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Research and Development Trend Forecast of Automotive Clutch Market in China, 2014-2018

Published: Aug, 2014 | Pages: 74 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Automotive | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Research and Development Trend Forecast of Automotive Clutch Market in China, 2014-2018 provides in-depth analysis on the influence factors, market structure, competition landscape, import & export data, technology status, development trend, key enterprises of China's automotive clutch industry as well as its strengths and weakness. 

The global output of automobile has increased year by year since 2009, amounting to 87.38 million sets in 2013, up 3.85% over last year. In the same year, the automobile output in China has reached 22.1168 million sets, accounting for 25.3% of the total in the world. The stable growth of the output of automobile is a guarantee for the sustainable development of China's automotive clutch industry. 

As automatic transmission automobile and manual transmission automobile adopt different transmission parts, the changes of the proportion of the two in the total output of automobile will influence the market structure of automotive clutch and hydrodynamic torque converter. According to statistics, the output of automatic transmission automobile that made in China accounted for 47.6% of the total in 2012, and this proportion has elevated to 50% in 2013. The proportion of CUT and AMT has also improved in a small margin. As the domestic automobile market heats up increasingly, though the installation of automotive clutch will decrease due to the growth of the output of automatic transmission automobile, the general demand of clutch will keep growing steadily. 

According to statistics, there are 200 plus automotive clutch manufacturing enterprises in China, in which about 30 enterprises possesses large manufacturing ability and production scale, and those enterprises mainly distribute in Northeast China, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shanghai, etc. Among those 30 enterprises, private enterprises account for two thirds of the total. 
 1. Overview of Automotive Clutch Industry
1.1 Definition
1.2 Classification
1.3 Function

2. Current Status of International Automotive Clutch Industry
2.1 Global Market Capacity
2.2 Current Status
2.2.1Current Status
2.2.2 Development Model 
2.2.3 Development Trend
2.3 Major International Automotive Clutch Enterprises
2.3.1 German LUK
2.3.2 Japanese EXEDY
2.3.3 French VALEO
2.4 Latest News 

3. Development Environment of China's Automotive Clutch Industry
3.1Economic Development Environment 
3.2 Relevant Policy and Standard
3.2.1 Policy 
3.2.2 Industry Standard
3.3 Development Conditions of China's Auto Parts Industry

4. Current Status of China's Automotive Clutch Industry
4.1Current Status
4.2Factors Affecting the Industry
4.2.1 Development of Automobile Industry
4.2.2 Policy of Automotive Clutch Industry 
4.2.3 Exchange Rate
4.3 Competition Landscape
4.3.1 Basic Structure of the Market
4.3.2 Aftermarket Competition 
4.3.3 Market Landscape
4.4 Latest News 
4.4.1FAW Red Flag Employs Dual Clutch Technology
4.4.2Valeo (Nanjing) Factory is about to Produce the latest Dual Clutch Product
4.4.3SAIC Roewe Apply Dual Clutch Gearbox

5.Demand Analysis and Forecast of China's Automotive Clutch Market
5.1Demand Analysis of Automotive Clutch OE Market
5.1.1Demand Analysis, 2009-2013
5.1.2 Demand Structure in 2013
5.2 Demand Analysis on Passenger Vehicle Clutch OE Market
5.2.1Demand Analysis, 2009-2013
5.2.2 Demand Proportion, 2009-2013
5.2.3 Demand Structure in 2013
5.2.4 Development Trend Forecast 2014-2018
5.3 Demand Analysis on Commercial Vehicle Clutch OE Market
5.3.1Demand Analysis, 2009-2013
5.3.2Demand Proportion, 2009-2013
5.3.3 Demand Structure in 2013
5.3.4 Development Trend Forecast 2014-2018
5.4 Demand Forecast of Automotive Clutch OE Market
5.5 Demand Analysis and Forecast of Automotive Clutch Aftermarket

6. Import & Export Analysis on China's Automotive Clutch Industry
6.1Import Volume and Amount, 2012-2013
6.2 Export Volume and Amount, 2012-2013
6.3 Major Import Sources and Export Destinations in Terms of Trading Amount, 2012-2013

7.Technology of China's Automotive Clutch Industry
7.1 Technological Level
7.2 Development Trend

8. Chinese Major Automotive Clutch Enterprises
8.1Zhejiang Tieliu Clutch Co., Ltd
8.1.1 Company Profile
8.1.2 Operation Conditions
8.1.3 Products and Main Customers
8.2ChuangcunYidong Clutch Co., Ltd
8.2.1Company Profile
8.2.2 Competitiveness
8.2.3 Operation Conditions
8.2.4 Operation Plan
8.2.5 Future Development Strategy
8.2.6 Products and Main Customers
8.3 Hubei Tri-Ring Clutch Co., Ltd
8.3.1 Company Profile
8.3.2 Operation Conditions
8.3.3 Products and Main Customers
8.4 Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd
8.4.1 Company Profile
8.4.2 Operation Conditions
8.4.3 Future Development Strategy
8.4.4 Products and Customers
8.5Shanghai Sachs Powertrain Components Systems Co. Ltd
8.5.1 Company Profile
8.5.3 Operation Conditions
8.5.4 Products and Customers
8.6Exedy Chongqing Co., Ltd
8.6.1 Company Profile
8.6.2 Operation Conditions
8.6.3Products and Main Customers

9.Development Trend of China's Automotive Clutch Industry
9.1Modularization and Systematization
9.2 Cross Market and Cross Species
9.3 Policy Elevates Industry Concentration

10. Investment Suggestion for China's Automotive Clutch Industry
10.1 SWOT Analysis
10.1.2 Weakness
10.1.3 Opportunity
10.1.4 Threats
10.2 Conclusion and Suggestions
10.2.1 Improve the Market Environment
10.2.2 Step up the Policy Support
10.2.3 Intensify the R & D Ability
10.2.4 Grasp the Core Technology and Seize the High-end Market
10.2.5 Adjust the Industry Structure and Improve the Product Added Value

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