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Public Safety LTE: Contracts, Revenue, Market Share, Subscriptions and Forecasts by Vendor, Country and Spectrum Database: 2011-2015

Published: Oct, 2011 | Pages: 83 | Publisher: SNS Research
Industry: Telecommunications And Wireless | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The year 2011 has seen a huge surge in demand for public safety LTE technology. This has resulted in a number of key deployments within the U.S including the City of Charlotte, Mississippi and Adams County. Recent international trials such as the Brazilian Army and Motorola Solution’s LTE trial in Brasilia have also raised awareness among the international community. Recent events such as the exclusion of Chinese vendor Huawei to participate in the U.S public safety market will in the short term, lead to increasing prices for public safety LTE infrastructure due to the lack of competition. 

However, in the long term, as international LTE deployments gain momentum deployment costs are likely to be reduced, as vendors such as Huawei drive up competition by aggressive bidding. Furthermore it is expected in the long term that a majority of public safety agencies, both internationally and in the U.S, may opt for delivering services over public LTE deployments such as the Verizon Wireless and AT & T wireless LTE systems driven by the success of secure networking technologies such as Mobile Virtual Private Networking (MVPN).

This database and its associated summary report examine the public safety LTE market in view of current contracts and vendor market positioning. The report estimates that the public safety LTE market is likely to reach revenues of USD 240 million by the end of Q4 2011, primarily driven by the increasing number of public safety LTE infrastructure deployments and integration services which will account for almost 80 % of the overall revenue. 

Between 2011 and 2015, the public safety LTE market is expected to experience a CAGR of over 298 % to reach USD 720 million, driven by the increasing demand for data intensive public safety applications such as end-to-end mobile video, with Motorola Solutions, Alcatel-Lucent and Raytheon leading the market share estimates. A major proportion of the revenue is likely to come from user device sales and managed services accounting for almost 60 % of the revenue, with an estimated 15 % market share coming from infrastructure costs. 

Infrastructure investments for public safety LTE will reduce due to a combined effect of CAPEX reduction due to economies of scale and infrastructure sharing with commercial operator network deployments, which will further improve the financial feasibility of LTE adoption by public safety agencies. As a consequence, it is estimated that by 2015, public safety LTE data devices will be in use by over 4.2 million public safety professionals across the globe, spanning 36 countries and 15 different spectrum bands.

Additional Details

The Signals and Systems Telecom team follows a thorough process when examining the market under consideration. The primary steps of the process are information gathering, organization and analysis.
The primary sources of the information gathering process are interviews with executives, business professionals, and engineers within the telecommunications industry sector. Secondary data sources are also utilized which include corporate financial performance reports, industry periodicals and trade group reports.
The information is then organized into a database incorporating industry trends, regional policies and demographics. Assigned analysts and query specialists then apply statistical models to forecast industry
trends. The information is then generated in a graphical format to allow quick identification of market developments.

List of Companies Mentioned

•	Motorola Solutions
•	Huawei
•	Ericsson
•	Alcatel-Lucent
•	Nokia Siemens Networks
•	Cassidian
•	Tait
•	Harris
•	IPWireless
•	Raytheon
•	Qualcomm

List of Countries Covered

•	Australia
•	Austria
•	Belgium
•	Brazil
•	Bulgaria
•	Canada
•	China
•	Croatia
•	Czech Republic
•	Egypt
•	France
•	Germany
•	Greece
•	Hong Kong
•	India
•	Indonesia
•	Israel
•	Italy
•	Japan
•	Jordan
•	Korea
•	Malaysia
•	Netherlands
•	New Zealand
•	Russia
•	Saudi Arabia
•	Singapore
•	Slovak Republic
•	South Africa
•	Spain
•	Sweden
•	Taiwan
•	Thailand
•	United Arab Emirates
•	United Kingdom
•	United States.
 Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Executive Summary

Chapter 2 Public Safety LTE Market Overview
2.1 First Demonstration of an LTE data call over Band Class 14 in the 700 MHz Spectrum
2.2 Study proposal for Direct Mode Communication over LTE
2.3 Shared Public Safety LTE Implementation Models
2.4 Verizon and Motorola Solutions Alliance for Nationwide Public Safety Roaming
2.5 First Practical Demonstration of LTE/P25 Interoperability
2.6 Adams County, Colorado LTE Network
2.7 Mississippi LTE Network
2.8 City of Charlotte, North Carolina LTE Network
2.9 Huawei Banned from Bidding on U.S public safety LTE contracts
2.10 International Activity in Public Safety LTE
2.10.1 Abu Dhabi Police LTE Trial
2.10.2 Brazilian Army LTE Trial

Chapter 3 Public Safety LTE Revenue and Market Share Analysis
3.1 Global Public Safety LTE Revenue
3.2 Market Size and Share by Business Area
3.3 Market Size and Share by Service/Equipment Vendor
3.4 Market Analysis by Spectrum and Region
3.4.1 Market Size and Share by Spectrum
3.4.2 Market Size and Share by Region

Chapter 4 Public Safety LTE Subscription and Market Share Forecasts
4.1 Global Public Safety LTE Revenue and Market Share by Service/Equipment Vendor
4.1.1 Public Safety LTE Revenue
4.1.2 Public Safety LTE Revenue by Service/Equipment Vendor
4.1.3 Public Safety LTE Market Share by Service/Equipment Vendor 2011
4.1.4 Public Safety LTE Market Share by Service/Equipment Vendor 2012
4.1.5 Public Safety LTE Market Share by Service/Equipment Vendor 2013
4.1.6 Public Safety LTE Market Share by Service/Equipment Vendor 2014
4.1.7 Public Safety LTE Market Share by Service/Equipment Vendor 2015
4.2 Global Public Safety LTE Subscriptions and Market Share
4.2.1 Public Safety LTE Subscriptions
4.2.2 Public Safety LTE Market Share by Spectrum
4.2.3 Public Safety LTE Market Share by Regions
4.3 North America Subscriptions and Market Share
4.4 Western Europe Subscriptions and Market Share
4.5 Eastern Europe Subscriptions and Market Share
4.6 Asia Pacific Subscriptions and Market Share
4.7 Middle East Subscriptions and Market Share
4.8 Africa Subscriptions and Market Share
4.9 Latin and Central America Subscriptions and Market Share

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