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The BRIC OTC Market to 2025

Published: Apr, 2017 | Pages: 126 | Publisher: GMR Data
Industry: Pharmaceutical | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

GMR Data’s new Pharmaceutical report is released today detailing The Brazil, Russia, India and China Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals Market to 2025. The report draws on knowledge of experts in the field, in depth company research and up to date tracking of trends in the OTC sector.

By exploring and comparing these key 4 markets GMR Data aim to give the reader the best indication of how these markets will progress to 2025; which OTC areas will offer the most growth and what location specific issues any entrant to the respective OTC markets can face.

In this brand new 126-page report you will receive 70 tables and 35 figures - all unavailable elsewhere. By ordering and reading our brand new report today you stay better informed and ready to act.

The report provides clear detailed insight into the BRIC OTC. Discover the key drivers and challenges affecting the market.

Drivers include
• Growing awareness of OTC products amongst consumers
• Increasing purchasing power parity of the consumers
• Increasing NCD population will drive OTC demand in BRIC nations

Restraints include
• Stringent regulations
• Infrastructural Challenges - distribution networks

The income disparity in emerging BRIC countries is comparatively high when compared to developed nations. This is the fundamental challenge faced by multinationals operating in these markets. Whereas growing populations and increasing consumer awareness for self-medication are important factors driving the demand.

GMR Data’s The Brazil, Russia, India and China Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals Market to 2025 also benefits from 3 exclusive interviews with representatives from;

• Novartis
• Ranbaxy
• Sanofi

These leading, in the field, experts offer exclusive insight into the BRIC OTC sector; how they see the market currently, which geographical areas will witness growth and which sub sectors / OTC drugs face perhaps face an uncertain growth trajectory.

With the growing economies of the BRIC countries, the purchasing power of the general population is increasing, which in turn increases the market size for OTC products.
 Table of Contents

The Brazil, Russia, India & China Over-the-Counter Pharmaceutical Market to 2025 
1 - Executive Summary
1.1 Executive Summary
1.2 Research and Analysis Methods
1.3 Drivers & Restraints of the BRIC OTC Market to 2025
1.3.1 Drivers Growing awareness of OTC products amongst consumers Increasing purchasing power parity of the consumers Increasing elderly, smoking and obese population to drive OTC demand in BRIC Favourable government regulations and promotion of OTC products in emerging markets
1.3.2 Restraints Stringent regulatory actions Infrastructural Challenges
2 - Introduction to the BRIC OTC Market to 2025
2.1 OTC Pharmaceuticals
2.1.1 Classification of OTC Pharmaceuticals in BRIC Nations
2.2 Market Segmentation of OTC Pharmaceuticals
3 - The BRIC OTC Market to 2025
3.1 Global OTC Pharmaceutical Market to 2025
3.2 Breakdown by OTC Segment, Globally, 2014 - 2025
3.3 BRIC OTC Pharmaceuticals Market Overview
3.3.1 Economic Indicators, BRIC Countries, 2013
3.4 BRIC OTC Pharmaceuticals Market, 2013-2025
3.4 The Brazil OTC Pharmaceuticals Market Overview to 2025
3.4.1 Overview of Brazil
3.4.2 Brazil OTC Pharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2025
3.4.3 Breakdown by Segment, Brazil, 2014 and 2025 Skin Care CC&A Analgesics Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements (VM&S)
3.5 Drivers for OTC Pharmaceuticals Growth, Brazil
3.5.1 Expansion of distribution channels               
3.5.2 Favourable government regulations for OTC
3.5.3 Affordability of OTC products
3.5.4 Increasing middle class
3.5.5 Increase in non-communicable disease
3.5.6 OTC Companies in Brazil Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos Hypermarcas EMS Apsen Farmacêutica
3.6 The Russia OTC Pharmaceuticals Market Overview, to 2025
3.6.1 Overview of Russia
3.6.2 Russia OTC Pharmaceuticals Market, 2013-2025
3.6.3 Breakdown By Segment, Russia CC&A Digestives Analgesics
3.6.4 Key Domestic Companies in the Russian OTC Market Pharmstandard JSC
3.6.5 Regulatory Environment, Russia
3.6.6 Drivers for OTC Pharmaceuticals Growth, Russia Growing popularity of direct and online sales channels Growing disposable income Growing incidence of non-communicable diseases
3.7 The India OTC Market Overview, to 2025
3.7.1 Overview of India
3.7.2 India OTC Pharmaceuticals Market to 2025
3.7.3 Breakdown by Segment, India, 2013 and 2025 VM&S Cough and Cold Analgesics
3.7.4 Regulatory Environment, India
3.7.5 Drivers for OTC Pharmaceuticals Growth, India Consumer behaviour Wide distribution Liberal regulatory procedures Availability of OTC Products Margins on OTC Products
3.8 The China OTC Market Overview to 2025
3.8.1 Overview of China
3.8.2 China OTC Pharmaceuticals Market to 2025 Cough, Cold & Allergy VM&S Analgesics
3.8.3 Breakdown by Segment, China, 2013 and 2025
3.8.4 Regulatory Environment, China
3.8.5 Drivers for OTC Pharmaceuticals Growth, China Economic performance Increase in smoking / obese population Increase in the elderly population Growth in consumer awareness and self-medication
4 - Leading companies in the BRIC OTC Market
4.1 Leading companies in the BRIC OTC Market
4.2 Bayer
4.2.1 Bayer’s Company Overview
4.2.2 Bayer’s Key OTC Products
4.2.3 Bayer’s Financial Performance
4.2.4 BRIC Developments from Bayer
4.3 Boehringer Ingelheim
4.3.1 Boehringer Ingelheim’s Company Overview
4.3.2 Boehringer Ingelheim’s Key OTC Products
4.3.3 Boehringer Ingelheim’s Financial Performance
4.3.4 BRIC Developments from Boehringer Ingelheim
4.4 GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
4.4.1 GSK’s Company Overview
4.4.2 GSK Key OTC Products
4.4.3 GSK’s Financial Performance
4.4.4 BRIC Developments from GSK
4.5 Johnson & Johnson
4.5.1 Johnson & Johnson Company Overview
4.5.2 Johnson & Johnson Key OTC Products
4.5.3 Johnson & Johnson Financial Performance
4.5.4 BRIC Developments from Johnson & Johnson
4.6 Merck
4.6.1 Merck’s Company Overview
4.6.2 Merck’s Financial Performance 
4.6.3 BRIC Developments from Merck
4.7 Novartis
4.7.1 Novartis’s Company Overview
4.7.2 Novartis Key OTC Products
4.7.3 Novartis’s Financial Performance 
4.7.4 Recent BRIC Developments from Novartis
4.8 Perrigo
4.8.1 Perrigo’s Company Overview
4.8.2 Perrigo Key OTC Products
4.8.3 Perrigo’s Financial Performance
4.8.4 Recent BRIC Developments from Perrigo
4.9 Pfizer
4.9.1 Pfizer’s Company Overview
4.9.2 Pfizer Key OTC Products
4.9.3 Pfizer’s Financial Performance 
4.9.4 Recent BRIC Developments from Pfizer
4.10 Procter & Gamble
4.10.1 Proctor & Gamble Company Overview 
4.10.2 Proctor & Gamble Key OTC Products
4.10.3 Proctor & Gamble Financial Performance
4.10.4 Recent BRIC Developments from Procter & Gamble
4.11 Reckitt-Benckiser
4.11.1 Reckitt-Benckiser Company Overview
4.11.2 Reckitt-Benckiser Key OTC Products
4.11.3 Reckitt Benckiser’s Financial Performance
4.11.4 Recent Developments from Reckitt Benckiser
4.12 Sanofi
4.12.1 Sanofi’s Company Overview and Key products
4.12.2 Sanofi’s Key OTC Products
4.12.3 Sanofi’s Financial Performance
4.12.4 Recent Developments from Sanofi
5- SWOT Analysis of the BRIC OTC Market to 2025
5.1 SWOT Analysis
5.1.1 Strengths: Regulators are encouraging OTC approvals Strong potential of OTC portfolio Economic Advantages Growing consumer awareness and self-medication Increased purchasing power in emerging markets
5.1.2 Weaknesses High focus on prescription and generic drugs OTC products are vulnerable to price fluctuations Inadequate Investment in infrastructure Lack of proper health insurance system in BRIC Income disparity Distribution network
5.1.3 Opportunities Increase in the Number of Self-administering Patients Opportunities in social media and online marketing Strong growth in the emerging / BRIC markets Demographic changes Growing health problems such as smoking and obese population Improving the healthcare system
5.1.4 Threats: Resistance to OTC switching for some groups (CNS, CVS) Competition from private label brands will reduce profits Regulatory concerns
6- Expert Opinion
6.1 Novartis
6.2 Ranbaxy
6.3 Sanofi

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