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In-depth Research and Development Forecast on Building Curtain Wall Market in China, 2014-2018

Published: Oct, 2014 | Pages: 66 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Manufacturing And Construction | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

In 2013, the output of building curtain walls was about 115 million m2 in China, up 15% over last year. With the acceleration of urbanization in China, large amount of public buildings, commercial buildings and high-grade residences are emerging constantly, and also the demands for building curtain walls increase rapidly. In 2013, the proportion of consumption amount of curtain walls used in commercial buildings to the total one in China was the largest, accounting for about 66%, followed by public building, while the one for high -grade residence was the smallest, only accounting for about 3.1%.

At present, there are 210 Class 1 contracting enterprises for building curtain wall engineering, 246 Class A curtain wall design enterprises and 122 enterprises with both Class 1 curtain wall construction and Class A curtain wall design qualifications in China. The whole industry consists of over 4,000 manufacturers and over 1,000 auxiliary enterprises.

In building curtain industry, entry barrier is low and market concentration is to be improved. At present, the top 50 manufacturers in this industry only take about 50% of market shares. Market competition is fierce and belongs to perfect competition industry.
 1. Overview of Building Curtain Wall Industry Development
1.1 Introduction on Building Curtain Wall Industry
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Product Classification
1.1.3 Main Contents and Characteristics of Building Curtain Wall Design 
1.2 Relationship between Upstream Industry and Downstream Industry

2. Development Environment of Building Curtain Wall Industry in China
2.1 Macroeconomic Environment
2.2 Policy Environment
2.2.1 Outline of China's Architectural Decoration Industry Development during "12th Five-year Plan" Period.
2.2.2 Notice on Effectively Strengthening Energy-saving Management of Government Office Buildings and Public buildings 
2.2.3 Key Promotion Technology Fields of Construction Sector during the "11th Five-year Plan" Period
2.2.4 Outline of National Middle and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan
2.2.5 Guidance on Development of Energy-saving Residences and Public Buildings
2.2.6 Industry Standards
2.3 Technological Environment
2.3.1 Building Curtain wall Technology in China has Reached International Level
2.3.2 Main Technology Analysis

3. Upstream and Downstream of Building Curtain Wall Industry in China
3.1 Upstream Industry
3.1.1 Glass
3.1.2 Aluminum Profiles
3.2 Construction Engineering Industry

4. Development Overview of Building Curtain Wall Market in China
4.1 Development Status Quo
4.1.1 Characteristics
4.1.2 Status Quo
4.2 Demand of Building Curtain Wall in China
4.2.1 Domestic Demand
4.2.2 Overseas Demand
4.3 Market Segments in Building Curtain Wall Industry in China
4.3.1 Glass Curtain Wall
4.3.2 Metal Curtain Wall

5. Competition Pattern of Building Curtain Wall Market
5.1 Competition Status Quo
5.1.1 Marketization Degree
5.1.2 Competition Pattern
5.2 Competition Trend
5.2.1 Market Dominated by Domestic Enterprises
5.2.2 Rational Competition and Steadily-Improved Concentration
5.2.3 Market Structure Taking Large-scale Enterprise as Primary, Small and Medium Enterprises as Supplementary
5.2.4 More Fierce Market Competition

6. Key Enterprises in Building Curtain Wall Industry in China 
6.1 Zhejiang YASHA Decoration Co., Ltd 
6.1.1 Company Profile
6.1.2 Competitiveness
6.1.3 Business Performance
6.1.4 Development Strategy
6.2 Beijing Jangho Curtain Wall Co., Ltd (Jangho)
6.2.1 Company Profile
6.2.2 Competitiveness
6.2.3 Business Performance
6.2.4 Development Strategy
6.3 China Fangda Group Co., Ltd
6.3.1 Company Profile
6.3.2 Competitiveness
6.3.3 Business Performance
6.3.4 Development Strategy
6.4 Gold Mantis
6.4.1 Company Profile
6.4.2 Competitiveness
6.4.3 Business Performance
6.4.4 Development Strategy
6.5 AVIC Sanxin Co., Ltd 
6.5.1 Company Profile
6.5.2 Main Business
6.5.3 Competitiveness
6.5.4 Business Performance
6.5.5 Development Strategy

7. Investment Analysis on Building Curtain Wall Industry
7.1 Investment Opportunities
7.1.1 Urbanization Process Promotes Fast Growth of Building Curtain Wall Industry Constantly
7.1.2 Region Vitalizing Plan Drives New Growth of Industry
7.1.3 Construction of Super-high Building Advances Industry Development
7.2 Investment Risks
7.2.1 Macroeconomics
7.2.2 Safety Production
7.2.3 Seasonal Fluctuation of Income
7.2.4 Accounts Receivable
7.3 Entry Barriers of Building Curtain Wall Industry
7.3.1 Market Entry Qualification
7.3.2 Technical Level
7.3.3 Achievements
7.3.4 Capitals

8. Development Trend and Suggestions of Building Curtain Wall Industry
8.1 Development Trend
8.1.1 Energy-saving-Oriented
8.1.2 New industry Star: Photovoltaic Curtain Wall
8.1.3 Technical Development Direction
8.2 Market Forecast, 2014-2018
8.3 Suggestions on Industry Development

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