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India Paint Industry Outlook 2022

Published: Jul, 2016 | Pages: 130 | Publisher: RNCOS
Industry: Chemicals & Materials | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The Indian paint industry has been witnessing a gradual shift in the preferences of people from the traditional whitewash to higher quality paints like emulsions and enamel paints, which is providing the basic stability for growth of Indian paint industry. Besides, it is creating a strong competitive market, where players are utilizing different strategies to tap the growing demand in the market for a larger share. Moreover, rise in disposable income of the average middle class coupled with increasing investment on education; urbanization; development of the rural market; and various launches of many innovative products, like friendly, odor free, and dust & water resistant paints, are major drivers that are propelling the growth of the paint market in India.

As per our report "India Paint Industry Outlook 2022", provides study of Indian paints industry by value and volume, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 12% during 2016-17 to 2021-22 in value terms. The reports provide an in-depth detailed insight on the Indian decorative and industrial paint segment. Our research is an outcome of extensive primary & secondary research, where industry trends are being identified. For the study, we have analyzed industry expert insights from paint manufacturers, regional dealers and raw material suppliers, in order to build our macro and micro level understanding of the overall market and to explore opportunity in the prevailing market.

As per the report finding, decorative paints has the maximum demand. Thus in the report a thorough study has been done on this segment, which has been segmented by application, by product class, by technology, by demand, by composition, by region and by tier cities. The report also discusses in detail the emulsion, enamel and distemper in decorative paint markets by value, volume, types, tier cities, etc.; along with analysis of raw material and roadblocks of the industry.

Our research also depicts key trends and drivers of the industry. Moreover, the report also includes business overview of key industry players, such as Asian Paints, Kansai Nerolac, Berger Paints, Akzo Nobel and Shalimar, along with comprehensive outlook of the sector's present and future scenario. Overall, the report is a result of extensive research and prudent analysis that will be offering suitable knowledge base to those who are interested in this industry.
 Table of Contents

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. Industry Trends
     3.1 Revival in GDP Accelerating the Overall Paint Industry
     3.2 Growing Industrial Base Propelling the Growth of Industrial Paints
     3.3 Growing Disposable Income in Rural Area Accelerating the Demand
     3.4 Virtual Visualization Experience Techniques Enhancing Better Decision Making

4. Indian Paint Industry Outlook to 2022
     4.1 Market Size
            4.1.1 By Value
            4.1.2 By Volume
            4.1.3 By Organized/Unorganized Sector
            4.1.4 By Types
            4.1.5 By Players

5. Decorative Paints Market Outlook to 2022
     5.1 By Application
            5.1.1 Residential
            5.1.2 Commercial
     5.2 By Application Area
            5.2.1 Interior Paints
            5.2.2 Exterior Paints
     5.3 By Product Class
            5.3.1 Premium Paint
            5.3.2 Mid-Tier Paint
            5.3.3 Economy Paints
     5.4 By Technology
            5.4.1 Water Based
            5.4.2 Solvent Based
     5.5 By Composition
     5.6 By Demand
            5.6.1 Replacement Demand
            5.6.2 New Demand
     5.7 By Players
     5.8 By Region
     5.9 By Tier Cities
     5.10 Emulsion Paints Market Outlook in Decorative Paints
              5.10.1 By Value
              5.10.2 By Volume
              5.10.3 By Types
                  Plastic Emulsions
                  Acrylic Emulsions
                  Textured Emulsions
              5.10.4 By Region
              5.10.5 By Tier Cities
     5.11 Enamel Paints Market Outlook in Decorative Paints
              5.11.1 By Value
              5.11.2 By Volume
              5.11.3 By Types
                  General Purpose Enamel
                  Synthetic Enamel
                  Premium Enamel
              5.11.4 By Region
              5.11.5 By Tier Cities
     5.12 Distemper Paints Market Outlook in Decorative Paints
              5.12.1 By Value
              5.12.2 By Volume
              5.12.3 By Types
                  Acrylic Distemper
                  Dry Distemper
                  Synthetic Distemper
              5.12.4 By Region
              5.12.5 By Tier Cities

6. Industrial Paints Market Outlook to 2022
     6.1 By Segment
            6.1.1 Automotive Coating
            6.1.2 High Performance Coating
            6.1.3 Powder Coating
            6.1.4 Coil Coating
            6.1.5 Marine

7. Raw Materials for Paint Market
     7.1 Binders
     7.2 Pigments
     7.3 Solvents
     7.4 Additives

8. Industry Roadblocks

9. Key Players
     9.1 Asian Paints Limited
            9.1.1 Business Overview
            9.1.2 Product Portfolio
            9.1.3 Key Financials
            9.1.4 Industry Activities
     9.2 Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited
            9.2.1 Business Overview
            9.2.2 Product Portfolio
            9.2.3 Key Financials
            9.2.4 Industry Activities
     9.3 Berger Paints India Limited
            9.3.1 Business Overview
            9.3.2 Product Portfolio
            9.3.3 Key Financials
            9.3.4 Industry Activities
     9.4 AkzoNobel India
            9.4.1 Business Overview
            9.4.2 Product Portfolio
            9.4.3 Key Financials
            9.4.4 Industry Activities
     9.5 Shalimar Paints Limited
            9.5.1 Business Overview
            9.5.2 Product Portfolio
            9.5.3 Key Financials
            9.5.4 Industry Activities
List of Tables:

Table 9-1: Asian Paints Limited - Product Portfolio
Table 9-2: Asian Paints Limited - Brands
Table 9-3: Asian Paints Limited - Key Financials (Billion INR), 2013-14 to 2015-16
Table 9-4: Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited - Product Portfolio
Table 9-5: Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited - Brands
Table 9-6: Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited - Key Financials (Billion INR), 2013-14 to 2015-16
Table 9-7: Berger Paints India Limited - Product Portfolio
Table 9-8: Berger Paints India Limited - Brands
Table 9-9: Berger Paints India Limited - Key Financials (Billion INR), 2012-13 to 2014-15
Table 9-10: AkzoNobel India - Product Portfolio
Table 9-11: AkzoNobel India - Brands
Table 9-12: AkzoNobel India - Key Financials (Billion INR), 2013-14 to 2015-16
Table 9-13: Shalimar Paints Limited - Product Portfolio
Table 9-14: Shalimar Paints Limited - Brands
Table 9-15: Shalimar Paints Limited - Key Financials (Million INR), 2012-13 to 2014-15 

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