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Research and Investment Prospect of China Interferometer Industry, 2013-2017

Published: Nov, 2013 | Pages: 61 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Manufacturing And Construction | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

As the survey of Huidian Research shows, the market scale of China's interferometer was about CNY 215.5 million in 2012; the overall market began to be launched in 2008; owing to the industrial upgrading of China's machinery industry, the interferometer industry has showed the rapid development for recent five years. Under the influence of slump economy, it is estimated that the market scale will reach CNY 237.5 million by 2013 with the year-on-year growth of about 10%. 

China's demand for interferometers are mainly divided into the two major categories, namely the industry production and the science research & regional government detection agencies; among them, the industry production has a majority part, accounting for more than 70% of the annual demand volume. 

This report mainly includes the following contents: 

-Analysis and forecast of market scale, sales volume and price of China's interferometers; 
-Technological development of interferometers as well as analyzing the technological gap between China and foreign countries and the major reasons?
- Competitive pattern of China's interferometer industry, including the concentration ratio, competition status, competitive strategies 
-In-depth analysis of eight major enterprises of the interferometer market; 
-Opportunities and challenges in the future development of the interferometer market 

 1. Overview of interferometer 
1.1 Definition 
1.2 Classification 
1.3 Application Scope 

2. Development Environment of China's Interferometer Industry 
2.1 Economic Environment 
2.2 Policy Environment 
2.2.1 Policy Influence 
2.2.2 Related Industry Standards 
2.3 Industry Position Analysis 
2.4 Porter's Five Forces 
2.4.1 Industry Internal Competition 
2.4.2 Buyer Bargaining Power 
2.4.3 Seller Bargaining Power 
2.4.4 Threat from New Entrants 
2.4.5 Threat from Substitutes 
2.5 Major Factors Affecting the Industry Development 
2.5.1 Lagging Technological Progress, Compared with Foreign Products 
2.5.2 Government Support Strength Needing to Be Enhanced 
2.5.3 Industry Lacking the Capability of Transforming into Business Results 

3. Market Scale of China's Interferometer Industry, 2013-2017 
3.1 Market Scale Analysis 2008-2012 
3.2 Market Scale Forecast 2013-2017 

4. Demand and Consumption of China's Interferometer, 2013-2017 
4.1 Demand Analysis 
4.2 Sales Volume Statistics 2008-2012 
4.3 Sales Volume Forecast 2013-2017 

5. Market Price of China's Interferometer Industry, 2013-2017 
5.1 Price 2013 
5.2 Factors Affecting Price 
5.3 Price Trend Forecast 2013-2017 

6. Imports and Exports of China's Interferometer Industry 
6.1 Import and Export Volume, 2010-2013 
6.2 Major Import Sources and Export Destinations of Interferometer Products by Trade Amount 
6.2.1 Import Sources 2012 
6.2.2 Export Destinations 2012 

7. Product Technological Development of China's Interferometer Industry 
7.1 Development Status Quo 
7.2 Technological Gap between Foreign Countries and China and Major Reasons 
7.2.1 Technological Gap Overview 
7.2.2 Major Reasons 
7.3 Product Technological Trends, 2013-2017 
7.3.1 New Dynamics 
7.3.2 Development Trends 
7.4 Countermeasures Improving China's Interferometer Technology 

8. Competitive Pattern of China's Interferometer Industry 
8.1 Competitive Pattern Overview 
8.1.1 Concentration Ratio 
8.1.2 Competition 
8.2 Enterprise Competition 
8.2.1 Market Strength of Leading Enterprises 
8.2.2 Competitiveness of Other Enterprises 
8.3 Enterprise Competitive Strategies 

9. Major Interferometer Enterprises 
9.1 Agilent Technologies 
9.1.1 Company Profile 
9.1.2 Product Introduction 
9.1.3 Competitive Advantages 
9.1.4 Business Performance 
9.2 Renishaw 
9.2.1 Company Profile 
9.2.2 Product Introduction 
9.2.3 Business Performance 
9.3 ZYGO 
9.3.1 Company Profile 
9.3.2 Technology R & D Strength 
9.3.3 Product Series 
9.3.4 Business Development 
9.3.5 Strict Quality Control System 
9.3.6 Business Performance 
9.4 OPTODYNE Inc. 
9.4.1 Company Profile 
9.4.2 Product Introduction 
9.4.3 Operating Conditions 
9.5 Automated Precision Inc. 
9.5.1 Company Profile 
9.5.2 Product Introduction 
9.5.3 Advantages 
9.6 JENAer 
9.6.1 Company Profile 
9.6.2 Product Functions 
9.6.3 Performance Advantages 
9.6.4 Working Principle 
9.6.5 Marketing Channel 
9.6.6 Operating Conditions 
9.7 Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co., Ltd. 
9.7.1 Company Profile 
9.7.2 Product Characteristics, Application and Technology Indicators 
9.7.3 Technological Development 
9.7.4 R & D Investment and Development Status
9.7.5 Business Performance 
9.8 Chengdu Techo Photoelectricity Co., Ltd. 
9.8.1 Company Profile 
9.8.2 Product Introduction 
9.8.3 Business Performance 
9.8.4 Future Development Strategy 

10. Investment Value and Strategy of China's Interferometer Industry 
10.1 SWOT Analysis 
10.2 Investment Opportunities 
10.2.1 Development Prospects 
10.2.2 Investment Opportunities 
10.3 Investment Risks 
10.3.1 Market Competition 
10.3.2 Pressure of Raw Materials 
10.3.3 Technology 
10.4 Entry Barriers 
10.4.1 Entry Conditions 
10.4.2 Product Core Competitiveness

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