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Indian Alcohol Consumption - The Changing Behavior

Published: Nov, 2017 | Pages: 55 | Publisher: RNCOS
Industry: Food & Beverages | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

India is one of the fastest growing alcohol markets in the world. Rapid increase in urban population, sizable middle class population with rising spending power, and a sound economy are certain significant reasons behind increase in consumption of alcohol in India. 

Our latest report “Indian Alcohol Consumption - The Changing Behavior” provides a comprehensive analysis of the market size of alcohol industry on the basis of type of products, consumption in different states, retail channel and imported and domestic.  The Indian alcohol industry is segmented into IMFL (Indian made foreign liquor), IMIL (Indian made Indian liquor), Wine, Beer and imported alcohol. Imported alcohol has a meager share of around 0.8% in the Indian market. The heavy import duty and taxes levied raise the price of imported alcohol to a large extent. Alcohol is exempted from the taxation scheme of GST.

The Indian alcohol market is growing at a CAGR of 8.8% and it is expected to reach 16.8 Billion liters of consumption by the year 2022. The popularity of wine and vodka is increasing at a remarkable CAGR of 21.8% and 22.8% respectively. India is the largest consumer of whiskey in the world and it constitutes about 60% of the IMFL market.

Though India is one of the largest consumers of alcohol in the world owing to its huge population, the per capita alcohol consumption of India is very low as compared to the Western countries. The per capita consumption of alcohol per week for the year 2016 was estimated at 147.3 ml and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% to 227.1 ml according to our estimates. 

The states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka, Sikkim Haryana and Himachal Pradesh are amongst the largest consumers of alcohol in India. The most popular channel of alcohol sale in India is liquor stores as alcohol consumption is primarily an outdoor activity and supermarkets and malls are present only in the tier I and tier II cities of India.

The trends and pattern of alcohol consumption are changing in the country. With the increasing acceptance of women consuming alcohol, growing popularity of wine and high demand for expensive liquor, the market scenario seems to be very optimistic in the near future. We conducted a consumer research study for the alcohol market with around 1,000 respondents from the cities of Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bangalore. The study reflected changing pattern of the consumer’s mindset towards alcohol consumption in India.  3% of the respondents who consumed alcohol favored wine for its health benefits. Though the popularity of whiskey is highest in the Indian market, its market share is expected to decrease in future.
 Table of Contents

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. India Alcohol Market Outlook to 2022
    3.1 Alcohol Consumption
          3.1.1 By Type of Products
          3.1.2 By States
          3.1.3 By Retail Channel
          3.1.4 Domestic vs Imported Alcohol Consumption 

4. Market Trends 
    4.1 Female Alcohol Consumption on the Rise
    4.2 Increasing Popularity of Wine
    4.3 Demand for Expensive Liquor is Growing
    4.4 High Growth White Spirits

5. Consumer Behavior Analysis 
    5.1 Data Analysis
    5.2 By Age
    5.3 By Income
    5.4 By Gender
          5.4.1 Are you fine with Women Consuming Alcohol
    5.5 By Education Level
    5.6 By Monthly Expenditure
            5.6.1 Price Sensitivity
    5.7 By Frequency of Alcohol Consumption
    5.8 Reason for Starting Alcohol Consumption
    5.9 By the Preference for Type of Alcohol
          5.9.1 Reason for the preference of the above ticked alcohol
    5.10 By the Purchasing Channel

6. Supply Chain for Alcoholic Beverages in India

7. Retail Price of Products

8. Import Duties & Tax Structure

9. Marketing Policies for Alcohol in India

10. Distributors Profile
     10.1 Brindco Sales Ltd.
     10.2 Hema Connoisseur Collections (P) Ltd.
     10.3 Indospirit Distribution Ltd.
     10.4 Rad Elan Distributors Pvt. Ltd.
     10.5 Fine Wines n More (India) Pvt. Ltd.
List of Tables:

Table 5-1: Survey Findings: Consumption Pattern across Cities
Table 5-2: Survey Findings: Delhi and the National Capital Region
Table 5-3: Survey Findings: Mumbai and Pune (Maharashtra)
Table 5-4: Survey Findings: Bangalore (Karnataka)
Table 5-5: Survey Findings: Chandigarh
Table 5-6: Survey Findings: Hyderabad (Telangana)
Table 5-7: Survey Findings: Kolkata (West Bengal)
Table 7-1: Retail Price of Few Popular Wine Brands in INR/Bottle
Table 7-2: Retail Price of Few Popular Whiskey Brands in INR/Bottle
Table 7-3: Retail Price of Few Popular Vodka Brands in INR/Bottle
Table 8-1: Import Duty Structure on Wine
Table 8-2: MRP of Imported Liquor in Delhi
Table 8-3: MRP of Imported Liquor in Maharashtra
Table 8-4: MRP of Imported Liquor in Karnataka
Table 8-5: MRP of Imported Liquor in Haryana

List of Figures:

Figure 3-1: Alcohol Consumption (Billion Liters), 2016-2022
Figure 3-2: Per Capita Alcohol Consumption per Week (2016-2022)
Figure 3-3: Alcohol Consumption by Type of Products (%), 2016
Figure 3-4: IMFL Consumption by Type of Product (%), 2016
Figure 3-5: Whiskey Consumption (Million Liters), 2016-2022
Figure 3-6: Vodka Consumption (Million Liters), 2016-2022
Figure 3-7: Wine Consumption (Million Liters), 2016-2022
Figure 3-8: Alcohol Consumption in Different Parts of Country
Figure 3-9: Alcohol Consumption by Major States (%), 2016
Figure 3-10: Alcohol Consumption by Retail Channel (%), 2016
Figure 3-11: Domestic vs Imported Alcohol Consumption (%), 2016
Figure 5-1: Consumer Segmentation by Age (%)
Figure 5-2: Consumer Segmentation by Income (%)
Figure 5-3: Consumer Segment by Gender (%)
Figure 5-4: Response for Woman Consuming Alcohol (%)
Figure 5-5: Consumer Segment by Education Level (%)
Figure 5-6: Consumer Segment by Monthly Expenditure (%)
Figure 5-7: Price Sensitivity (%)
Figure 5-8: Consumer Segment by Frequency of Alcohol Consumption (%)
Figure 5-9: Consumer Segment by the Reason for Starting Alcohol Consumption (%)
Figure 5-10: Consumer Segment by the Preference of Alcohol (%)
Figure 5-11: Reason for their Preference (%)
Figure 5-12: Consumer Segment by the Place of Purchase of Alcohol
Figure 6-1: Supply Chain Diagram of Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturer
Figure 6-2: Supply Chain Diagram of Imported Alcohol 

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