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Research and Development Forecast of Automotive Exhaust System Industry in China, 2014-2018

Published: Aug, 2014 | Pages: 73 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Automotive | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Research and Development Forecast of Automotive Exhaust System Industry in China, 2014-2018 makes in-depth analysis on China's automobile exhaust system market in the aspects of industrial policy, characteristics, competition landscape, market demand structure, latest news, development trend as well as key enterprises. 

In the aspect of automotive exhaust price, the average price of exhaust system of gasoline automobilein China in 2009 was about USD 250. With the environmental protection policy getting daily strict, the price has amount to USD 280 in 2014. However the price of the exhaust system of diesel automobile is much higher. The average price of diesel automobile in China was USD 350 in 2009, and has up to USD 530 in 2014. 

In July 1, 2011, China's light duty gasoline vehicle has implemented the national IV emission standard, which has elevated the average price of exhaust system, reaching USD 240. Due to the low quality of China's diesel fuel, the implementation of the national IV emission standard for diesel vehicle in China has been postponed till January 1, 2015, which should have been implemented on January 1, 2012. 

The international automotive catalytic agent market has been almost carved up by those four major enterprises, namely, Johnson Matthey, Umicore, BASF, and Cataler. The former three have generated revenues exceeding EUR 10 billion in 2013 respectively, of which the revenue contributed by catalytic agent was not high. Cataler is the only one that specialized in manufacturing catalytic agents among the four giants. 

Three-way catalytic converter is a key part of exhaust system. However, the research of the three-way catalytic converter in China starts late. Now, there are about 20 catalytic agent manufacturing enterprises and scientific research institutions in China. Major Chinese enterprises that engage in the package of the three-way catalytic converters are as follows: Shanghai Delphi (now has been acquired by Suzhou Umicore), Dalian Walker, and Tianjin CATARC, etc. Catalytic agent producers are Wuxi Weifu Lida Catalytic Converter Co., Ltd, Kunming Institute of Precious Metals, BASF (Shanghai), Umicore (Suzhou), Johnson Matthey (Shanghai), etc. 
 Table of Contents

1. Overview of Automotive Exhaust System Industry
1.1 Brief Introduction to Automotive Exhaust System
1.2 Three-way Catalytic Converters
1.2.1 Ceramic Carrier
1.2.2 Catalytic Agent
1.2.3 Backing Strap

2. Current Status of International Automotive Exhaust System Industry
2.1 Current Status of Development
2.2 Competition Landscape of Enterprises
2.2.1 Competition Landscape
2.2.2 Catalytic Agent Market Concentration Ratio
2.2.3 Revenue of Major Enterprises
2.3 Major Enterprises
2.3.1 Faurecia
2.3.2  Tenneco
2.3.3 Eberspaecher
2.4 Latest News

3. Environment of Automotive Exhaust System Industry in China
3.1 Economic Development Environment
3.2 Relevant Policies, Laws and Regulations
3.2.1 Review on the Policy Environment of Automobile Industry during the 12th Five Year Plan
3.2.2 Development Policy of Automobile Industry
3.2.3 Major Laws and Regulations of Automobile Industry
3.2.4 Industrial Standards of Automotive Exhaust System Industry
3.2.5 National IV Emission Standard

4. Current Status of Automotive Exhaust System Industry in China
4.1 Current Status of Development
4.1.1 Backward Production Capacity of Ferritic Stainless Steel
4.1.2 Late Start of the Research of Three-way Catalytic Converters
4.2 Automobile Exhaust Post Processing Technology 
4.2.1 SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)
4.2.2  EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
4.3 Price of Automotive Exhaust System
4.4 Competition Landscape
4.5 Latest News
4.5.1 The Stainless Steel used in Baosteel Automotive Exhaust System is brought into the Global Procurement System of General Motors
4.5.2 MagnetiMarelli has set up the Second Exhaust System Plant in Hefei
4.5.3 Eberspaecher has opened the New Headquarters and New Exhaust System Plant in Shanghai

5. Demand Analysis and Forecast of Automotive Exhaust System Industry in China
5.1 Demand Analysis and Forecast of Automobile Exhaust System OE Market
5.1.1 Demand Analysis and Forecast, 2009-2013
5.1.2 Demand Structure in 2013
5.1.3 Demand Analysis and Forecast of Passenger Vehicle Use Exhaust System OE Market
5.1.4 Demand Analysis and Forecast of Commercial Vehicle Use Exhaust System OE Market
5.1.5 Demand Forecast, 2014-2018
5.2 Demand Analysis and Forecast of Automobile Exhaust System Aftermarket

6. Import & Export of Automobile Exhaust System Industry in China
6.1 Import Volume & Amount, 2012-2013
6.2 Export Volume & Amount, 2012-2013
6.3 Major Import Sources and Export Destinations in Terms of Trading Amount, 2012-2013

7. Major Chinese Automotive Exhaust System Enterprises
7.1 Faurecia (Changchun) Exhaust System Co., Ltd
7.1.1 Company Profile
7.1.2 Operation Condition
7.1.3 Future Development Goal
7.1.4 Product and Main Customer
7.2 Shanghai Tenneco Exhaust System Co., Ltd
7.2.1 Company Profile
7.2.2 Competitiveness
7.2.3 Operation Conditions
7.2.4 Product and Main Customer
7.3 Tenneco-Eberspaecher (Dalian) Exhaust System Co., Ltd
7.3.1 Company Profile
7.3.2 Competitiveness
7.3.3 Operation Conditions
7.3.4 Product and Main Customer
7.4 Chongqing Height Automobile Exhaust System Co., Ltd
7.4.1 Company Profile
7.4.2 Competitiveness
7.4.3 Operation Condition
7.4.4 Future Development Strategy and Operation Plan
7.4.5 Product and Customer
7.5 Harbin Airui Automotive Exhaust System Co., Ltd
7.5.1 Company Profile
7.5.2 Competitiveness
7.5.3 Operation Condition
7.5.4 Future Development Strategy
7.5.5 Product and Main Customer

8. Future Development Trend of Automotive Exhaust System Industry in China
8.1 Macroeconomic Environment Trend
8.2 Market Development Trend
8.3 Material Development Trend

9. Investment Suggestion for Automotive Exhaust System Industry in China
9.1 SWOT Analysis
9.1.1 Strengths
9.1.2 Weakness
9.1.3 Opportunity
9.1.4 Threats
9.2 Market Strategy

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