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Research and Development Trend Forecast of China Permanent Magnet Industry, 2013-2017

Published: Nov, 2013 | Pages: 60 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Manufacturing And Construction | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The permanent magnet can be classified into the rare earth permanent magnet, ferrite, Al-Ni-Co based permanent magnet and other permanent magnets, but the ferrite and rare earth permanent magnet are the two major categories. The rare earth permanent materials mainly include the bonded and sintered NdFeB magnets as well as the SmCo magnets. 

In 2012, the global output of NdFeB permanent magnet materials was 90,000 to 110,000 tons, while China's output reached 80,000 to 90,000 tons; for other countries, the total output was only 10,000 to 20,000 tons. At present, the concentration ratio of NdFeB production capacity shows the polarization: the high-end application is of oligopoly; Ningbo Yunsheng Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhong Ke San Huan Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. and other more than ten large companies with the production capacity of over 1,000 tons account for about 50% of the total production capacity; however, for the other polar, the low-end market, there are hundreds of small companies with low added-value products; if there is no breakthrough in technology, they will be hard to continue to survive in the industry. 

The major manufacturing countries of permanent magnetic ferrite include China, the US and Japan etc. But with the improvement of environmental protection awareness, the expansion of environmental protection demand and the increase of production cost, the output in developed countries begin to gradually decline and is mainly concentrated in the medium and high-end products. As for the production of the medium and low-end permanent magnetic ferrite, the major part is transferred to China. In 2005, the output of China's permanent magnetic ferrite was 350,000 tons, accounting for about 50% of the global output; in 2012, the global output of permanent magnetic ferrite was about 980,000 tons, while China's output was about 650,000 tons; moreover, it is estimated that the compound annual growth rate of China's permanent magnetic ferrite output will reach about 14% in the following two years, which will maintain within a steady growth range on the whole. 

At present, the production capacity concentration ratio of China's ferrite industry is still very low; the market shares of the top five companies are only about 30%. Most magnetic materials enterprises are still in the condition with small scale, homogeneity and low technical level. 

Compared with the developed countries, China's permanent magnet started very late with a little application. However, the rapid development of household applicant industry, information equipment manufacturing industry, automotive industry and others will spur the strong demand for the magnetic materials in the future. It is estimated that China's market demand volume for permanent magnetic ferrite, soft magnetic ferrite and NdFeB magnets will reach 60%, 40% and 50% of the global market as of the year of 2020. 

Research and Development Trend Forecast of China Permanent Magnet Industry, 2013-2017 mainly analyzes the market status quo of permanent magnet industry in China, major products and the operating conditions of domestic major enterprises; meanwhile, it analyzes and predicts the future of the permanent magnet industry, which provides the decisive reference for enterprises to know and invest in the field. 
 1. Overview of Permanent Magnet Industry
1.1 Definition and Classification 
1.2 Production Process 

2. Development Environment of China's Permanent Magnet Industry 
2.1 China's Economic Development Environment 
2.2 Related Polices and Standards 
2.2.1 Related Polices and Regulations 
2.2.2 Related Standards 

3. Status Quo of China's Permanent Magnet Industry 
3.1 Status Quo 
3.1.1 Overview 
3.1.2 Problems 
3.1.3 Suggestions 
3.2 Competitive Pattern 
3.2.1 Nd-Fe-B 
3.2.2 Ferrite 

4. Market Supply and Demand of China's Permanent Magnet Industry 
4.1 Supply 
4.1.1 Nd-Fe-B 
4.1.2 Ferrite 
4.2 Demand 
4.2.1 Nd-Fe-B 
4.2.2 Ferrite 
4.3 Price 

5. Imports and Exports of China's Permanent Magnet Products 
5.1 Import and Export Volume and Amount 
5.2 Major Import Sources 
5.3 Major Export Destinations 

6. Major Permanent Magnet Enterprises 
6.1 Chengdu Galaxy Magnets Co., Ltd. 
6.1.1 Company Profile 
6.1.2 Competitive Advantages 
6.1.3 Business Performance 
6.1.4 Future Development Strategy 
6.2 Ningbo Yunsheng Co., Ltd. 
6.2.1 Company Profile 
6.2.2 Business Performance 
6.2.3 Competitive Advantages 
6.2.4 Future Development Strategy 
6.3 Beijing Zhong Ke San Huan Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. 
6.3.1 Company Profile 
6.3.2 Business Performance 
6.3.3 Competitive Advantages 
6.3.4 Future Development Strategy 
6.4 BGRIMM Magnetic Materials & Technology Co., Ltd. 
6.4.1 Company Profile 
6.4.2 Business Performance 
6.4.3 Competitive Advantages 
6.4.4 Future Development Strategy 
6.5 JPMF Guangdong Co., Ltd.
6.5.1 Company Profile 
6.5.2 Business Performance 
6.5.3 Competitive Advantages 
6.5.4 Future Development Strategy 
6.6 Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co., Ltd.
6.6.1 Company Profile 
6.6.2 Business Performance 
6.6.3 Competitive Advantages 
6.6.4 Future Development Strategy 

7. Development Trends of China's Permanent Magnet Industry 
7.1 Market Development Forecast 
7.2 Technological Development Forecast 

8. Industry Experts' Investment Analysis on China's Permanent Magnet Industry 
8.1 Investment Opportunities 
8.2 Investment Risks 
8.3 Development Suggestions 
8.3.1 Cultivating and Developing China's Powerful Enterprises 
8.3.2 Making Efforts to Improve the Product Quality, Technical and Management Level 

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