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Research and Forecast of China Nuclear Power Market, 2013-2017

Published: Nov, 2013 | Pages: 71 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Power | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

In 2012, the market scale of China's nuclear power reached CNY 35.897 billion with year-on-year growth of 16.7%; the nuclear power generation volume reached 98.317 billion KWH, rising by 12.75% compared with 2011and accounting for 9.22% of the total clear energy power volume, 1.97% of the total power generation volume in China. 

In 2013, two new nuclear power units realized the grid-connection and put into operation sequentially, referring to 1# unit of Ningde in Fujian and 1# unit of Hongyan River of Liaoning, each of which has the installed capacity of 1.08 million KW. Currently, there are 17 nuclear power generating units that have been operated and 27 generating units are under construction in China with the total installed capacity of 43.51 million KW. 

In terms of regional distribution, China's nuclear power units in operation are mainly distributed in the coastal regions, such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hainan and Liaoning etc. As for the nuclear power units that are under construction, besides the expansion in the provinces above, they are also distributed in Hainan, Guangxi and Shandong etc. 

According to China's nuclear power development planning, by 2015, the capacity of operating units in the industry should reach 40 million KW and the power generation volume should reach 340 billion KWH. If calculating basing on the current benchmark price of nuclear power, the market scale of the nuclear power industry will reach CNY 144.5 billion by 2015, which is estimated to reach CNY 170 billion by 2017. 

According to the conservative estimates of 58 million KW in 2020, 12.5 million KW needs to be opened before the year of 2015, which about amounts to 10 AP1000 units, and 5 units per year. In terms of China's energy structure, 58 million KW in 2020 maybe is the lower limit of the installed capacity, and it's very possible that the installed capacity will exceed the planning figure. 

Research and Forecast of China Nuclear Power Market, 2013-2017 mainly includes the following contents: 
-Development Process of China's Nuclear Power, Existing Problems and Countermeasures 
-Market Scale of Nuclear Power Industry and Regional Markets of Nine Provinces 
-Profitability of Nuclear Power Industry, Including the Overall Operation Indicators, Cost, Profitability Indicator and Solvency 
-Investment Conditions of Nuclear Power Industry, Including the Investment Strength & Weakness, Entry and Exit Barriers and Investment Prospects 
-Five Major Enterprises, Including Product Structure, Financial Indicators, Future Development Strategy 
-Market Development Forecast, 2013-2017, Including Supply Forecast, Demand Forecast, Technological Trends, Market Development Trends and Development Planning of China's Nuclear Power Industry 
-Development Strategies and Suggestions of Nuclear Power Enterprises 
 1. Development Environment of China's Nuclear Power Industry 
1.1 Nuclear Power Industry & Properties 
1.1.1 Industry Definition 
1.1.2 Dependency of National Economy 
1.1.3 Economy Type Properties 
1.2 Economic Development Environment 
1.3 Policy Development Environment 
1.4 Social Development Environment 
1.5 Technological Development Environment 

2. Development of China's Nuclear Power Industry
2.1 Development Overview 
2.1.1 History 
2.1.2 Life Circle 
2.2 Development 
2.2.1 Characteristics 
2.2.2 Status Quo, 2012 
2.3 Existing Problems 
2.3.1 Using too many second-generation nuclear power units of active safety system 
2.3.2 Maintaining Gap between Nuclear Power Safety Condition and Most Advanced Standards 
2.3.3 Insufficient Strength of Nuclear Power Research and Development, Manufacturing, Construction and Monitoring 
2.4 Development Countermeasures 
2.4.1 Reasonably Controlling the Development Scale and Process 
2.4.2 Making the Safety Examination with the Most Advanced Standards 
2.4.3 Timely Adjusting the Machine Type of Unfinished Nuclear Power Projects 
2.4.4 Strengthening the Nuclear Power Supporting Capacity Construction and Nuclear Safety Monitoring 

3. Economic Operation of China's Nuclear Power Industry 
3.1 Market Scale, 2009-2012 
3.2 Regional Structure, 2012 
3.3 Scale Structure, 2012 

4. Regional Market of China's Nuclear Power Industry 
4.1 Hainan Province 
4.2  Zhejiang Province 
4.3 Guangdong Province 
4.4 Fujian Province 
4.5 Shandong Province 
4.6 Jiangsu Province 
4.7 Liaoning Province 
4.8 Hunan Province 
4.9 Guangxi Province 

5. Profitability of China's Nuclear Power Industry 
5.1 Overall Operation Indicators, 2009-2012 
5.2 Cost, 2009-2012 
5.3 Overall Profitability Indicators, 2009-2012 
5.4 Solvency, 2009-2012 

6. China's Major Nuclear Power Enterprises 
6.1 Lingao Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. 
6.1.1 Company Profile 
6.1.2 Product Structure 
6.1.3 Financial Indicators, 2011-2012 
6.2 Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited 
6.2.1 Company Profile 
6.2.2 Product Structure 
6.2.3 Financial Indicators, 2011-2012 
6.2.4 Future Development Strategy 
6.3 Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. 
6.3.1 Company Profile 
6.3.2 Product Structure 
6.3.3 Financial Indicators, 2011-2012 
6.3.4 Future Development Strategy 
6.4 Sufa Technology Industry Co., Ltd. of CNNC 
6.4.1 Company Profile 
6.4.2 Product Structure 
6.4.3 Financial Indicators, 2011-2012 
6.4.4 Future Development Strategy 
6.5 Guangdong Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co., Ltd. 
6.5.1 Company Profile 
6.5.2 Product Structure 
6.5.3 Financial Indicators, 2011-2012 

7. Investment of China's Nuclear Power Industry 
7.1 Strength and Weakness 
7.2 Overview 
7.3 Entry and Exit Barriers 
7.4 Prospects 

8. Development Trends and Planning Suggestions of China's Nuclear Power Industry 
8.1 Market Trend Forecast 
8.1.1 Being Inland 
8.1.2 Innovation 
8.1.3 Miniaturization 
8.2 Market Supply Trend Forecast 
8.2.1 Technological Trends of Nuclear Power Products 2013-2017 
8.2.2 Output Forecast of Nuclear Power 2013-2020 
8.3 Market Demand Trend Forecast 
8.3.1 Demand 
8.3.2 Market Scale Forecast 2013-2017 
8.3.3 Chinese Domestic Price Forecast 2013-2017 
8.4 Development Planning 
8.4.1 Medium and Long-Term Development Planning 
8.4.2 12th-Five-Year Plan 

9. Enterprise Development Strategies and Suggestions of China's Nuclear Power Industry
9.1 Market Strategy 
9.1.1 Price Strategy 
9.1.2 Optimizing Marketing System 
9.2 Sales Strategy 
9.3 Suggestions on Improving Competitiveness of Nuclear Power Industry 
9.3.1 Reducing Construction Cost 
9.3.2 Reasonably Selecting Fuel Cycle Suppliers 
9.3.3 Strengthening Safety Management 
9.4 Strategic Thought of China's Nuclear Power Brands 
9.4.1 Significance of Implementation of Brand Strategy 
9.4.2 Status Quo of Enterprise Brands 
9.4.3 Brand Strategy of Enterprises 

10. Conclusion and Experts' Suggestions on the Development of Nuclear Power Industry 
10.1 Strengthening the Technological Research and Development, Optimizing the Layout and Improving the Recognition 
10.2 Planning and Monitoring Suggestions 

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