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New Industrial Revolution: Gap Between Value of Capital and Value of Jobs Widens: Digital Economy Widens Gap between Capital Returns and Labor Income

Published: Mar, 2018 | Pages: 47 | Publisher: WinterGreen Research
Industry: ICT | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The net displacement of workers by machines exacerbates the gap between returns to capital and returns to labor.  The upper one percent get increasingly richer and the rest of the people have fewer jobs open to them.  That is the reality of the new industrial revolution.  

The simultaneous rise of many new trillion-dollar markets is unique in the history of capital experience.  Economic activity in the world economies is traditionally burdened with a low growth rate, with a very few technology sectors breaking the trend and growing above 3% per year.  Now, with the new industrial revolution, some even very large sectors will grow as fast as 100% per year.  The world economy is forecast to accelerate in 2018, with global growth projected.  The new industrial revolution is far different from the earlier industrial growth trajectories.  Sectors impacted by the new industrial revolution grow rapidly and they grow big.

Key Topics

•	New Industrial Revolution
•	Income Disparity Driving Forces
•	Change in the Industrial Landscape
•	Smart Manufacturing
•	Automated Systems Advantages
•	Transformative Technologies
•	Digital Augmented Reality
•	Providing Context To Database Information
•	Clos Multistage Switching Network
•	Scalable, Secure Architecture
•	Sample Pod: Unit of Network
•	AI Impact
•	Achieving Scalability
•	Secure Architecture
 Table of Contents

New Industrial Revolution 1
New Industrial Revolution Executive Summary 8
Unions Need to Embrace Returns to Capital as Way to Support Middle Class 8
New Industrial Revolution Makes More Money for the Capitalists! 8
Dawn of A New Industrial Revolution 9
New Trillion-Dollar Markets 9
New Industrial Revolution Market Driving Forces 10

1. New Industrial Revolution Market Description And Market Dynamics 11
1.1 New Industrial Revolution Market Dynamics 11
1.2 New Industrial Revolution Challenges and Opportunities 13
1.2.1 Displacement of Workers By Machines Exacerbates The Gap Between Returns To Capital And Returns To Labor 14
1.3 Robots Change Everything 14

2. New Industrial Revolution Market Evolution 15
2.1 New Industrial Revolution Challenges And Opportunities 15
2.2 Labor Unions Embrace Participation In Returns To Capital 16
2.2.1 Capital Stock Not a Government Function 17
2.2.2 Net Increase In Safe And Rewarding Jobs? 18
2.2.3 Disruption of The Existing Value Chain And The Velocity Of Disruption 19
2.3 New Industrial Revolution 20
2.3.1 New Industrial Revolution Market Driving Forces 22
2.4 Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 23
2.4.1 Additive Manufacturing 25
2.5 Internet of Things (IoT) 26
2.5.1 SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son Sees 1 Trillion Devices for Internet of Things / Compared IoT to the Cambrian Explosion 26
2.6 Tablets, Apps, and Smart Phones 27
2.7 Self-Driving Cars 27
2.7.1 $20 Trillion To Replace1.2 Billion ICE-Powered Vehicles With Electric Vehicles 28
2.8 Robots 29
2.8.1 Drones 29
2.9 Online Retail: $17 Trillion Opportunity by 2024 30
2.10 Wellness Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2018-2024 31
2.11 BioMaterials 31
2.12 Augmented Reality 32
2.13 Cloud and Data Center Spending 34
2.13.1 Achieving a Scalable, Secure Data Center Architecture 35
2.11.2 In one Sense the Data Center Becomes a Complex Internal Network 36
2.14 Blockchain Market Description and Market Dynamics 38
2.15 5G Communications, Small Cells Bring Transformational 5G 38
2.16 Artificial Intelligence New Industrial Revolution 39

3. Robots Killing Blue-Collar Jobs 41
3.1 Robots are killing blue collar jobs. Pure and Simple. 41
Wintergreen Research, 42
WinterGreen Research Methodology 42
WinterGreen Research Process 44
Market Research Study 44
WinterGreen Research Global Market Intelligence Company 45
Report Description: Revenue Models Matter 46
List of Figures

New Industrial Revolution 1
Figure 1. New Industrial Revolution Market Driving Forces 10
Figure 2. Change in the Industrial Landscape 11
Figure 3. New Industrial Revolution Market Driving Forces 22
Figure 4. Smart Manufacturing Automated Systems Advantages 24
Figure 5. Smart Manufacturing Transformative Technologies 25
Figure 6. Digital Augmented Reality Holds The Promise Of Providing Context To Database Information 32
Figure 7. Google Clos Multistage Switching Network 35
Figure 8. Achieving a Scalable, Secure Architecture from Simple Units 36
Figure 9. Facebook Sample Pod: Unit of Network 37
Figure 10. AI Impact on CRM Activities: 39 

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