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Indian Air Purifier Filter Market Analysis and Forecast 2022

Published: Feb, 2018 | Pages: 85 | Publisher: RNCOS
Industry: Electronics | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The Air Purification Industry in India has witnessed enormous transformation owing to rising awareness on air purifying products over the past 5 years, thus escalating the demand in the country. The rising air pollution in the country has provided the industry a huge opportunity, as these air purifiers help in improving the indoor air quality and eliminate various allergens, bacteria, viruses, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Thus, the Air Purifier Industry is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 27% during the forecasted period of 2017-2022.

The report “Indian Air Purifier Filter Market Analysis and Forecast 2022” outlines industry overview highlighting the pollution index of key cities across the country. The report also provides the insights on the air purifier market along with its segmentation in terms of application area; and provides key understanding of the market in different areas i.e. residential buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings.

Further, a detailed analysis has been carried out for Delhi NCR, Lucknow, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, highlighting the factors affecting the sales of air purifiers, such as most polluted city, consumer awareness, consumer buying pattern, market penetration with respect to players, and purchasing power of the consumers. Moreover, focus has also been laid on the market analysis by consumables required for product maintenance, i.e. various types of filters namely: HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Pre Filter, Ion-Ozone Generator, and Electrostatic Precipitator. Additionally, it also features value chain analysis describing the direct sales and channel sales model, along with the regulatory framework and industrial roadblocks.  

Moreover, the competitive analysis of various industry players highlighting the product portfolio, value chain analysis, marketing strategies, and details of the required consumables for air purifier products have been covered for better understanding of the industry. The study imparts comprehensive and pre-requisite information to the clients intending to start their business in the industry, and would help them to formulate schemes while going for any investment and partnership in the coming years.
 Table of Contents

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. Industry Overview
     3.1 Pollution Index
     3.2 Market Segmentation
            3.2.1 By Application
              Residential Buildings
              Commercial Buildings
              Industrial Buildings

4. Market Analysis by Cities (Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bangalore, Hyderabad)
     4.1 Most Polluted City
     4.2 Consumer Awareness
     4.3 Buying Pattern
     4.4 Market Penetration
     4.5 Purchasing Power Parity

5. Value Chain Analysis
     5.1 Direct Sales Model
     5.2 Channel Sales Model

6. Market Potential Analysis by Consumables
     6.1 By Filter Type
             6.1.1 HEPA
             6.1.2 Activated Carbon
             6.1.3 Pre Filter
             6.1.4 Ion-Ozone Generators
             6.1.5 Electrostatic Precipitators

7. Regulatory Framework

8. Industry Roadblocks

9. Competitive Analysis
      9.1 Philips India
             9.1.1 Product Portfolio
             9.1.2 Value Chain Analysis
             9.1.3 Marketing Strategy
             9.1.4 Consumables
      9.2 Eureka Forbes
             9.2.1 Product Portfolio
             9.2.2 Value Chain Analysis
             9.2.3 Marketing Strategy
             9.2.4 Consumables
      9.3 Panasonic India
             9.3.1 Product Portfolio
             9.3.2 Value Chain Analysis
             9.3.3 Marketing Strategy 
             9.3.4 Consumables
      9.4 Kent
             9.4.1 Product Portfolio
             9.4.2 Value Chain Analysis
             9.4.3 Marketing Strategy
             9.4.4 Consumables
      9.5 Honeywell International
             9.5.1 Product Portfolio
             9.5.2 Value Chain Analysis
             9.5.3 Marketing Strategy
             9.5.4 Consumables
      9.6 Blueair
             9.6.1 Product Portfolio
             9.6.2 Value Chain Analysis
             9.6.3 Marketing Strategy
             9.6.4 Consumables
       9.7 Daikin India
              9.7.1 Product Portfolio
              9.7.2 Value Chain Analysis
              9.7.3 Marketing Strategy 
              9.7.4 Consumables
        9.8 Camfil 
               9.8.1 Product Portfolio
               9.8.2 Value Chain Analysis
               9.8.3 Marketing Strategy
               9.8.4 Consumables
        9.9 Crusaders India
               9.9.1 Product Portfolio
               9.9.2 Value Chain Analysis
               9.9.3 Marketing Strategy
               9.9.4 Consumables
        9.10 Atlanta Healthcare
                 9.10.1 Product Portfolio
                 9.10.2 Value Chain Analysis
                 9.10.3 Marketing Strategy
                 9.10.4 Consumables
List of Tables:

Table 3-1: Pollution Index by Key Cities (2016)
Table 9-1: Philips India - Air Purifier Product Portfolio
Table 9-2: Philips India - Air Purifier Consumables
Table 9-3: Eureka Forbes - Air Purifier Product Portfolio
Table 9-4: Eureka Forbes - Air Purifier Consumables
Table 9-5: Panasonic India - Air Purifier Product Portfolio
Table 9-6: Panasonic India - Air Purifier Consumables
Table 9-7: Kent - Air Purifier Product Portfolio
Table 9-8: Kent - Air Purifier Consumables
Table 9-9: Honeywell International - Air Purifier Product Portfolio
Table 9-10: Honeywell International - Air Purifier Consumables
Table 9-11: Blueair - Air Purifier Product Portfolio
Table 9-12: Blueair - Air Purifier Consumables
Table 9-13: Daikin India - Air Purifier Product Portfolio
Table 9-14: Daikin India - Air Purifier Consumables
Table 9-15: Camfil - Air Purifier Product Portfolio
Table 9-16: Camfil - Air Purifier Consumables
Table 9-17: Crusaders India - Air Purifier Product Portfolio
Table 9-18: Crusaders India - Air Purifier Consumables
Table 9-19: Atlanta Healthcare - Air Purifier Product Portfolio
Table 9-20: Atlanta Healthcare - Air Purifier Consumable

List of Figures:

Figure 3-1: Air Purifier Market (Billion INR), 2016-2022
Figure 3-2: Air Purifier Market by Application (%), 2016
Figure 3-3: Air Purifier Market for Residential Buildings (Million INR), 2016-2022
Figure 3-4: Air Purifier Market for Commercial Buildings (Million INR), 2016-2022
Figure 3-5: Air Purifier Market for Industrial Buildings (Million INR), 2016-2022
Figure 4-1: Consumer Awareness by Key Cities (%), 2016
Figure 4-2: Consumer Buying Pattern by Key Cities (%), 2016
Figure 4-3: Market Penetration in Key Cities by Players (%), 2016
Figure 4-4: Consumer Purchasing Power Parity by Key Cities (%), 2016
Figure 6-1: Filter Market for Air Purifiers (Million INR), 2016-2022
Figure 6-2: Air Purifier Filter Market by Type (%), 2016 24
Figure 6-3: HEPA Filter Market (Million INR), 2016-2022 25
Figure 6-4: Activated Carbon Filter Market (Million INR), 2016-2022
Figure 6-5: Pre Filter Market (Million INR), 2016-2022
Figure 6-6: Ion-Ozone Generator Market (Million INR), 2016-2022
Figure 6-7: Electrostatic Precipitator Market (Million INR), 2016-2022
Figure 9-1: Air Purifier Market by Players (%), 2016 

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