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Project Insight - Industrial Construction Projects in the Americas

Published: May, 2016 | Pages: 36 | Publisher: Timetric
Industry: Construction | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

This report details investment in industrial construction projects in the region based on projects tracked by Timetric's Construction Intelligence Center (CIC). The 1380+ projects studied are at various stages of development, from announcement to execution, and cover six industrial categories: chemical and pharmaceutical plants, manufacturing plants, metal and material processing plants, metal and material production plants, other industrial buildings and waste processing plants. A total of 25 countries in the region are analyzed in the report, with eight profiled in detail, being responsible for over 97% of total industrial construction output. The Americas accounted for US$541.6 billion of industrial construction projects, with the largest economy, the US, leading with projects valued at US$297.0 billion, and Brazil a distant second with US$126.8 billion. The country with the least value of projects of the eight countries profiled is Argentina, with projects valued at US$6.0 billion.
The report provides detailed market analysis, information and insights based on over 1380 CIC projects in the Americas. The report provides detailed metrics on the region's industrial construction projects (as tracked by CIC) split by six project categories, and start date by value.
The report provides analysis based on CIC projects showing value by country and top project listings. Top participants for the sector are also shown.
Reasons To Buy
Gain an insight into the main drivers of activity and forecasts, providing an understanding of key trends, analysis of main project participants by value by sector, enabling clients to target products and services for each type of project. Gain an analysis of main projects participants by value for the sector, enabling clients to target products and services for each project type. Access information on top project data for types of industrial construction projects, with location, value, stage and start date.
Key Highlights
CIC Projects analysis shows that industrial construction projects for Americas are estimated at US$541.6 billion. The US has the highest value of projects at US297.0 billion; Brazil follows with projects valued at US$126.8 billion. The region's eight countries are profiled, accounting for 97% of the value of projects monitored. The other 17 countries account for the remaining value of projects, worth US$14.5 billion. Over 68% of the total projects value are at the pre-execution stages.
 Table of Contents
1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2. REGIONAL OVERVIEW 3. SECTOR OVERVIEW 3.1. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Plants 3.2. Manufacturing Plants 3.3. Metal and Material Processing Plants 3.4. Metal and Material Production Plants 3.5. Other Industrial Buildings 3.6. Waste Processing Plants 4. KEY OPERATORS 4.1. Contractors 4.2. Consulting engineers 4.3. Project owners 5. COUNTRY PROFILE - ARGENTINA 5.1. General Outlook 5.2. Projects Analysis 6. COUNTRY PROFILE - BOLIVIA 6.1. General Outlook 6.2. Projects Analysis 7. COUNTRY PROFILE - BRAZIL 7.1. General Outlook 7.2. Projects Analysis 8. COUNTRY PROFILE - CANADA 8.1. General Outlook 8.2. Projects Analysis 9. COUNTRY PROFILE - CHILE 9.1. General Outlook 9.2. Projects Analysis 10. COUNTRY PROFILE - MEXICO 10.1. General Outlook 10.2. Projects Analysis 11. COUNTRY PROFILE - PERU 11.1. General Outlook 11.2. Projects Analysis 12. COUNTRY PROFILE - THE US 12.1. General Outlook 12.2. Projects Analysis 13. COUNTRY PROFILE - OTHERS 14. APPENDIX 14.1. Methodology 14.2. Further Information 14.3. Disclaimer
List of Tables
Table 1: Project Values by Country and Stage (US$ Million) Table 2: Average Economic Growth (%), 2015-2018 Table 2: Top 10 Projects - Chemical & Pharmaceutical Plants Table 3: Top 10 Projects - Manufacturing Plants Table 4: Top 10 Projects - Metal and Material Processing Plants Table 5: Top 10 Projects - Metal and Material Production Plants Table 6: Top 10 Projects - Other Industrial Buildings Table 7: Top 10 Projects - Waste Processing Plants Table 8: Key Contractors - Value of Projects Table 9: Consulting Engineers - Value of Projects Table 10: Key Project Owners - Value of Projects Table 11: Top 10 Projects - Argentina Table 12: Top 10 Projects - Bolivia Table 13: Top 10 Projects - Brazil Table 14: Top 10 Projects - Canada Table 15: Top 10 Projects - Chile Table 16: Top 10 Projects - Mexico Table 17: Top 10 Projects - Peru Table 18: Top 10 Projects - The US Table 19: Top 10 Projects - Other Countries

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