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Solar Energy in China 2014

Published: Aug, 2014 | Pages: 94 | Publisher: Netscribes
Industry: Energy | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Netscribes' latest market research report titled Solar Energy in China 2014 states that the market is expected to witness rapid growth owing to favorable policy environment in the country. With the country facing a continuous shortfall in the supply of conventional sources required to meet the increasing demand for energy in recent years, the focus is gradually shifting from conventional to renewable sources of energy. In order to reduce the current demand-supply gap for electricity within the country, the renewable energy sector has to be given higher importance. Solar subsidy programs adopted by the government are expected to foster growth in solar energy market in China. CO2 emission reduction mandate of 16%-17% by 2015, is acting as a major growth driver for the Chinese solar energy market. These factors will ensure that the market continues to exhibit steady future growth. However excess production leading to decline in module prices to act as a major challenge to the solar energy market in China. Additionally, insufficient states of Power Grid act as a greatest hindrance to the development.
The Government of China is actively involved in the development of the renewable energy sector. Chinese Government has launched a distributed solar PV and rooftop solar PV program to subsidize and encourage the utilization of energy generated from solar resources. Through its various programs, it has directly and indirectly benefitted the solar PV industry. The market is characterized by high competition among players. Chinese players are focusing on the construction of solar power plants with a view to sustain its position in the highly competitive market. PV Technology has grown over the past decade at a remarkable rate in China and is on the way to become as a major source of power generation.
 Table of Contents
Slide 1: Executive Summary Introduction Slide 2: Solar Energy Market - Introduction Market Overview - Global Slide 3: Global PV cumulative installed capacity (2012 -17e), Global PV annual installed capacity (2012 - 17e) Slide 4: Global Rooftop PV Development Scenario (2012 - 17e), Global Utility - Scale PV Development Scenario (2012 - 17e) Slide 5: Global Market Overview Slide 6: Global Initiatives towards development of solar energy Market Overview - China Slide 7: China Market Overview Slide 8: Historical Cumulative PV Installed Capacity Trend (2000 - 12), Forecasted Cumulative PV Installed Capacity (2013e - 17e) Slide 9: Historical PV annual installations (2000 - 12), Forecasted PV Annual Installations (2013e - 17e) Slide 10: Rooftop PV Development Scenario (2012- 17e), Utility - Scale PV Development Scenario (2012- 17e) Value Chain Slide 11: Value Chain across three major solar photovoltaic Drivers and Challenges Slide 12: Drivers and Challenges - Summary Slide 13-20: Drivers Slide 21-23: Challenges Government Initiatives Slide 24: Government Initiatives - Summary Slide 25: Solar Energy Development Slide 26: BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) Program Slide 27: Golden Sun Program Slide 28: BIPV Program vs. Golden Sun Program Slide 29: National Renewable Energy Law Slide 30: Research and Development Investment Guidelines Trends Slide 31: Summary Slide 32-34: Trends Mergers and Acquisitions Slide 35-42: Mergers and Acquisitions (2013, 2014) Investment Scenario Slide 43-46: Direct investment scenario of major domestic and foreign companies Competitive Landscape Slide 47: Porter's Five Analysis Slide 48-51: Competitive Benchmarking (FY 2013) Slide 52-91: Major Public Companies Strategic Recommendations Slide 92: Strategic Recommendations Appendix Slide 93: Key Ratios Description Slide 94: Sources of Information
List of Tables
Drivers and Challenges 1. Geographical Advantage - Annual Solar Radiation 2. FIT Subsidy Program - An Overview 3. Investment Potential (12th Plan) Government Initiatives 1. BIPV Program Vs. Golden Sun Program 2. China National Renewable Energy Law Trends 1. Solar Power Plant Projects Mergers and Acquisitions 1. Mergers and Acquisitions (2013 and 2014) Competitive Landscape 1. Public Trading Comparables 2. Company Profiles (All Companies) a. Company Information (All Companies) b. Products and Services (All Companies) c. Key People (All Companies) d. Key Financial Performance Indicators (All Companies) e. Key Ratios (All Companies) f. Business Highlights (All Companies) Appendix 1. Key Ratios Description 2. Sources of Information

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