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Survey and Development Forecast of Plastic Electroplating Industry in China, 2013-2017

Published: Apr, 2013 | Pages: 60 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Plastics | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

With the rapid development of industry, plastic electroplating owns increasingly widespread applications, and has become one important mean as for surface decoration of plastic products. In current foreign countries, electroplating is widely used in ABS, polypropylene, polysulfone, polycarbonate, nylon, phenolic glass fiber reinforced plastic, polystyrene and other plastic surfaces, of which, the application in ABS plastics is most common and has best electroplating effect. Plastic electroplates have plastic characteristics of light weight and easy shaping, as well as beautiful appearance of metal coating; therefore, plastic electroplating is widely used in the production of automobiles, motorcycles, household appliance parts and plumbing equipments.

According to the rough estimates, there are tens of thousands of plastic electroplating enterprises, which own nearly 500,000 employees, more than 5,000 production lines and the production capacity of 250 million-300 million square meters of plastic electroplating area; the industrial annual output value is about CNY 10 billion. The enterprise scale in this industry is relatively small and the industrial concentration is not high; the Top 10 enterprises only account for less than 10% of the total market share.

According to the statistics of Huidian Research, in 2012, the market supply of China's plastic electroplating market was 235 million square meters, increased by 18.68% over 2011. As for the overall industry, it has showed an upward trend from 2009-2012, and the annual growth rate reached about 20%.
 1. Application Area of Plastic Electroplating Industry  
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Characteristics 
1.3 Technological Process 
1.4 Application Area 
1.4.1 Application
1.4.2 Application Area 

2. Development Environment of China's Plastic Electroplating Industry
2.1 China's Economic Development Environment 
2.1.1 Macro-economy 
2.1.2 GDP
2.1.3 Investment in the Fixed Assets 
2.1.4 Total Export-Import Value and the Growth Rate 
2.2 Market Policies and Standards  
2.2.1 Relevant Policies 
2.2.2 Relevant Standards

3. Market Status Quo of China's Plastic Electroplating Industry 
3.1 Industrial Characteristics and Status Quo 
3.1.1 Characteristics
3.1.2 Status Quo
3.2 Industrial Regional Distribution in Automotive Field 
3.3 Market Competitive Landscape 
3.3.1 Competitors 
3.3.2 Potential Competitors 
3.3.3 Threat of Substitutes 
3.3.4 Bargaining Power of Supplier
3.3.5 Bargaining Power of Buyers 

4. Market Supply Analysis and Forecast of China's Plastic Electroplating Industry
4.1 Survey on Main Plastic Electroplating Enterprises 
4.1.1 Survey on Top 10 Enterprises 
4.1.2 Market Share 
4.2 Market Supply, 2009-2012 
4.2.1 Market Segments 
4.2.2 Market Supply, 2009-2012
4.3 Forecast of Market Supply, 2013-2017
4.3.1 Output of Plastic Products Industry, 2008-2012
4.3.2 Forecast of Market Supply, 2013-2017

5. Key Enterprises in China's Plastic Electroplating Industry
5.1 XinPoint Group
5.1.1 Company Profile 
5.1.2 Main Products and Application Area
5.1.3 Business Performance 
5.2 Ningbo Swell Industry Co., Ltd. 
5.2.1 Company Profile 
5.2.2 Main Products and Application Area
5.2.3 Business Performance 
5.3 Huizhou Zhifa Hardware Plastic Electroplating Co., Ltd.
5.3.1 Company Profile 
5.3.2 Main Products and Application Area
5.3.3 Business Performance 
5.4 Jingmei Group
5.4.1 Company Profile 
5.4.2 Main Products and Application Area
5.4.3 Business Performance 
5.5 Minth Group Co., Ltd.
5.5.1 Company Profile 
5.5.2 Main Products and Application Area
5.5.3 Business Performance 
5.6 Jiangyin Daoda Decorative Parts Co., Ltd.
5.6.1 Company Profile 
5.6.2 Main Products and Application Area
5.6.3 Business Performance
5.7 Tianjin Jingmeite Surface Technology Co., Ltd.
5.7.1 Company Profile 
5.7.2 Main Products and Application Area
5.7.3 Business Performance
5.8 Progen Group
5.8.1 Company Profile 
5.8.2 Main Products and Application Area
5.8.3 Business Performance
5.9 Shanghai Yankang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
5.9.1 Company Profile 
5.9.2 Main Products and Application Area
5.9.3 Business Performance
5.10 Xiamen Jianlin Industry Co., Ltd.
5.10.1 Company Profile 
5.10.2 Main Products and Application Area
5.10.3 Business Performance

6. Market Forecast of China's Plastic Electroplating Industry
6.1 Development Direction 
6.1.1 Development Bottleneck 
6.1.2 Development Direction 
6.2 Technical Development Direction 

7. Risk and Development Prospect of China's Plastic Electroplating Industry
7.1 Industrial Risk 
7.1.1 Risk of Market Competition 
7.1.2 Raw Material Risk 
7.1.3 Credit Risk 
7.2 Industrial Development Prospect

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