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Insight Report: Innovative Client Segmentation in Wealth Management

Published: Sep, 2014 | Pages: 76 | Publisher: WealthInsight
Industry: Wealth Management | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

This report provides an in-depth analysis of new segmentation strategies adopted by wealth management firms and private banks following the 2008 financial crisis, and their implications on the wealth management sector.
Increased competition, together with the rise of DIY investment platforms, have encouraged wealth management firms to adopt new segmentation strategies to target customers. The new segmentation strategies emerged to accommodate the complex needs of private individual clients by targeting them according to their interests, needs, behavior and attitudes to investments, instead of by demographic trends. This method thus allows wealth management firms to focus on customers' specific needs and provide customized products and services. It also allows firms to increase their profit margins by providing the right products and services. Wealth management firms are also increasingly adopting technological advances to cater to the needs of modern customers and young HNWIs.
The report covers the following areas: An overview of the global wealth management market Innovation in wealth management practice Analysis of brand loyalty The future of innovation in wealth management The report is based on a unique analysis of WealthInsight's proprietary HNWI database comprising more than 100,000 individuals, and focuses on four regions: the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa.
Reason To Buy
Take informed business decisions and build better business strategies using the latest information on the development of new segmentation strategies in wealth management.
Key Highlights
New Segmentation strategies are being adopted by wealth management firms to provide niche products and services to customers.
 1 Introduction
1.1 What is this Report About?
1.2 Definitions and Scope
2 Executive Summary
3 An Overview of the Global Wealth Management Market
3.1 A Snapshot of the Wealth Management Sector
4 Innovation in Wealth Management Practice
4.1 Segmentation Strategies by Demographic Trends
4.1.1 Key Trends and Market Developments
4.1.2 Key strategies to capture HNWIS by age, gender, and occupation
4.2 Source of Wealth and Cumulative Wealth Affect on Portfolio Decision Making
4.2.1 Key trends and market developments
4.2.2 Key strategies to capture HNWIS by source of wealth and wealth band
4.3 Nationality, Religion and Ethnic Attitude towards Innovation and Investments
4.3.1 Key Trends and Market Developments
4.3.2 Key Strategies to Capture HNWIs by Nationality, Religion and Ethnic Attitude
4.4 Consumer Attitude towards Non-financial and Financial Products and Services
4.4.1 Attitude towards non-financial interests
4.4.2 Attitude towards investments in capital markets and equities 
4.4.3 Attitude towards alternative investments
5 Brand Loyalty
5.1 Pricing Strategy
5.1.1 Transparency and Pricing Strategy
5.2 Technological Advancement and Customer Experience
6 The Future of Innovation in Wealth Management
7 About WealthInsight
Table 1: HNWI Wealth Band and Group Definitions 
Table 2: Wealth Management - Current Dynamics and Future Outlook, 2014 
Table 3: Key Trends and Outlook 
Table 4: Wealth Management Needs of Female HNWIs 
Table 5: Snapshot of Segmentation and Targeting Strategies 
Table 6: HNWI Analysis by Wealth Band (%), 2013 
Table 7: Product Offerings - Family Offices, 2014 
Table 8: Wealth Management Workshops and Conferences by Companies, 2014 
Table 9: Wealth Management DIY Investment Facilities, 2014 
Table 10: Wealth Management Services for Entrepreneurs, 2014 
Table 11: Top 10 Markets for Immigrant Entrepreneurs (%), 2014 
Table 12: Select list of Islamic Bank 
Table 13: Top 10 Cities for Wealth Management (Thousand), 2013 
Table 14: Philanthropic Wealth Management Services in Developed Economies, 2014 
Table 15: Philanthropic Wealth Management Services in Emerging Economies, 2014 
Table 16: Wealth Management Companies' Philanthropic Initiatives 
Table 17: Investment Footprint in Asset Classes Among the Young and the Old HNWIs in the US (%), 2014 
Table 18: Problems Associated with Complex Investment Products, 2014 
Table 19: Global Collectibles Market Representation (Volume), 2008-2012 
Table 20: Wealth Management Services on Art-related Investments, 2014 
Table 21: Classic Cars Funds Offered By Wealth Management Companies, 2014 
Table 22: Wine Funds from Wealth Management Companies, 2014 
Table 23: Emerging Pricing Strategies in Wealth Management 
Table 24: Cloud Computing in Wealth Management 
Table 25: Wealth Management Companies' Usage of Cloud Technology 
Table 26: Wealth Management Companies Signing Up With Technology Vendors 
Table 27: Use of Analytics by Wealth Management Companies 
Table 28: Wealth Management Companies Providing Online Services 
Table 29: Wealth Management Companies' Social Media Activities 
Table 30: Wealth Management Companies' Usage of Security Solution 
Table 31: Wealth Managers Future Strategies 
Table 32: Wealth Management Sector Transformation 

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