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Renewable Energy in India: Potential Vs Challenges

Published: Dec, 2013 | Pages: 250 | Publisher: iData Insights
Industry: Power | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

• In-depth analysis of present renewable energy installed capacity trends in India
• Key policies guiding the renewable sector in India
• Role of Renewable Energy Certificates in promoting RE
• Analysis of various renewable Equipment manufacturers
• Investment opportunities across wind, solar and biomass technologies
• Key issues impacting the sector
• Detailed profiles of players as well as key projects across wind, solar, biomass and SHP
• SWOT analysis of Solar, Wind and Bio Power Sector
• Issues and Challenges affecting the growth of RE in India

 Table of Content

1.Introduction to RE-An Overview
Shift from Traditional to RE and Why
Use of RE in India
Future of the Sector

2.Role of RE Certificates
2.1 Framework
2.2 Mechanism and ROles
2.3 REC Pricing
2.4 REC Trading in India

3.Wind Power in India
3.1 Overview
3.2 Installed Capacity Generations trends
3.3 Future Targets- Upcoming Till 2022
3.4 Wind Generation Technology
3.5 Policy and Regulatory Landscape
3.6 Wind Power Value Chain

4.Wind Power Analysis
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Tracking the States with Wind Potential
4.3.2. Upcoming Capacity
4.3.3. Wind Tariff Realisation
4.3.4. States Supportive Framework
4.4 Ranking of the States Based on the Parameters Discussed in Section

5.Investment Oppurtunities in Wind Sector
5.1 Overview
5.2 Investment Sources
5.3Revenue Stream Options for IPPs & Sale of Power

6.Solar Power in India
6.1 An Overview

7.Solar Power Analysis
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Solar Power Potential in Different States
7.2 Newer States with Wind Potential (Evaluation and Snapshot)
7.2.1. Solar Radiation Intensity and SRRA (Solar Radiation Resource Assessment)
7.2.2. Upcoming Capacity
7.2.3. Solar Tariff Realisation

8.Small Hydro Power in India
8.1 overview
8.2 SHP Potential
8.3 Trends in SHP Capacity Additions in India
8.4 SHP Development Status
8.5 Achievements and Targets
8.6 Policy & Regulations

9.Bio Energy in India
9.1 Biomass Power
9.1.a Overview
9.1.b Policy Formulation and Support
9.1.c Rural Electrification
9.1.d Hindrances in Bio Power
9.2 Waste to Energy
9.2.a Overview
9.2.1 Potential in Various States
9.2.b Outlook
9.3 Technologies Available in India for Bio Energy
9.4 Development Outlook
9.4.1 Government Policy Framework for Biomass in India:
9.4.2 Future Outlook of Biomass in India

10.Other RE Modes in India
10.1 Overview
10.2 Tidal Energy An Overview
10.2.1 Tidal Power Development in India
10.3 Geothermal Sector
10.4 Issues & Challenges to Geothermal & Tidal Power in India

11.Major Issues in RE Industry
11.1 Introduction
11.1.1 Financial Viability Risks
11.1.2 Adequate Infrastructure Support Risks
11.3.3 Regulatory and Policy Risks
11.1.4 Other Risks

12.Company Profiles
12.a Solar
12.2 Major Players Generating Solar Power
12.3 Evaluation of Best Players in Solar
12.3.2 Geographical Diversification
12.4 Major Players Manufacturers - Solar
12.5 Evaluation
12.6 Evaluation of Solar Module Manufacturers
12.b Wind Power
12.7 Tracking Major Wind Power Players in India
12.8 Wind Turbine Manufacturing

13.SWOT Analysis
13. 1 Solar Industry
13.2 Wind Industry
13.3 Bio Power Industry


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