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Indian Coffee Chain Market Outlook 2022

Published: Dec, 2016 | Pages: 40 | Publisher: RNCOS
Industry: Food & Beverages | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The size of Indian Coffee Chain market in has shown a phenomenal growth in the last couple of years. This market has witnessed substantial buildup, which is backed by rising income level, increasing young population, rapidly changing lifestyle and increasing westernization influence. India has emerged as one of the most favoured destinations for coffee chain players.
The entry of global coffee chain retailers like Starbucks, Barista, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, etc. has turned out to be one of the key growth drivers of the coffee retail market. These coffee houses not only attract the regular coffee goers, but also the executive segment like corporate officials, businessmen and celebrities.
The country’s youth population is increasingly visiting coffee houses for socializing, thus creating growth opportunities for brand operating in the country, both chained as well as independent coffee shops. This section of population forms the majority of the customer base for cafe chain outlets. 
The professions with the constraint of not having official space, use the cafe houses as a meeting place. Hobby groups, Journalists, Writers, and Women’s club’s also opt coffee houses to spend time for leisurely get-together. Now-a-days, consumer can easily spend on dinning out, which has been seen as a major participating factor behind the consistent growth momentum of coffee chain market in India.
According to our new research report ""Indian Coffee Chain Market Outlook 2022"", coffee chain market in India is still being on the pace of development, and is on a continuous transformational phase. We anticipate that the sector will grow at a CAGR of around 18% during 2015-2022. 
Further, our report reveals that the market will witness a dramatic change in the competitive landscape over the next few years. A large number of global coffee chain players will foray into the lucrative Indian market. Moreover, the large untapped market in the unorganized sector is anticipated to witness concrete market developments, which will provide further impetus to the Indian coffee chain market. 
Our report is an outcome of comprehensive research and rational analysis of various segments of Indian coffee chain market, including regional & tier wise breakup of coffee chain outlets and the market share of players. The report provides statistical data and analysis of the ongoing and future market trends to facilitate a deep market understanding. The future projections are made after analyzing current market scenario, past trends, and ongoing developments in the market. Most importantly, the report gives a detailed description of some of the key players in the coffee chain industry.
 Table of Contents

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. Coffee Chain Industry in India
     3.1 Introduction
     3.2 Geographical Presence
            3.2.1 Regional
            3.2.2 Tier-Wise
     3.3 Future Developments

4. Infrastructure and Services

5. Indian Coffee Chain Market Outlook to 2022
     5.1 Market Overview
     5.2 Market Segmentation
            5.2.1 By International and Domestic Chain
            5.2.2 By Geography

6. Growth Drivers
     6.1 Young and Mature Adults (15-64)
     6.2 Rising Income
     6.3 Expanding Café Outlets

7. Market Challenges
     7.1 Real Estate Cost
     7.2 Premium Pricing
     7.3 Unorganized Sector & It's Dominance

8. Government Certifications

9. Competitors Analysis
     9.1 Market Share of Players by Revenue
     9.2 Competitor Profile
            9.2.1 Café Coffee Day (CCD)
            9.2.2 Barista
            9.2.3 Costa Coffee
            9.2.4 Starbucks
            9.2.5 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL)
            9.2.6 The Chocolate Room
            9.2.7 Indian Coffee House
            9.2.8 Brewberrys Cafe
List of Figures:
Figure 3-1: Breakup of Market Players by Outlets (%), 2016
Figure 3-2 : Regional Breakup of Coffee Chain Industry (%), 2016
Figure 3-3 : Tier-Wise Breakup of Coffee Chain Industry (%), 2016
Figure 5-1: Coffee Chain Market (Million US$), 2016-2022
Figure 5-2 : Breakup of Market by Domestic & International Players (%), 2016
Figure 6-1 : Age Breakup of Population (%), 2016
Figure 9-1 : Breakup of Market Players by Revenue (%), 2016
Figure 9-2 : Regional Breakup of CCD (%), 2016
Figure 9-3 : Tier-Wise Breakup of CCD (%), 2016
Figure 9-4 : Regional Breakup of Barista (%), 2016
Figure 9-5 : Tier-Wise Breakup of Barista (%), 2016
Figure 9-6 : Regional Breakup of Costa Coffee (%), 2016
Figure 9-7 : Tier-Wise Breakup of Costa Coffee (%), 2016
Figure 9-8 : Regional Breakup of Starbucks (%), 2016
Figure 9-9 : Tier-Wise Breakup of Starbucks (%), 2016
Figure 9-10 : Regional Breakup of CBTL (%), 2016
Figure 9-11 : Tier-Wise Breakup of CBTL (%), 2016
Figure 9-12 : Regional Breakup of The Chocolate Room (%), 2016
Figure 9-13 : Tier-Wise Breakup of The Chocolate Room (%), 2016
Figure 9-14 : Regional Breakup of Indian Coffee House (%), 2016
Figure 9-15 : Tier-Wise Breakup of Indian Coffee House (%), 2016
Figure 9-16 : Regional Breakup of Brewberrys Café (%), 2016
Figure 9-17 : Tier-Wise Breakup of Brewberrys Café (%), 2016 

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