiles market estimates and forecasts by gypsum estimates and forecasts, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)
TABLE 6 U.S. ceiling tiles market estimates and forecasts by other products, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)
TABLE 7 U.S. ceiling tiles market estimates and forecasts by commercial construction, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)
TABLE 8 U.S. ceiling tiles market estimates and forecasts by residential construction, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)
TABLE 9 U.S. ceiling tiles market estimates and forecasts by industrial construction, 2014 - 2025 (Million Square Meters) (USD Million)
TABLE 10 Ceiling tiles: company market ranking, 2017
TABLE 11 Ceiling tiles market: Vendor landscape

List of Figures

FIG. 1 U.S. Ceiling tiles market snapshot
FIG. 2 Market segmentation & scope
FIG. 3 Market penetration & growth prospect mapping, by application
FIG. 4 Ceiling tiles market value chain analysis
FIG. 5 Feldspar demand share, Global, 2017 (%)
FIG. 6 Global kaolin production, by country, 2017 (Kilo Tons)
FIG. 7 Global silica production, 2004 - 2014 (Kilo Tons)
FIG. 8 Global alumina production, by country, 2017 (%)
FIG. 9 U.S. ceiling tiles market dynamics
FIG. 10 U.S. construction spending, 2017 (%)
FIG. 11 Employment status of civilian non-institutional population 16 years and over, 2010 - 2017
FIG. 12 Architectural Building index - Q3 2016
FIG. 13 Percentage change in construction activity, 2017 & 2018 (%)
FIG. 14 U.S. green buildings market, 2014 - 2025 (USD Billion)
FIG. 15 Global crude oil and natural gas price trend, 2013 - 2020 (USD/Barrel & USD/MMBTU))
FIG. 16 Porter's analysis
FIG. 17 PESTEL analysis
FIG. 18 Heat Flux of Wood, (Square meter)
FIG. 19 Heat Flux of Gypsum, (Square meter)
FIG. 20 Heat Flux of Mineral Wool, (Square meter)
FIG. 21 U.S. Climate zone analysis
FIG. 22 U.S. ceiling tiles market: Product movement analysis
FIG. 23 U.S. ceiling tiles market: Application movement analysis
FIG. 24 Strategy framework
FIG. 25 U.S. Ceiling Tiles, Company Market Share, 2017
FIG. 26 U.S. Ceiling Tiles, Product Market Share, 2017 

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