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In-Depth Research and Forecast of China Ethylene Industry, 2013-2017

Published: Sep, 2013 | Pages: 80 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Chemicals | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The production scale and output of ethylene are the important indicators that measure a country's chemical level. Analysis and Forecast of China Ethylene Industry, 2013-2017, released by Huidian Research, shows that as of the end of 2012, the newly increased production capacity of China's ethylene was 1.4 million tons per year and the total production capacity was 17.095 million tons per year rising by 6.3% compared with 2011 and ranking the world second. 

Seen from the distribution region, China has basically formed the three top ethylene industry cluster areas, namely the Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Rim and Pearl River Delta, the production capacity of which respectively accounts for 26%, 29% and 13% of the total production capacity across the country. In order to adapt to the demand growth of petrochemical products in Midwest, some large ethylene production bases have been accomplished or under the construction in Xinjiang, Gansu, Sichuan and other Midwest regions. With the rising of Central China and implementation of the Great Western Development Strategy, China's ethylene industry again shows the trend of radiating to the inland from the costal. 

According to the Ethylene Industry 12th-Five-Year Planning, during the 12th-Five-Year period, there will form 3 to 4 ethylene production bases with the production capacity of more than 2 million tons per year in the Yangtze River Delta centered by Shanghai, Nanjing and Zhenhai of Zhejiang province; the Pearl River Delta will mainly develop the advantageous products and derivative products with high added-value and characteristics; the Bohai Rim will lay out the large ethylene devices centered by Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan and Fushun; the Midwest will form 4 ethylene bases based on large refining projects. After these large ethylene devices are accomplished the construction, the layout of China's ethylene industry will be more optimized. 

Building large devices and developing the scale economy are the effective measures for the domestic ethylene industry to achieve the low-cost development strategy. As the relate data show, compared with the 0.5 million-ton ethylene device, the cost of the 1 million-ton devices can reduce about 25% cost per ton. In 2012, the average scale of China's ethylene devices was further improved and a number of new and renovation & expansion ethylene projects were under the steady progress, among which, both the 1.2 million-ton per year ethylene renovation & expansion project of Daqing Petrochemical and the 0.8 million-ton per year ethylene device of Fushun Petrochemical achieved the success of the first operation; the coal to olefin projects were under the progress in Sichuan, Wuhan and other regions. 

It is estimated that China's ethylene production capacity will continue to greatly increase, the average scale of devices will further rise and the production capacity ratio will rise in Southwest and Central China as well as the ethylene layout to be further optimized in 2013. Hudian Research estimates that China's ethylene production capacity will grow rapidly in the future few years and will reach 30 million tons per year by 2017. 
 1. Overview of Ethylene

2. Global Ethylene Market
2.1 Global Ethylene Industry Pattern 
2.1.1 Production Capacity: Middle East Exceeding West Europe 
2.1.2 Raw Materials: Lightweight, Diversification 
2.1.3 Market: Intensified Competition 
2.2 Global Ethylene Market Supply and Demand 
2.2.1 Supply and Demand
2.2.2 Overview of Global Top Ten Ethylene Manufacturing Counties 
2.2.3 Global Major Ethylene Manufacturing Enterprises 
2.2.4 Industrial Development 

3. China's Ethylene Environment Analysis 
3.1 China's Economic Development Environment 
3.2 Industrial Policies 

4. Ethylene Production Technology at Home and Abroad 
4.1Production Process 
4.2 Status Quo of Foreign Ethylene Production Technology 
4.2.1 LUMMUS 
4.2.2 S & W
4.2.3 KBR
4.2.4 Linder 
4.2.5 TPL/KTI
4.3 Status Quo of Chinese Domestic Ethylene Production Technology
4.3.1 Cracking Technology 
4.3.2 Separation Technology 

5. China's Ethylene Market Supply & Demand and Forecast 
5.1 Supply and Forecast 
5.1.1 Production Capacity, 2012 
5.1.2 Output, 2012 
5.1.3 Industry Concentration Ratio 
5.1.4 Output Forecast 2013-2017 
5.2 Demand and Forecast 
5.2.1 Demand and Forecast
5.2.2 Application 
5.3 Price and Forecast 

6. Imports and Exports of China's Ethylene
6.1 Imports 
6.2 Exports 
6.3 Import Source and Export Destination Countries 
6.3.1 Import Source Countries
6.3.2 Export Destination Countries 

7. Industrial Chain of China's Ethylene Industry 
7.1 Overview 
7.2 Upstream Industry 
7.2.1 Development of Oil Processing Industry 
7.2.2 Crude Oil Processing Volume 
7.2.3 Growing Shortage of Naphtha 
7.3 Influences of Upstream Industry on the Ethylene Industry 
7.3.1 Crude Oil Price Affecting the Ethylene Industry Cost 
7.3.2 Ethylene Feedstock Affecting the Ethylene Industry Cost
7.4 Downstream Industry 
7.4.1 Synthetic Materials Manufacturing Industry 
7.4.2 Plastic Products Industry 
7.4.3 Development Trends of Main Downstream Products 
7.5 Influences of Downstream Industry on the Ethylene Industry

8. China's Major Ethylene Enterprises 
8.1 China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group)
8.1.1 Company Profile 
8.1.2 Business Performance 
8.1.3 Development Goals 
8.2 China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)
8.2.1 Company Profile 
8.2.2 Business Performance 
8.2.3 Development Goals 
8.3 CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited (CSPC)
8.3.1 Company Profile 
8.3.2 Business Performance 
8.3.3 Development Goals
8.4 China Shenhua Energy Company Limited 
8.4.1 Company Profile 
8.4.2 Business Performance 
8.4.3 Development Goals
8.5 Liaoning Huajin Tongda Chemicals Company Limited 
8.5.1 Company Profile 
8.5.2 Business Performance 
8.5.3 Development Goals

9. Existing Problems and Development of China's Ethylene Industry 
9.1 Existing Problems
9.1.1 Problems of Ethylene Feedstock Optimization and Supply having yet to Be Completely Solved 
9.1.2 Structural Contradiction of Main Downstream Products Being Still Prominent 
9.1.3 Having a Relatively Passive Position in the International Competition 
9.2 Development of Ethylene Production 
9.3 Development of Ethylene Industry Layout 
9.4 Development of Coal to Olefins 
9.5 Pressure and Challenges from Foreign Competition 
9.6 Marketing Strategies 

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