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Research and Forecast of China Infant Formula Milk Powder Market, 2014-2018

Published: May, 2014 | Pages: 100 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Dairy Products | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Research and Forecast of China Infant Formula Milk Powder Market, 2014-2018 mainly analyzes the market status, supply and demand, competition landscape, import & export of infant formula milk powder industry both home and abroad as well as business performance of major domestic and foreign enterprises, meanwhile offers suggestions for infant formula milk powder industry, so as to make entrepreneurs get a better understanding of this industry and make a wiser decision with the help of the investment reference. 

Before the accident of melamine in 2008, the domestic brands have controlled 70% of the market share. While by the end of 2013, the proportion has dropped about 20%. The market has been gradually seized by joint-ventures and foreign brands. At present, the sales proportion of foreign milk powder in China has reached 60% above, and the high-end products have taken up a nearly 100% market share in China. 

The top ten sell-well domestic milk powder brands in 2013 are Beingmate, Yili, Firmus, Yashily, Wondersun, Yaolan, Bright, Qinyong, Benzgo, and Redstar. The sales volume of Beingmate reached CNY 6.117 billion in 2013, and its market share in that year was 8.5%, ranking the top of the domestic infant formula milk powder enterprises. Yili ranked the second in that year, and its sales volume reached CNY 5.512 billion in 2013.

Since 2013, the M&A among enterprises has accelerated. For instance, Mengniu Diary acquired Yashily Foods; Syutra Group acquired Youth-Base; Biostime acquired Shangsha Yingke Nutrition Company. At present, there are 127 enterprises producing infant formula milk powder and 545,000 enterprises marketing infant formula milk powder in China. According to Rules for the Examination of Production Permission of Infant Formula Milk Powder (2013 Version), some enterprises will withdraw from the market in the future two or three years, and it is estimated that nearly one third of the 127 enterprises will exit the market, from which small-sized will take a large part.
 Table of Contents

1. Development Overview of Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry
1.1 Definition 
1.2 Development Status
1.2.1 Development Overview of the World's Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry
1.2.2 Development Status of China's Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry

2. Operating Environment of Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry in China
2.1 Macroeconomic Environment in China
2.2 Related Policies and Standards in China
2.2.1 Three Mandatory National Standards of Infant Formula Milk Powder
2.2.2 Regulate the Label Content of Infant Formula Milk Powder Product
2.2.3 Infant Formula Milk Powder that Iodine Contents Do Not Meet the Standard will be banned from Production nor Marketing
2.2.4 China Carries Out the System of Infant Milk Powder Recall 
2.2.5 Action Plan for the Improvement of Milk Powder Quality and Enhancement of Consumer Confidence
2.2.6 Rules for the Examination of Production Permission of Infant Formula Milk Powder (2013 Version)
2.2.7 Partial Indicators of Nutrition Quality and Sanitation of Infant Foods
2.2.8 Ten Millions of Funds Allocated for Development and Research of Infant Formula Milk Powder by Beijing Government
2.2.9 41 Foreign Milk Powder Enterprises Permitted to Market in China
2.3 Social Environment of Infant Formula Milk Powder Market in China
2.3.1 Infant Milk Powder Nutrition Structure
2.3.2 Consumption Concept
2.3.3 Confidence Crisis of Domestic Infant Milk Powder Market Resulting From Melamine Incident

3. Development Status Quo of Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry in China
3.1 Concentration Ratio 
3.2 Development Status Quo
3.3 Distribution Channel of Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry
3.3.1 Traditional Distribution Channel
3.3.2 New Distribution Channel
3.4 Competition Landscape Analysis on Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry
3.4.1 Competition Landscape in China
3.4.2 Competition Landscape in Overseas
3.4.3 Merger & Acquisition of Domestic Dairy Industry

4. Industrial Chain Structure of Infant Formula Milk Powder in China 
4.1 Industrial Chain Structure
4.2 Complete Industrial Chain Pattern  

5. Supply & Demand of Infant Formula Milk Powder Market in China
5.1 Supply Analysis and Forecast
5.1.1 Supply Analysis, 2010-2013
5.1.2 Supply Forecast 2014-2018
5.2 Demand Analysis and Forecast
5.3 Price Analysis and Forecast
5.3.1 Overview of Historical Price
5.3.2 Current Price
5.3.3 Factors Affecting Price
5.3.4 Price Trend in the Future

6. Import & Export of Infant Formula Milk Powder in China
6.1 Import and Export Volume and Average Price
6.2 Import Sources and Export Destinations in Recent Years
6.3 Import and Export Trend Forecast

7. Key Domestic Milk Powder Enterprises in China
7.1 Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
7.1.1 Main Business
7.1.2 Business Performance
7.1.3 Company Strength
7.1.4 Development Prospect
7.2 Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd. 
7.2.1 Main Business
7.2.2 Business performance
7.2.3 Company Strength
7.2.4 Development Prospect
7.3 Zhejiang Beingmate 
7.3.1 Main Business
7.3.2 Business Performance
7.3.3 Company Strength
7.3.4 Development Prospect
7.4 Feihe International Inc.
7.4.1 Main Business
7.4.2 Business Performance
7.4.3 Company Strength
7.4.4 Development Prospect
7.5 Heilongjiang Yashily Dairy Co., Ltd.
7.5.1 Main Business
7.5.2 Business Performance
7.5.3 Company Strength
7.5.4 Development Prospect

8. Development Forecast of Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry
8.1 Macro Environment Forecast 2014-2018
8.1.1 Development Direction and Focus
8.1.2 Industrial Distribution
8.1.3 Development Goals
8.2 Development Trend of the Domestic Infant Formula Milk Powder Market, 2014-2018
8.2.1 The Scale of Market Consumption Will Continue To Grow
8.2.2 Branding Competition Will Be the Trend
8.2.3 Market Share Will Gradually Be Concentrated
8.2.4 Market Shows High-end Development Trend 
8.2.5 Business Model Trends to Be Diversified
8.3 Development Trend of Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry in China, 2014-2018
8.3.1 Government Policy Support Are Strengthened
8.3.2 Rural and High-end Market Will Become the Competition Focus for Foreign and Domestic Brands
8.3.3 Market Competition Trends to Be Branding, Industry Merger and Acquisitions Will Be Inevitable 
8.3.4 Market Prospect of Infant Milk Powder Industry

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