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In-depth Research and Development Forecast of Chinas Children English Training Market, 2014-2018

Published: Oct, 2014 | Pages: 113 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Public Sector | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Since 2008, China's children training industry thrived along with the holding of the Olympic Games and the World Expo. However, in recent years, the competition has become fiercer. Since 2014, a great number of children English training institutions have closed down one after another or suffered from a narrowed market space. Apart from the impact of government policies, the inaccurate market positioning and misunderstanding about the teaching methods are major reasons for their poor business performance. 

Chinese parents lay much emphasis on course features and teaching resources (accounting for 40% respectively) when selecting training institutions for their children. The second top concern is the convenience and reputation. In the aspect of popularity, New Oriental (25%), Rise (23%), and Disney (14%) all successfully make a deep impression on Chinese parents, and in the aspect of teaching materials, New Concept English (42%) and Cambridge Young Learners English (34%) are well known in each professional fields. Only 4% parents have a particular concern with price, which is in accord with the situation of family expenditure for children English training. 

Compared with the nearly saturated adult English training market, English training for middle school, primary school, and pre-school students will become the major driving forces for future development of the industry. In 2013, the market size of English training for Chinese middle and primary school students amounted to CNY 46.15 billion. New Oriental excels in this market with its lion's share in whole China and becomes a leader of the industry. 
 1. Development Environment of China's Children English Training Industry 
1.1 Macroeconomic Environment in First Half of 2014
1.2 Policy Environment in 2014
1.2.1 Government Focusing on Basic Education Guarantees the Development of the Training Industry
1.2.2 Scientific Development of Exam-oriented Education Improves the Pre-school Training Quality
1.2.3 Issuance of Supervision Standards Regulates the Training Market
1.2.4 Beijing's College Entrance Examination Reform Reduces English Scores
1.3 Social Environment Analysis in 2014
1.3.1 Population Analysis
1.3.2 Education and Culture Analysis
1.4 Technological Environment Analysis
1.4.1 Network Technology Brings Energy to Children English Training Industry
1.4.2 Blended Teaching Mode Gains Favorable Development

2. Development Status of China's Children English Training Industry
2.1 Industry Characteristics Analysis
2.1.1 Children English Training Becomes a Fashion
2.1.2 New Concepts
2.1.3 Children English Training is an Integrate System
2.2 Regional Strategy Analysis
2.2.1 Strategic Landscape
2.2.2 Regional Conditions
2.2.3 Development Trend of Regional Strategy
2.3 Existing Problems
2.3.1 Immature and Disordered Training Market
2.3.2 Language Study Needs Scientific Instructions
2.3.3 Sever Unbalanced Teaching Resources

3. Market Operation Situation of China's Children Training Industry in 2014
3.1 Analysis on Market Operation
3.1.1 "Alo7" Acquires Ten Millions Investments with its Creative Children English Learning Method
3.1.2 Children English: Parents Training Enthusiasm is not Affected by Score Reduction
3.1.3 New Oriental Leads China's English Training Reformation
3.1.4 Four Giants (3BTA) Enters into Education Field
3.2 Development Status of China's Children English Training Industry in 2013
3.2.1 English Training Market for the Children of 3 to 12-years Old
3.2.2 Fiercer Market Competition
3.2.3 Market Integration, Reorganization, and Gradual Regulated Business Activities
3.3 Dynamics of China's Children English Training Market in 2014
3.3.1 Many Training Enterprises Close Down
3.3.2 Teaching Teams are Fickleness 
3.3.3 Causes Analysis of Current Situation

4. Development of China's Children English Training Market Segmentations
4.1 Market Segmentations
4.2 Pre-School English Training Market
4.3 Primary and Middle School English Training Market
4.4 High-end Children English Training Market

5. Consumption Demand Characteristics of China's Children English Training Market
5.1 Customer Analysis in 2013
5.1.1 Occupation
5.1.2 Income Level
5.1.3 Motivation
5.1.4 Selection of Children English Training Institutions
5.2 Analysis on Characteristics of Customer Demand in 2013

6. Competition Landscape of China's Children English Training Industry in 2013
6.1 Current Status of Competition
6.1.1 Competitiveness Analysis
6.1.2 Merger and Acquisition
6.1.3 Fiercer Competition Appears in High-end Children English Training Market
6.2 Analysis on Concentration Ratio of China's Children English Training Industry
6.2.1 Market Concentration Ratio
6.2.2 Regional Concentration Ratio
6.3 Analysis on Strategy for Improving Competitiveness

7. Analysis on Comprehensive Competitiveness of International Enterprises 
7.1 Pearson Education (U.K.)
7.1.1 Overview 
7.1.2 Operation Scale 
7.1.3 Market Strategy 
7.1.4 Comprehensive Competitiveness 
7.2 Shane English School 
7.2.1 Overview 
7.2.2 Operation Scale 
7.2.3 Market Strategy 
7.2.4 Comprehensive Competitiveness
7.3 EF Education First Ltd. (Sweden) 
7.3.1 Overview 
7.3.2 Operation Scale 
7.3.3 Comprehensive Competitiveness
7.4 Berlitz (U.S.A.)
7.4.1 Overview 
7.4.2 Business Performance 
7.4.3 Training Characteristics 
7.5 Disney English 
7.5.1 Overview 
7.5.2 Operation Scale 
7.5.3 Course Characteristics 

8. Analysis on Comprehensive Competitiveness of Chinese Typical Enterprises 
8.1 POP Kids Education 
8.1.1 Overview 
8.1.2 Teaching Characteristics 
8.1.3 Comprehensive Competitiveness 
8.2 Only Education 
8.2.1 Overview
8.2.2 Operation Scale 
8.2.3 Strength and Characteristics 
8.3 Talenty International Education 
8.3.1 Overview
8.3.2 Operation Scale
8.3.3 Core Competitive Advantages 
8.4 Longman Schools 
8.4.1 Overview 
8.4.2 Teaching Idea 
8.4.3 Course System 
8.5 Neworldbaby Training Center 
8.5.1 Overview 
8.5.2 Teaching Characteristics 
8.5.3 Core Competitiveness 
8.6 Tsinghua Children's English 
8.6.1 Overview 
8.6.2 Operation Scale 
8.6.3 Comprehensive Competitiveness 
8.7 World English School 
8.7.1 Overview
8.7.2 Operation Scale 
8.7.3 Curriculum Offering 
8.7.4 Comprehensive Competitiveness 

9. Investment, Financing and Merger Characteristics of China's Children Tutoring Market 
9.1 Status of Investment, Financing and Merger in Education Sector
9.2 Cases 
9.2.1 Qiming Venture Partners Invested USD 20 Million to JUREN 
9.2.2 Xueda Education Introduced Venture Capital of USD 20 Million 
9.2.3 Xinganxian Obtained Capital Injection of CNY 70 Million 
9.2.4 Best Study Obtained Investment of USD 8 Million 

10. Investment Prospect of China's Children English Training Industry 
10.1 Investment Environment 
10.2 Investment Opportunity 
10.3 Investment Risk 
10.3.1 Competition Risk 
10.3.2 Operation Risk 

11. Development Trend of China's Children English Training Industry
11.1 Prospect Forecast
11.1.1 Personalized Courses Lead a New Fashion
11.1.2 Centralized Development Becomes a Future Trend
11.1.3 Cater to Market Demand and Improve Training Quality
11.2 Trend of Market Size 
11.2.1 Market Scale Continues to Expand 
11.2.2 Market Competition Becomes Fiercer
11.2.3 Large-scale in Big Cities; Elaboration in Small Cities and Towns 
11.2.4 Franchise is the Future Development Trend 
11.2.5 High-end Children English Training Becomes New Highlight 
11.3 Demand Trend of China's Children English Training Industry
11.4 Characteristics of Future Development of China's Children English Training Industry

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