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Kuwait Naphtha Market Outlook to 2018 - Demand for Naphtha Exports to Lead Industry Transformation

Published: Sep, 2014 | Pages: 45 | Publisher: Ken Research Private Ltd
Industry: Oil and Gas | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Executive Summary 

The report titled “Kuwait Naphtha Market Outlook to 2018 - Demand for Naphtha Exports  to Lead Industry Transformation” presents a comprehensive analysis of the industry covering aspects including market size by naphtha production, naphtha exports and market segmentation by production of naphtha from refineries & plants and by consumption of naphtha in petrochemicals sector. The report also entails a discussion on the recent trends and developments in the market and the competitive scenario of major players in Kuwait naphtha market.
The supply and demand chain of naphtha in Kuwait affects the countries across the globe as the country exports its entire naphtha production. The potential factors affecting naphtha production and exports in Kuwait are oil production, prices and demand in refineries, petrochemicals and chemical industry followed by diversifying product portfolio obtained from naphtha. Middle East Naphtha Market has witnessed an appreciable growth at a CAGR of 7.7% during the period 2007-2013. Kuwait is the second largest country operating in Middle East naphtha market. Naphtha production has witnessed a substantial growth at a CAGR of ~% during the period 2007-2013. The country principally exports to continents such as Asia.
Kuwait produces naphtha either through its refinery operations or through various processing techniques employed at its chemical plants. Kuwait has produced more than 80% of its total naphtha from refinery operations at a noticeable CAGR of 2.8% during the period 2007-2013. The production from these plants has fairly increased from ~% in the year 2007 to ~% of the total naphtha production in the year 2013. The naphtha which is consumed for petrochemical’s production is not utilized for indigenous use rather exported to other countries. The country drives its oil & gas related activities through Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) and its subsidiaries. 
The naphtha exports are the basis for the rising naphtha production in Kuwait. It is forecasted that the naphtha production will surge from ~ thousand tons in the year 2014 to gigantic ~ thousand tons by the year 2018 due to the upcoming petrochemical projects. The exports are anticipated to be analogous to the production and thereby augmented to register significant growth at an appreciable CAGR of ~% during the forecasted period 2013-2018.


Key Topics Covered in the Report:

-	The market size of Middle East naphtha market in terms of naphtha production and naphtha consumption 
-	Kuwait naphtha market size by naphtha production and exports
-	Kuwait naphtha market segmentation by naphtha production from refineries & plants and consumption in petrochemicals sector
-	Industry Trends and developments in Kuwait naphtha market
-	Competitive landscape of major domestic players in Kuwait naphtha market
-	Future outlook & projections of Kuwait and Middle East naphtha market
-	Macro economic factors in Kuwait naphtha market
 Table of Contents
1.Middle East Naphtha Market Introduction
2.Middle East Naphtha Market Size, 2007-2013	
2.1.	By Naphtha Production in Volume, 2007-2013	
2.2.	By Naphtha Consumption in Volume, 2007-2013	

3.Kuwait Naphtha Market Introduction
4.Kuwait Naphtha Market Size, 2007-2013	
4.1.	By Naphtha Production in Volume, 2007-2013	
4.2.	By Exports, 2007-2013	

5.Kuwait Naphtha Market Segmentation	
5.1.	By Production of Naphtha (Refineries & Plants), 2007-2013
5.2.	By Consumption of Naphtha in Petrochemicals Sector
6.Industry Trends and Developments in Kuwait Naphtha Market	
7.Competitive Landscape of Major Domestic Players in Kuwait Naphtha Market

8.	Macro Economic Factors in Kuwait Naphtha Market	
8.1.	Oil Production in Kuwait, 2007-2018	22
8.2.	Refining Capacity in Kuwait, 2007-2018	
8.3.	Chemicals Production Capacity in Kuwait, 2007-2018	
8.4.	GDP in Kuwait, 2007-2018	

9.Kuwait Naphtha Market Future Outlook & Projections, 2014-2018	

10.	Middle East Naphtha Market Future Outlook & Projections, 2014-2018	
10.1.Cause and Effect Relationship in Middle East Naphtha Market

11.	Appendix	
11.1.Market Definitions	
11.3.Research Methodology	
Data Collection Methods	
Variables (Dependent and Independent)	
Multi Factor Based Sensitivity Model	
Final Conclusion	
11.4.	Disclaimer	
List of Tables
Table 1: Refined Products Demand in Thousands Bbl/day in Middle East, 2011- 2013	
Table 2: Kuwait Naphtha Market Size by Exports in Thousand Tons, 2007-2013	
Table 3: Kuwait Naphtha Market Segmentation by Production from Refineries and Plants in Thousand Tons, 2007-2013	
Table 4: Key Data Facts about Shuaiba Petrochemical Complex in Kuwait	
Table 5: Key Data about Aromatics Complex in Kuwait	
Table 6: Operating Petrochemical Plants with Technology Licensor and Production Capacity in Kuwait	
Table 7: Competitive Landscape of Major Players in Kuwait Naphtha Market with their Business Overview, Precursors & Product Portfolio	
Table 8: Refineries in Kuwait with their current CDU Capacities in bbl/day, 2013	
Table 9: Naphtha Process Units in Different Refineries with Design Capacity in bbl/d in Kuwait, 2013	
Table 10: Refining Expansion Capacity Plans in Kuwait, 2018-2019	
Table 11: Breakdown of GDP by Contribution to Manufacturing Economic Activity in Kuwait in Percentages (%), 2007- 2012	
Table 12: Key Data Facts about upcoming Olefin III Plant	
Table 13: Upcoming Petrochemical Projects in Different Middle East Countries, 2014-2018	
Table 14: Snapshot of Upcoming Petrochemical Projects by Company, Location, Expected Operational Year, Product Portfolio and Capacity in Middle East Region	
Table 15: Cause and Effect Relationship Analysis between Industry Factors and Expected Middle East Naphtha Market Prospects	
Table 16: Correlation Matrix of Kuwait Naphtha Market	
Table 17: Regression Coefficients Output of Kuwait Naphtha Market	

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