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Insight Report: Is Mobile Point of Sale Changing the Retail World

Published: May, 2016 | Pages: 42 | Publisher: Timetric
Industry: Financial Services | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Timetric’s 'Insight Report: Is Mobile Point of Sale Changing the Retail World' analyzes the evolution of mPOS and its consecutive adoption into the payment system.

It investigates the impact of mPOS adoption beyond the evaluation of financial technology magazines. Furthermore, the report explores whether mPOS will meet investors' and mPOS companies' expectations. 

The report gives extensive detail of challenges faced by small and established merchants in mPOS adoption. It also analyzes the current payment system, and how it has been impacted by mPOS.

The report gives a regional analysis of mPOS adoption and its activation rate to gain a better understanding of the system's market absorption. Moreover, it gives an insight into barriers and drivers of adoption in mature and emerging markets, and the difference between the two.

The report explores conventional merchant acquiring, the impact of EMV migration, and the NFC boost to mPOS.

Timetric’s “Insight Report: Is Mobile Point of Sale Changing the Retail World” provides insights into mPOS adoption into the payment industry. It also

• Analyzes the evolution of mPOS in the payments system

• Covers key challenges faced by merchants in mPOS adoption

• Explores initiatives taken by merchants to incorporate mPOS into their business models

• Discusses various business models in the mPOS industry

• Explores whether mPOS hype in Silicon Valley will sustain in the future

This report:

• Covers regional analysis with respect to current POS and mPOS adoption

• Provides analysis of major challenges faced by merchants in mPOS adoption

• Analyzes the evolution of mPOS in the payments system

• Explores initiatives taken by merchants to incorporate mPOS into their business models

• Analyzes the role of card issuers in facilitating mPOS adoption

• Explores the future options for mPOS adoptions and sustainability, and approaches by different market participants to incorporate mPOS into their business models

Reasons To Buy
• Gain an understanding of mPOS adoption in the global cards and payments industry. 

• Gain insights into teh impact mPOS on the payment industry.

• Understand which mPOS operating models are followed in the industry. 

• Understand why some regions are falling behind in deployment, whereas others are more advanced. 

• Gain insights into drivers of, and barriers to, adoption.

• Understand the impact of EMV migration on the mPOS industry,

• Gain insights into how organizations across the payment indusrty are adopting mPOS into their business models.

Key Highlights
• Prior to the implementation of EMV standards, mPOS relied mainly on simple magnetic stripe card readers (dongles), which offered – and continue to offer in some countries – a considerable cost advantage relative to conventional POS. 

• EMV mPOS devices are 5–10 times more expensive than mag-stripe dongles. This makes mPOS less attractive for low-income merchants.

• Cash costs are often unclear to smaller merchants, while large retailers tend to benefit from more efficient cash management. 

• mPOS allows retailers to better adapt to seasonal peaks, as it is more flexible in terms of terminal activation and deployment than conventional POS. 

• mPOS customization may be less appealing for large merchants, as many can afford to develop tailored solutions that rely on conventional POS.
 Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary

2 Overview of the mPOS Market
2.1 mPOS definition
2.2 Evolution of mPOS
2.3 The Global Market
2.4 mPOS adoption by Region
2.4.1 The US and Canada
2.4.2 Latin America
2.4.3 Asia-Pacific
2.4.4 Europe (SEPA)
2.4.5 Rest of the world

3 Factors in mPOS Adoption
3.1 Small Merchants
3.1.1 Factors driving adoption
3.1.2 Barriers to adoption
3.2 Established Merchants
3.2.1 Factors driving adoption
3.2.2 Barriers to adoption

4 Key Trends and Developments
4.1 Differences between Mature and Emerging Markets
4.2 Conventional Merchant Acquiring
4.3 The Impact of EMV Migration on mPOS
4.4 Market Concentration
4.5 Tablet POS

5 Competitive Landscape
5.1 mPOS PSPs
5.1.1 Square
5.1.2 iZettle
5.1.3 SumUp
5.1.4 Payleven
5.1.5 Local mPOS PSPs
5.2 Integrators
5.2.1 ROAM and Ingenico
5.2.2 Powa Technologies Ltd
5.3 Developers
5.3.1 VeriFone Systems
5.3.2 Miura Systems Ltd
5.3.3 PAX Technology

6 Strategic Considerations and Foresights

7 Appendix
7.1 Methodology
7.2 Contact Timetric
7.3 About Timetric
7.4 Timetric’s Services
7.5 Disclaimer
List of Tables
Table 1: The Effect of EMV Migration on the mPOS Industry
Table 2: EMV Card Transactions – 2015 Estimates
Table 3: mPOS Industry Structure
Table 4: Products and Services – Square
Table 5: Deals and Investments – Square
Table 6: Products and Services – iZettle
Table 7: Deals and Investments – iZettle
Table 8: Products and Prices – SumUp
Table 9: Deals and Investments – SumUp
Table 10: Products and Prices – Payleven
Table 11: Deals and Investments – Payleven
Table 12: Examples of Local mPOS PSPs
Table 13: Products and Services – Ingenico
Table 14: Deals and Investments – Ingenico
Table 15: Products and Services – VeriFone
Table 16: Deals and Investments – VeriFone
Table 17: Products – Miura
Table 18: Deals and Investments – Miura
Table 19: Products and Prices – PAX Technology
Table 20: Deals and Investments – PAX Technology

List of Figures
Figure 1: Global mPOS Market in 2015
Figure 2: mPOS in the US and Canada, 2015
Figure 3: mPOS Billing Volume in North America, 2015
Figure 4: mPOS in Latin America, 2015
Figure 5: mPOS Billing Volume in Latin America, 2015
Figure 6: mPOS in Asia-Pacific, 2015
Figure 7: mPOS Billing Volume in the Asia-Pacific, 2015
Figure 8: mPOS in Europe, 2015
Figure 9: mPOS Billing Volume in Europe, 2015
Figure 10: mPOS in the Rest of the World, 2015
Figure 11: mPOS Growth Drivers and Barriers for Small Merchants
Figure 12: mPOS Growth Drivers and Barriers to Adoption for Large Merchants
Figure 13: Global mPOS Billing Volume (US$), 2015–2017 

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