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Research and Development Prospect of China Dialysis Market, 2014-2018

Published: Sep, 2014 | Pages: 113 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Healthcare | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Based on the 2013 version, this update Report provides detailed analysis on Chinese government policies about dialysis industry and the relevant effect in recent three years, and conducts in-depth research about dialysis industry segmentations. Moreover, it analyzes Chinese private-owned hemodialysis services. In the aspect of enterprises, this update Report not only updates the latest information about the key enterprises listed in 2013 version, but also adds the information about some enterprises who intend to enter into this industry. This update Report reflects an overall development situation of China's dialysis industry and provides references for investors and entrepreneurs. 

In China, hemodialysis treatment has gained a wide popularity. By the end of 2013, the number of dialysis centers has amounted to 3637, contributing a make scale of CNY 14.4 billion, in which, hemodialysis was CNY 11.5 billion, and peritoneal dialysis was CNY 2.9 billion. 

Foreign enterprises, such as, Germany Fresenius, Japan Nikkiso and Asahi Kasei, have dominated China's dialysis market. Chinese enterprises mainly are engaged in the production of dialysis tubing or dialysate and other low technology content products. And few Chinese enterprises are specialized in manufacturing dialysis machines and dialyzers or other high end products. Now the situation improved a little, Chinese enterprise Weigao has led China's hemodialysis machines and dialyzers manufacture, and Chinese enterprise Huaren Pharma has led China's peritoneal dialysis industry. 

By the end of May 2014, rural residence critical illness insurance program has already covered over 50% counties (cities and districts) in whole China. And in Shandong, Tianjin, Jilin, Gansu, and Qinghai, and some other cities and provinces, the critical illness insurance program is in full swing, and the provincial government has implemented the overall planning in each administrative region. Huidian Research believes that along with the gradual implementation of critical illness program in China, more and more ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) patients will enjoy the insurance guarantee. Therefore, China's dialysis industry is entering into golden development stage.  
 Table of Contents

1. Overview of Dialysis Market 
1.1 Definition 
1.2 Classification 
1.3 Historical Development 

2. Global Dialysis Market 
2.1 Morbidity of Chronic Renal Failure 
2.2 Dialysis Product Market 
2.2.1 General Situation of Global Dialysis Product Market 
2.2.2 Products Made in Europe, America, and Japan Take up the Lion's Share in Global Market
2.2.3 Fresenius Becomes the Giant in Manufacturing Hemodialysis Products 
2.2.4 Baxter Becomes the Giant in Manufacturing Peritoneal Dialysis Products 
2.3 Dialysis Treatment Market 
2.3.1 Overview of Global Market 
2.3.2 Market Situations in America, Japan, and China 

3. Current Status of China's Dialysis Market 
3.1 Development Status 
3.2 Competition Landscape of Product Segmentations 
3.3 Policy Environment 
3.3.1 Gradual Implementation of Critical Illness Insurance Program 
3.3.2 Dialysis treatment has the priority to enjoy more benefits in the current short term, while the situation in the long run is determined by Medical Insurance Policy 
3.3.3 Exposure Draft Regarding the Independence of the Management Regulations and Basic Standards of Hemodialysis Center issued by NHFPC (National Health and Family Planning Commission of China): with obvious intention to ease the industry access and the openness is appealing 
3.3.4 Key Tasks for Deepening the Reform of Health System in 2014: actively promote social capital to invest in and set up medical institutions 

4. Overview of Industry Segmentations 
4.1 Dialysis Machines 
4.1.1 Booming Market Demand and the Soaring Import 
4.1.2 China's Dialysis Machine Market is under Foreign Monopoly 
4.1.3 Anti-dumping Investigation Helps China Get out of Trade Deficit 
4.2 Dialyzers 
4.2.1 Market Demand 
4.2.2 Distribution Channel Expansion 
4.2.3 Competition Landscape 
4.2.4 Major Technical Breakthroughs 
4.3 Hemodialysis Solutions 
4.3.1 Current Market Scale is About CNY 800 Million and Keeps Growing 
4.3.2 Chinese Manufactures Take the Upper Hand but with Low Market Concentration Ratio 
4.3.3 Layout of Factory Address is Essential 
4.3.4 Low Added Value 
4.4 Hemodialysis Tube 
4.4.1 High Barriers to Entry and Market Scale is about CNY 1.2 Billion 
4.4.2 Chinese Manufacturers Take Half of the Market and the Substitution for Imported Ones is Accelerating 
4.5 Peritoneal Dialysis Solution (PDS) 
4.5.1 PDS has been Listed in National Essential Medicine New Version and the Market Scale is about CNY 2.9 Billion 
4.5.2 Baxter (Guangzhou) Possesses a Predominant Market Share 

5. Development of China's Private Dialysis Industry 
5.1 Current Status of Development 
5.1.1 Inadequate Supply of Dialysis Services 
5.1.2 Insufficient Momentum for State-owned Hospital Developing PDS to Bridge the Supply Gaps 
5.1.3 Limited Expansion for State-owned Hospital and Development Opportunity unleashed for Social Capital 
5.2 Independent Dialysis Service Center is in Early Development Stage 
5.3 Three Major Operation Models for Private Dialysis Industry 
5.3.1 Independent Dialysis Center -Customs are the Biggest Barrier 
5.3.2 Quick Expansion Model but Low Profits 
5.3.3 Hospital Cooperation Model 
5.3.4 Privatization and Economies of Scale are Future Development Directions 
5.4 Porter Five Forces Analysis 

6. Import and Export of Dialysis Equipment 
6.1 Import 
6.2 Export 

7. Key Foreign Manufacturers 
7.1 Fresenius (Germany) 
7.1.1 Company Profile 
7.1.2 Medical Department Development 
7.1.3 Business in China 
7.1.4 Outlook 
7.2 DaVita (America) 
7.2.1 Company Profile 
7.2.2 Profitability 
7.2.3 Development Experience 
7.3 Nikkiso (Japan) 
7.3.1 Company Profile 
7.3.2 Main Products 
7.3.3 Business Performance 
7.3.4 Future 5 Year Plan 
7.4 Baxter (the United States) 
7.4.1 Company Profile 
7.4.2 Business Performance 
7.4.3 Renal Dialysis Business 
7.4.4 Development in China 
7.5 Asahi Kasei (Japan) 
7.5.1 Company Profile 
7.5.2 Operation Status of Health Care Department 
7.5.3 Main Products 
7.5.4 Development in China 
7.5.5 Future Development Strategy 
7.6 B.Braun (Germany) 
7.6.1 Company Profile 
7.6.2 Operation Conditions 
7.6.3 Dialysis Department 
7.6.4 Import Business in China 
7.7 NxStage (America) 
7.7.1Company Profile 
7.7.2 Operation Conditions 
7.7.3 Portable Hemodialysis Machine Business 
7.7.4 Hemodialysis Machine Consumptive Materials Business 

8. Key Domestic Production Enterprises 
8.1 Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Company Limited 
8.1.1 Company Profile 
8.1.2 Operation Conditions 
8.1.3 Distribution Channel Expansion 
8.1.4 Hemodialysis Business 
8.1.5 PDS Business 
8.2 Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 
8.2.1 Company Profile 
8.2.2 Operation Conditions 
8.2.3 PDS Business Development and Distribution Channel Construction 
8.2.4 Future Development Planning 
8.3 Boxlight 
8.3.1 Company Profile 
8.3.2 Operation Conditions 
8.3.3 Hemodialysis Business Development 
8.4 Kelun Pharmaceutical 
8.4.1 Company Profile 
8.4.2 Main Products 88
8.4.3 Operation Conditions 
8.4.4 Peritoneal Dialysis Business 
8.4.5 Development Strategy 
8.5 Jihua Medical Apparatus and Instruments Co., Ltd. 
8.5.1 Company Profile 
8.5.2 Product Research and Development 
8.5.3 Hemodialysis Business 
8.5.4 SWOT Analysis 
8.5.5 Future Development Strategy 
8.6 Chongqing Shanwaishan Science & Technology Co., Ltd (SWS) 
8.6.1Company Profile 
8.6.2 Operation Conditions 
8.6.3 Main Customs 
8.6.4 Future Development Goal 
8.7 Shandong Xinhua Medical Instrument Co., Ltd?SHINVA? 
8.7.1 Company Profile 
8.7.2 Operation Conditions 
8.7.3 Dialysis Business Promotion Strategy 
8.7.4 Dialysis Business Development 
8.8 Bain Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. 
8.8.1 Company Profile 
8.8.2 Competitive Advantages 
8.8.3 Development Planning 
8.9 Jiangsu Lengthen Life Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 
8.9.1 Company Profile 
8.9.2 Business Performance 
8.9.3 Main Products 
8.9.4 Future Development Strategy 
8.10 Guangzhou Koncen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 
8.10.1 Company Profile 
8.10.2 Business Performance 
8.10.3 Future Development Planning 
8.11 Shandong Blue Sail Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd. (Blue Sail) 
8.11.1 Company Profile 
8.11.2 Build Dialysis Industry Chain and Actively Pursue Industrial Transformation 
8.12 Hebei Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 
8.12.1 Company Profile 
8.12.2. Dialysis Business Development 

9 Analysis and Suggestions of the Investment in China's Dialysis Industry 
9.1 Future Development Forecast 
9.2 Investment Opportunity 
9.3 Experts' Suggestions 

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