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Research and Investment Prospect of China Vehicle Retarder Industry, 2014-2018

Published: Feb, 2014 | Pages: 70 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Automotive | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Vehicle retarders have become the standard configurations in some developed countries, while the installation rate of vehicle retarders in China is very low compared with developed countries. Currently the installation rate of vehicle retarders used in middle and large-sized passenger cars is about 80%, and the installation rate of vehicle retarders in heavy-duty trucks is less than 5% on account of safety awareness and retarder cost. Although new national standards released in 2012, heavy-duty truck retarder market is not optimistic as expected 

In 2013, the sales revenue of vehicle retarders in China was about CNY 2.1 billion. With the perfection of relevant national policies in the future and the increase of safety awareness, heavy-duty truck retarder market may be opened in the year of 2016. 

In China, the main passenger car used retarders are eddy current retarder and hydrodynamic retarder. Domestic eddy current retarders are mostly concentrated in the low-end market, while Telma, Voith and other foreign-funded enterprises occupy the medium and high-end retarder market. With the increase of localization of foreign products, the product line will extend downward; while domestic enterprises started to enter the high-end product market; the competition between China and foreign counterparts become fiercer, especially in the medium-end retarder market.
As for the technology aspect, eddy current retarders are common in China's market at present, accounting for 80% of the market share, and mainly used for medium and large-size passenger cars; while hydrodynamic retarders occupy about 20% of the market share and have obvious performance in trucks.
 1. Overview of China's Vehicle Retarder Products
1.1 Product Definition, Property and Application Features
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Variety
1.1.3 Property and Application Features
1.2 Development History

2. Foreign Vehicle Retarder Markets
2.1 Asia
2.2 Europe
2.3 America

3. China's Vehicle Retarder Environment
3.1 China's Economic Development Environment
3.2 Relevant Policies, Laws and Regulations in Vehicle Retarder Industry
3.2.1 Relevant Polices, Laws and Regulations in China's Vehicle Retarder Industry
3.2.3 Relevant Polices, Laws and Regulations in Foreign Vehicle Retarder Industry

4. Characteristic Analysis of Vehicle Retarder 
4.1 SWOT
4.1.1 Strength
4.1.2 Weakness
4.1.3 Opportunity
4.1.4 Threat
4.2 Enter and Exit Situation of Vehicle Retarder Industry
4.2.1 Enter Situation
4.2.2 Exit Situation
4.3 Substitutes of Vehicle Retarder

5. Development Analysis of China's Vehicle Retarder
5.1 Status Quo of China's Vehicle Retarder Market
5.2 Output of China's Vehicle Retarder Products
5.2.1 Product Output
5.2.2 Overall Production Capacity
5.2.3 Regional Distribution of Vehicle Retarder Production
5.3 Market Demand 
5.3.1 Demand Characteristics 
5.3.2 Regional Distribution of Major Target Customers
5.4 Price Trend of China's Vehicle Retarder Industry
5.4.1 Current Market Price and Analysis 
5.4.2 Factors Affecting Vehicle Retarder Price
5.4.3 Price Trend, 2012-2018
5.5 Import and Export of China's Vehicle Retarders
5.5.1 Import Analysis
5.5.2 Export Analysis

6. Analysis of China's Vehicle Retarder Industry
6.1 Market Capacity in the Future
6.2 Current Development Characteristics 
6.3 Affecting Factors

7. Technological Development of China's Vehicle Retarder Products
7.1 Development Status of Current Vehicle Retarder Technology
7.2 Technological Gaps with Foreign Countries and Main Reasons
7.3 Strategies Improving China's Vehicle Retarder Technologies 

8. Major Domestic Vehicle Retarder Enterprises
8.1 Shenzhen Terca Technology Co., Ltd.
8.1.1 Company Profile
8.1.2 Business Performance
8.1.3 Competitive Edge
8.1.4 Future Development Strategy
8.2 Telma Automobile Brake System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
8.2.1 Company Profile
8.2.2 Business Performance
8.2.3 Competitive Edge
8.2.4 Future Development Strategy
8.3 Voith Turbo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
8.3.1 Company Profile
8.3.2 Business Performance
8.3.3 Competitive Edge
8.3.4 Future Development Strategy
8.4 Ruili Group (SORL)
8.4.1 Company Profile
8.4.2 Business Performance
8.4.3 Competitive Edge
8.4.4 Future Development Strategy
8.5 Jiaxing City Newman Machinery Co., Ltd.
8.5.1 Company Profile
8.5.2 Business Performance

9. Investment Suggestions
9.1 Investment Costs
9.2 Investment Proposals

10. Development Prediction and Investment Prospect of China's Vehicle Retarder Industry
10.1 Development Trend
10.1.1 Development Analysis of Future Vehicle Retarder Industry
10.1.2 Technological Development Direction
10.1.3 "12th Five-Year Plan" of Vehicle Retarder Industry and Prediction
10.2 Operation Forecast of Vehicle Retarder Industry, 2014-2018

11. Investment Suggestions for China's Vehicle Retarder Industry from Industrial Experts
11.1 Investment Opportunities
11.1.1 China's Vigorous Economic Growth Supports This Industry
11.1.2 Financial Crisis Accelerates Survival of the Fittest
11.2 Investment Risks
11.2.1 Market Risks
11.2.2 Fluctuations in Raw Material Prices and Product Sale Prices Drop
11.2.3 Management Risks
11.2.4 Technical Risks
11.3 Coping Strategies
11.3.1 Comply with Industry Growing Trend to Actively Develop Hydraulic Retarder
11.3.2 Import of Advanced Technology for Continuous Innovation
11.3.3 Confirm Sources of Raw Materials, Encourage Diversification of Investment
11.3.4 Make Full Use of Existing Resources

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