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Research and Development Forecast of High Voltage DC Power Supply in China, 2013-2017

Published: Apr, 2013 | Pages: 50 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Power | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

With the development of power electronics technology and the emergence of new high-performance, high withstanding voltage and high-frequency power electronic devices, high voltage DC power supply is widely applied in industry, agriculture, health care, defense and scientific research, such as: X-ray tube, bone density testing, analytical instruments, electrophoresis, semiconductors, ion implantation, lithography, non-destructive testing, X-ray imaging, electrostatic dust removal, lampblack purification, electrostatic spraying, CT machines, laser equipment, ozone equipment, etc. 

At present, technological gap between domestic high voltage power supply products and that in foreign countries still exist; a large quantity of core devices had to rely on imports so as to guarantee the products quality. 

The survey of Huidian Research shows that since 2008, with the widening of the application areas, HVDC power supply showed a rapid growth rate; the average annual growth rate was higher than 60%. Impacted by the macro environment in 2012, the growth speed was slowed down; the sales volume was 160,000 units, up 33% YoY; the sales revenue was CNY 1.8 billion, up 38% YoY. Because the quality of the domestic core devices is relatively poor, a large number of products are imported from foreign counties; the imported products account for about 1/3 of the market share currently.
 1. Overview of High Voltage DC Power Supply Products in China
1.1 Products Definition, Performance and Application Characteristics
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Performance and Application Characteristics
1.1.3 Application Fields
1.2 Development History

2. Development Overview of High Voltage DC Power Supply in Foreign Countries
2.1 Overview
2.2 Japan
2.3 U.S.
2.4 Germany
2.5 Britain

3. Environment of High Voltage DC Power Supply in China
3.1 Economic Development Environment in China
3.1.1 Macroeconomy
3.1.2 GDP
3.1.3 Fixed Asset Investment
3.1.4 Total Import and Export Amount and Growth Rate
3.2 Industry Related Policy, Laws and Regulations and Standard

4. Characteristics of High Voltage DC Power Supply
4.1 Concentration Ratio of High Voltage DC Power Supply
4.2 SWOT
4.2.1 Strength
4.2.2 Weakness
4.2.3 Opportunity
4.2.4 Threat
4.3 Entrance and Withdrawal of High Voltage DC Power Supply
4.4 Substitute

5. Development of High Voltage DC Power Supply in China
5.1 Market Status Quo of High Voltage DC Power Supply in China
5.1.1 Market Status Quo 
5.1.2 Production and Management Features of Switching Power Supply Industry
5.2 Output of High Voltage DC Power Supply Products in China
5.2.1 Overall Production Capacity of High Voltage DC Power Supply Industry
5.2.2 Production Area of High Voltage DC Power Supply
5.2.3 Output, 2008-2012
5.3 Market Demand Analysis and Forecast of High Voltage DC Power Supply in China
5.3.1 Characteristics of Demand 
5.3.2 Distribution of Main Customer Fields
5.4 Consumption Analysis and Forecast of High Voltage DC Power Supply in China
5.5 Price Trend of High Voltage DC Power Supply in China
5.5.1 Price Trend, 2008-2012
5.5.2 Current Market Price and Analysis
5.5.3 Factors Affecting Price
5.5.4 Price Trend Forecast 2013-2017

6. Specific Analysis of China's Communication High Voltage DC Power Supply
6.1 China's Communication High Voltage DC Power Supply Is Mature
6.1.1 240V Standard Has Been Basically Established and Perfected in China  
6.1.2 Equipment Manufacturers Are Developing Rapidly 
6.1.3 Guidance of Communications Operator, Remarkable Result of Practical Use
6.2 IT Overall Response from Load Equipments 
6.3 Result of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction is Notable
6.4 Market Scale and Main Consumers of Communication Field HVDC  
6.5 Development Forecast of Communication Field HVDC  

7. Import and Export of High Voltage DC Power Supply in China
7.1 Import
7.2 Export
7.3 Source of Import and Export Destinations

8. Technology Development Environment of High Voltage DC Power Supply Products in China
8.1 Status Quo of Technology Development
8.2 Technical Maturity Ratio
8.3 Technological Gap between China and Foreign Countries and the Main Reasons
8.4 Strategy to Improve China's HVDC Power Supply Technology

9. Key HVDC Power Supply Enterprises and Competitive Landscape
9.1 Wisman High Voltage Power Supplies Corporation 
9.2 Tianjin Dongwen High Voltage Power Supply Co., Ltd.
9.3 Boher High Voltage Power Supplies
9.4 Sipaiman
9.5 Hangzhou Zhongheng Electric Co., Ltd. 

10. Investment Advice of HVDC Power Supply
10.1 Investment Environment 
10.2 Investment Risk
10.3 Investment Advice

11. Development Forecast and Investment Prospect of HVDC Power Supply in China
11.1 Industry Development Trend 
11.1.1 Technology Development Direction in the Future
11.1.2 Industry Planning and Forecast during "12th Five-Year" Period
11.2 Industry Performance Forecast, 2013-2017

12. Investment Advice from Experts 
12.1 Investment Opportunity
12.2 Investment Risk
12.2.1 Intra-industry Competition Risk
12.2.2 Market Trade Risk
12.2.3 Industry Policy Risk
12.3 Countermeasures
12.3.1 Grasp the Opportunity of National Investment
12.3.2 Implementation of the Competitive Strategic Alliance

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