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In-depth Research on Online Education and Training Market in China, 2014-2018

Published: Jan, 2014 | Pages: 101 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Education | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

In 1999, China put forward Modern Distance Education Project. After more than ten years of development, online education and training has got great-leap-forward development. Online education, which is for all ages, such as basic online education, higher online education, is booming; other types of online education, including curricula education, vocational training, etc, are flourishing. In 2013, the market scale of China online education and training was CNY 90.5 billion; it is estimated that the growth will exceed 20% for the years to come.

By the end of 2011, the number of China education enterprises listed in America was 11, of which 8 enterprises are still trading as of 2013. According to different training objectives and contents, China Edu Corporation, China Cast Education Corporation, CEU, China Distance Education Holding Ltd., GEDU, New Oriental, Xueersi, Ambow and ATA have opened online education and training business except for Xueda and Noah. The above nine companies' businesses mainly cover seven categories, namely, parenting education, entrance examination coaching, language training, network higher education, vocational certification training, corporate E-learning and online education services.

In terms of business structure, parenting education serves as a segment market along with the rising of infant market, entrance examination coaching, vocational certification training and network higher education are the major income sources for individual listed companies, while online language training, corporate E-learning and online education services are deemed as supplements of offline businesses in listed companies. 

With the advent of information era, online education training is received approvals universally both at home and overseas. Due to Chinese economic development imbalance, huge differences regarding educational level exist in different regions, but the rapid growth of online education plays an important role in narrowing education differences between various regions, expanding education scale and improving education quality. People are willing to spend their money in participating educational training with increasingly fierce talent competition in market, so education industry will be a hotspot for investment and Chinese education market enjoys huge potentials. It is predicted that market scale of online education training will stand at CNY 228.2 billion in 2018. 
 1. Overview of Online Education and Training 
1.1 Definition and Classification
1.2 Development History

2. Industry Operation Environment in China, 2012-2013
2.1 Policy Environment
2.2 Economic Environment
2.3 Social Environment
2.3.1 Parent's Education Concept Transformation
2.3.2 Rising Standards of Living
2.4 Technology Environment
2.4.1 Network Technologies Will Bring New Changes to the High-end English Training Industry 
2.4.2 Blending Teaching Model Will Get Powerful Development

3. Industry Development Situation in China, 2012-2013
3.1 Development Characteristics
3.1.1 Effective Integration of Educational Resources
3.1.2 New Marketing Mode of Education and Training Industry
3.2 Existing Problems of the Industry in China, 2012-2013
3.2.1 Chaotic Situation in Higher Education Market  
3.2.2 Online Resource Shortage
3.2.3 Lag of Online Professional Curriculum 
3.3 Industry Development Proposals

4. Market Operation of Online Education and Training in China, 2012-2013
4.1 Market Scale, 2012-2013
4.1.1 The Combination of Two "Sunrise Industry"
4.1.2 Market Scale
4.1.3 Market Development Characteristics
4.2 Industry Supply, 2012-2013
4.2.1 Diversified Industry Service
4.2.2 Transformation from "Traditional Class" to "Training Supermarket"
4.3 Industry Demand
4.4 Important Events of China's Listed Education Companies, 2012

5. Segment Market of Online Education and Training
5.1 Online Higher Education
5.2 Entrance Examination Coaching
5.3 Vocational Skills Training
5.4 Parenting Education

6. Development Status of Relevant Industry in China, 2012-2013
6.1 Development Status of E-commerce Industry in China, 2012-2013
6.1.1 Market Development Status
6.1.2 China E-commerce Development Analysis and Forecast, 2013
6.2 Development Status of Education and Training Industry in China, 2012-2013
6.2.1 Status Quo
6.2.2 Development Characteristics in Recent Years
6.2.3 Future Development Trend
6.3 Internet Cloud Technology Motivates the Development of Online Education and Training 

7. Domestic Key Enterprises
7.1 China Edu Group
7.1.1 Company Profile
7.1.2 Business Scale
7.1.3 Business Scope
7.1.4 Comprehensive Competitiveness
7.2 China Distance Education Holding Ltd.
7.2.1 Company Profile
7.2.2 Business Scale
7.2.3 Comprehensive Competitiveness
7.3 Ambow Education 
7.3.1 Company Profile
7.3.2 Business Scale
7.3.3 Business Scope
7.3.4 Comprehensive Competitiveness
7.4 New Oriental Education & Technology Group
7.4.1 Company Profile
7.4.2 Business Scale
7.4.3 Business Scope
7.4.4 Comprehensive Competitiveness
7.5 TAL Education Group
7.5.1 Company Profile
7.5.2 Business Scale
7.5.3 Business Scope
7.5.4 Comprehensive Competitiveness

8. M & A Case Study in China
8.1 IDGVC Invested in (The up-market Learning Group) with About USD 20 Million
8.1.1 Investor Background Study
8.1.2 Financing Background Study
8.1.3 Motivation and Process Study of the Case
8.2 Investment Cases in Recent Years
8.3 Investment Status, 2012 
8.3.1 "Taobao Students" Involves Online Education
8.3.2 Employees Working in Internet Industry Resign for Initiating Online Educational Institutions
8.3.3 Gong Haiyan the Co-chairwoman of JiaYuan (a dating website) Resigned for Launching

9. Profit Model of Online Education and Training
9.1 Advertisement Model
9.2 Network Content Model
9.3 Digital Content Model
9.4 Transaction Expenses Model
9.5 Mobile Value-added Model
9.6 Service Charge Model
9.7 Consultation Service Model
9.8 Other Profit Models

10. Industry Development Prospects Forecast of Online Education and Training in China, 2014-2018
10.1 Prospect Forecast
10.1.1 Five Advantages
10.1.2 Online Study-Training Model in the Future
10.2 Market Trend in China, 2014-2018
10.2.1 Development Trend
10.2.2 Market Forecast, 2014-2018
10.3 Development Proposals
10.3.1 Emphasis on Efficiency 
10.3.2 Focus on Core Business
10.3.3 More Attentions from Two and Three-tier Cities

11. Investment Opportunities and Risks of Online Education and Training in China
11.1 Investment Environment 
11.2 Investment Opportunities 
11.2.1 Diversified Education Promotes the Development of Online Education and Training
11.2.2 Online Education and Training will be Important Complement to Traditional Education 
11.2.3 Industry is in Growth Stage and Has Great Development Potential
11.3 Investment Risks
11.3.1 Policy and System Risks
11.3.2 Market Competition Risks
11.3.3 Technology Risks
11.3.4 Foreign Investment Risks

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