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Research on Global and China Tin Industry, 2014-2018

Published: Nov, 2014 | Pages: 62 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Metals | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Research on Global and China Tin Industry, 2014-2018, focuses on the research on market demand and supply, price trend, and business performances of key enterprises in tin industry as well as the in-depth study on industry competition, downstream application and industry chain. In addition, this report also analyzes the business performances of 5 key enterprises, including: Yunnan Tin Company Limited, China Tin Group Co., Ltd, and Yunnan Chengfeng Non-Ferrous Metals Co., Ltd etc. 

In 2013, the output of refined tin was about 334,700 t in global, and most of main producers of refine tin decreased outputs to different degrees, with the exception of China, Brazil and Belgium. 

Globally, the output of refined tin in top 10 manufacturers accounts for 74.32% of total output in world. In 2013, the total output of refined tin in top 4 manufacturers (Yunnan Tin Company Limited in China, MSC in Malaysia, PTTimah in Indonesia and Minsur in Peru) was about 152,500 t, accounting for 45.56% of total output in world.

In 2013, the output of tin in China stood at 158,500 t, over 7.02% over last year, as the three largest provinces for tin production in China, the total output of tin in Yunnan, Hunan and Jiangxi accounted for 91.3% of total output in China. In Jan-Sep. 2014, the output of tin in China hit 132,300 t, up 20.3% over last year. There are some differences in production area distribution with 2013 because of the new tin resource found, Inner Mongolia become one of the main provinces for tin production.

In recent years, because demand for tin increases sharply in China, Government strengthen the protection for such rare resources gradually, and China has levied 10% of export tariff on refined tin since 2008, in addition, the export quota is decreasing year by year in China, China has become the net refined tin-importing country. In 2013, the cumulative import volume of refined tin was 13,142 t, down 56.3% over 2012. The decrease of tin export in Indonesia also has certain influences on the import of tin in China.
 Table of Contents

1. Introduction on Tin
1.1 Basic Concept of Tin 
1.1.1 Introduction
1.1.2 Property 
1.2 Product Structure and Industry Chain

2. Overview of Tin Market Operation in Global
2.1 Reserves and Distribution of Tin Ore 
2.2 Market Status Quo of Tin
2.2.1 Output of Refined Tin in 2008-2013
2.2.2 Consumption of Tin in 2013
2.3 Market Price Trend of Tin, 2011-2013
2.4 Competition Pattern of Tin Industry

3. Development Environment of Tin Industry in China
3.1 Economic Environment
3.2 Policy Environment

4. Market Development of Tin in China
4.1 Reserves and Distribution of Tin Ore
4.2 Market Status Quo of Tin, 2009-2013
4.2.1 Supply
4.2.2 Consumption, 2009-2013
4.3 Market Price Trend of Tin
4.4 Competition Pattern of Tin Industry
4.5 Existing Problems in Tin Resources Development

5. Import & Export of Tin in China
5.1 Imports and Exports
5.2 Import and Export Volumes of Tin and Its Products in 2013
5.3 Export Quota of Tin and Tin Products

6. Downstream Application Market of Tin
6.1 Market Application and Demand of Tin Solders
6.2 Market of Tin Plate
6.3 Market Application of Tin Stabilizer
6.4 Market Prospect in New Application Field

7. Key Enterprises in Tin Industry
7.1 Yunnan Tin Company Limited
7.1.1 Company Profile
7.1.2 Business Performance
7.1.3 Competitiveness
7.2 China Tin Group Co., Ltd 
7.2.1 Company Profile 
7.2.2 Operating Conditions 
7.2.3 Competitiveness 
7.3 Yunnan Chengfeng Non-Ferrous Metals Co., Ltd 
7.3.1 Company Profile 
7.3.2 Operating Conditions 
7.3.3 Competitiveness
7.4 Yunnan Gejiu Zili Metallurgy Co., Ltd
7.4.1 Company Profile 
7.4.2 Operating Conditions 
7.4.3 Competitiveness
7.5 CNMC (Guangxi) PGMA Co., Ltd
7.5.1 Company Profile 
7.5.2 Operating Conditions 
7.5.3 Competitiveness

8. Future Development Trends of Tin Industry 
8.1 Supply and Demand Trends in China, 2014-2018
8.1.1 Supply Forecast
8.1.2 Demand Forecast
8.2 Development Trends of Tin Industry in China
8.2.1 Crucial Resource Supply
8.2.2 Increasingly Rational Consumption Structure in China
8.2.3 Strict Implement of Entry System and Improvement of Resource Reclamation
8.3 Development Trends of Tin Industry Application at Home and Abroad
8.3.1 Traditional Application Keeps Stable
8.3.2 New Application Promotes Consumption of Tin Further
8.4 Conclusion and Suggestions
8.4.1 Take full Advantage of Tin Resource, and Adjust Market by Resources 
8.4.2 Enhance Preparation and Implement of Tin Ore Development Planning
8.4.3 Rectify Tin Ore Development Order and Regulate Property Right of Tin Ore
8.4.4 Increase Investment on Geological Exploration and Prospecting Extension
8.4.5 Improve Technologies and Equipment of Mining, Ore Dressing and Smelting, Improve Production Efficiency and Comprehensive Utilization
8.4.6 Adjust Industry Structure, Produce and Operate Intensively

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