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In-Depth Research and Prospects of China Automotive Navigation Industry, 2013-2017

Published: Nov, 2013 | Pages: 62 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Manufacturing And Construction | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

China serves as the world's largest country in terms of automobile production and sales, however, the assembly rate (take passenger cars as cardinal number) of navigators for new cars was only 8.6% in 2012, and there was a substantial growth potential. By the end of 2012, there were about 300 automotive navigation manufacturing enterprises in China, and the market scale was worth CNY33.8 million, year-on-year growth of 10%. It is expected that market scale of China automotive navigation will reach CNY 67.4 billion as of 2017. 

In 2012, the sales volume of aftermarket automotive navigators generated 6.38 million sets in China, year-on-year growth of 17%, but growth rate continued to decline. At the same period, the sales volume of pre-installed automotive navigators reached 1.29 million sets, while the growth rate reached 43%, and this was the second year in a row that growth rate registered above 40%. The growth rate of aftermarket and the growth rate of pre-installed market displayed a negative correction, which will change future automotive navigation market. As of 2015, the market shares of China's pre-installed automotive navigators will reach 31.6% from 16.7% at present. In the same period, market penetration rate of pre-installed automotive navigators also will register around 20%. 

Chinese navigation market was influenced by Japan. As for product forms, Japan and China both mainly produce In-Dash products. Since 2006, PND products have witnessed rapid development, however, the development of PND products lacked in strength on account of copycat products disrupting the market. Currently, aftermarket automotive navigation is the most vigorous segment in China with most output value. In 2012, the shipments of China aftermarket automotive navigation market roughly generated 6.624 million sets, which nearly equating to 6.5 times more than that of pre-installed automotive navigation market. 

Meanwhile, China's GPS navigators witnessed vigorous development. Mobile phone manufacturers and operators and online application stores promote and sell mobile navigation products. Currently, taking the most eye-catching Apple App stores for an example, Careland and Autonavi were among the top ten fast selling applications in China throughout the year. 

Automobiles to be equipped with GPS navigations that serve as standard configuration have represented an irresistible trend. The popularizing rate of GPS in American automobiles comprised 65%, and the rate was higher in EU countries and Japan, registering 73% and 76% respectively. By comparison, the popularizing rate of auto GPS was less than 10% in China. Although this rate reflects a huge gap between China and developed countries, however, with the increasing vehicle population, cars have become the needed products in many Chinese families, and GPS serves as an important component in vehicles, thus the popularizing rate grow rapidly, which brought commercial opportunities for GPS market. 
 1. Overview of Industry Development
1.1 Definition & Classification
1.2 Industry Chain

2. Development Overview of Global Automotive Navigation Industry
2.1 Development Status Quo
2.2 Trend of World's Automotive Navigation Industry

3. Development Environment of China Automotive Navigation Industry
3.1 China's Economic Development Environment 
3.2 Policy Environment
3.3 Technical Environment

4. Development Status Quo of China Automotive Navigation Industry
4.1 Characteristics of Industry Development
4.1.1 Personalized Consumption; Dominance of Low-and-Middle End Consumption
4.1.2 Serious Homogeneity Resulting in Fatigued Market Performance
4.2 Market Scale
4.3 Consumption Factors
4.3.1 Channel Distribution of Product Information 
4.3.2 Factors Influencing Product Performance
4.3.3 Two Major Purchasers: Auto Modification Shop and 4s AutoStore

5. Competitive Landscape of China Automotive Navigation Industry
5.1 Competition Status Quo
5.1.1 Aftermarket Automotive Navigation Serves as Priority; Mobile Phone Develops Rapidly
5.1.2 Chinese Domestic Enterprises Serves as Priority; Market Competition is Fierce
5.1.3 Stable Industrial Pattern
5.2 Market Concentration Ratio 

6. Upstream and Downstream Analysis
6.1 Upstream Raw Material Industry
6.1.1 Steels
6.1.2 Integrated Circuit
6.1.3 Electronic Components
6.2 Downstream Application
6.2.1 Status Quo of Industry Development
6.2.2 Development Trend of Auto Industry in the 12th Five-Year Plan

7. Import and Export Data of Automotive Navigation Products
7.1 Import and Export Data of China Automotive Navigation, 2010-2012
7.2 Import Sources and Export Destinations of Automotive Navigation Products, 2012

8. Major Enterprises of China Automotive Navigation Industry
8.1.1 Company Profile
8.1.2 Main Business
8.1.3 Competitive Advantages
8.1.4 Business Performance
8.1.5 Market Expanding Strategy
8.2 Beijing UniStrong
8.2.1Company Profile
8.2.2 Main Business
8.2.3 Competitive Advantages
8.2.4 Business Performance
8.2.5 Market Expanding Strategy
8.3 Super Map
8.3.1Company Profile
8.3.2 Main Business
8.3.3 Competitive Advantages
8.3.4 Business Performance
8.3.5 Market Expanding Strategy
8.4BDStar Navigation
8.4.1 Company Profile
8.4.2 Main Products
8.4.3 Competitive Advantage
8.4.4 Business Performance
8.4.5 Market Expanding Strategy
8.5.1 Company Profile
8.5.2 Competitive Advantages
8.5.3 Business Performance
8.5.4 Market Expanding Strategy

9. Investment and Development Trend of Automotive Navigation Industry
9.1 Investment Opportunities
9.2 Investment Risks
9.2.1 Competitive Risks
9.2.2 Downstream Demand Risks
9.2.3 Risks of Fluctuations in Prices of Raw Materials
9.3 Industry Development Trend
9.3.1 Trend
9.3.2 Growth Prediction of China Automotive Navigation Market, 2013-2017
9.4 Technological Development Direction
9.4.1 Vehicle GPS Specified High-Precision Electronic Map Technology 
9.4.2 Technology of Providing Accurate and Real-time Road Information
9.4.3 Multimedia Smooth Seamless Connecting Technology

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