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Global Nanotechnology Market Outlook 2024

Published: May, 2018 | Pages: 160 | Publisher: RNCOS
Industry: Technology & Media | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The Global Nanotechnology Market is estimated to develop at a substantial CAGR for the duration of the prediction. Nanotechnology is a speedily developing knowledge by means of possible uses in numerous subdivisions of international economy, that is to say agriculture, cosmetics, energy, and healthcare among others. 

At present, the healthcare industry is single of the biggest divisions wherever the nanotechnology has taken the most important step forward by means of its use for the analysis and treatment of long-lasting sicknesses similar to heart sicknesses , cancer etc. Additionally, important improvements likewise done in additional subdivisions similar to energy, agriculture and electronics. The reasons, for example progression in knowledge, increasing demand for miniaturization of devices, increasing finance from the private sector for R&D activities , growing government backing and planned associations amongst nations are estimated to motivate the progress of the international market of  nanotechnology. 

Yet, the matters for example conservational, fitness, security risks, and worries linking to the commercialization of the nanotechnology are likely to hinder the progress of the market. On the source of the Use, the statement concentrates on the position and viewpoint for foremost uses. It takes into consideration the intake in terms of sales, market stake, and development percentage of Nanotechnology for respective use, including Agriculture & Foodstuff, Medicinal, Energy, Defense, Cosmetics and Electronics.

The Nanotechnology market on the source of Type of Components extends Nano Devices, Nano Materials and Nano Tools. The Nanotechnology market on the source of Area with respect to Trades in terms of intake, Profits, Market stake and Development percentage in these areas, for the duration of the prediction could span North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

The statement revises Trades in terms of intake of Nanotechnology in the international market; particularly in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. It concentrates on the topmost companies operating in these regions. Some of the important companies operating in the field are PEN, Inc., Chasm Technologies, Inc., Acusphere, Inc., Nanosys, Inc., Bruker Nano GmbH, Ablynx.

Additional notable companies operating in the field are Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc., Ablynx,  Zyvex Corporation Acusphere, Inc., Nano phase Technologies Corporation, Unidym, Inc. [Secondary of Wise Power Co.], eSpin Technologies Inc., Star Pharma Holdings, Rogue Valley Micro devices Inc., Nanocyl S.A, Integran Technologies Inc.

Hybrid Plastics Inc., ELITechGroup, Altair Nanotechnologies Inc., Advanced Nano Products Co. Limited, Acusphere Inc., Zyvex Corporation, Shenzhen Nanotech Port Co. Ltd., Quantum Sphere Inc., Nano Materials Ltd., Hyperion Catalysis International Inc., Hanwha Chemical Corp., Chemat Technology Inc., and Catalytic Materials LLC.

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing technology with potential applications in many sectors of global economy namely healthcare, cosmetics, energy and agriculture among others. The technology is revolutionizing every industry while tremendously attracting worldwide attention. Owing to its wide range of uses, the global nanotechnology market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 17% during the forecasted period of 2017-2024. Thus, there lies a great opportunity for industry participants to tap the fast growing market which would garner huge revenue on the back of commercialization of the technology.

In the latest research study, "Global Nanotechnology Market Outlook 2024", RNCOS' analysts have conducted a segmented research on the nanotechnology industry and have interpreted the key market trends & developments that clearly highlight the areas offering promising possibilities for industries to boost their growth. In 2016, the global nanotechnology market has shown impressive growth owing to factors, like increase in government and private sector funding for R&D, partnerships & strategic alliances between countries and increased in demand for smaller and more powerful devices at affordable prices. At present, the healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors where nanotechnology has made major breakthrough with its application for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases like cancer, heart attack etc. Further, significant developments are also being done in other sectors like electronics, agriculture, and energy.

In this report, the analysts have studied the current nanotechnology market on segment basis (by application, by component and by region) so as to provide an insight on the current market scenario as well as forecasts of the aforementioned segments till 2024. The report provides an in-depth analysis of all the major segments, taking into account the major developments taking place at global level in the respective segments that will further boost the growth of nanotechnology market.

Further, the application section covers the use of nanotechnology in electronics, energy, cosmetics, medical, defence, and food and agriculture sectors while the component section covers the segregation of nanotechnology market into nanomaterials, nanotools, and nanodevices.

Additionally, the report covers the country-level analysis of 13 major countries like the US, France, UK, Germany, and Russia among others in terms of R&D, nanotechnology patent analysis, funding and regulations, to provide an in-depth understanding about the investments and recent research & developments done in the field of nanotechnology.

Besides, the report covers the profiles of key players like Altair, Nanophase Tech, Nanosys, etc. with the key financials, strength & weakness analyses and recent activities, providing a comprehensive outlook of global nanotechnology industry. Overall, the report provides all the pre-requisite information for clients looking to venture in this industry, and facilitate them to formulate schemes while going for an investment/partnership in the industry.
 Table of Contents

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. Nanotechnology - An Introduction

4. Key Market Trends and Developments
     4.1 Nanotech Tools Open Market for more Miniature Electronics
     4.2 Nanotechnology Accelerating Healthcare and Medical Device Industry
     4.3 International Collaborations for Nanotechnology Research
     4.4 Nanotechnology Playing a Vital Role in the Growth of Energy Industry
     4.5 Nanotechnology Playing a Key Role in the Growth of Food & Agriculture Industry

5. Nanotechnology Market Outlook to 2024
     5.1 By Components
            5.1.1 Nanomaterials
            5.1.2 Nanotools
            5.1.3 Nanodevices
     5.2 By Major Applications
            5.2.1 Electronics
            5.2.2 Energy
              Energy Source
              Energy Conversion
              Energy Storage
              Energy Distribution
              Energy Usage
            5.2.3 Cosmetics
              Skin Care
              Hair Care
            5.2.4 Biomedical
              Drug Delivery
              Medical Materials and Implants
              Analytical Tools and Instruments
            5.2.5 Defense
              Military Vehicles
              Military Clothes
            5.2.6 Food and Agriculture
              Agriculture & Food Processing
              Food Packaging
              Food Supplements

6. Country-Level Analysis
     6.1 US
            6.1.1 Funding
              Research & Developments
     6.2 Brazil
            6.2.1 Funding
            6.2.2 Research & Developments
            6.2.3 Regulation
     6.3 Germany
            6.3.1 Funding
            6.3.2 Research & Development
            6.3.3 Regulations
     6.4 France
            6.4.1 Funding
            6.4.2 Research & Development
            6.4.3 Regulations
     6.5 UK
            6.5.1 Funding
            6.5.2 Research & Development
            6.5.3 Regulation
     6.6 Ireland
            6.6.1 Funding
            6.6.2 Research & Developments
     6.7 Russia
            6.7.1 Funding
            6.7.2 Research & Developments
            6.7.3 Regulation
     6.8 Japan
            6.8.1 Funding
            6.8.2 Research & Developments
            6.8.3 Regulations
     6.9 South Korea
            6.9.1 Funding
            6.9.2 Research & Development
            6.9.3 Regulations
     6.10 Taiwan
              6.10.1 Funding
              6.10.2 Research & Development
              6.10.3 Regulations
     6.11 China
              6.11.1 Funding
              6.11.2 Research & Development
              6.11.3 Regulations
     6.12 India
              6.12.1 Funding
              6.12.2 Research & Developments
              6.12.3 Regulations
     6.13 Australia
              6.13.1 Funding
              6.13.2 Research & Development
              6.13.3 Regulations

7. Patents Analysis

8. Competitive Landscape
     8.1 Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.
     8.2 Nanophase Technologies Corporation
     8.3 Nanosys, Inc.
     8.4 Unidym, Inc.
     8.5 Ablynx
     8.6 Zyvex Corporation
     8.7 Acusphere, Inc.
     8.8 SouthWest NanoTechnologies, Inc.
     8.9 PEN, Inc
     8.10 Bruker Nano GmbH
     8.11 Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc.
List of Tables:

Table 6-1: US - Number of Nanotechnology Patents & Published Patent Applications (2016)
Table 6-2: US - Nanotechnology Funding by Program Component Area (Million US$), FY 2015-FY 2017
Table 6-3: US - Federal Funding in Nanotechnology by Agency (Million US$), FY 2015-FY 2017
Table 6-4: US - List of Agencies Participating in NNI (2017)
Table 6-5: Brazil - Number of Nanotechnology Patents & Published Patent Applications (2016)
Table 6-6: Germany - Number of Nanotechnology Patents & Published Patent Applications (2016)
Table 6-7: France - Number of Nanotechnology Patents & Published Patent Applications (2016)
Table 6-8: UK - Number of Nanotechnology Patents & Published Patent Applications (2016)
Table 6-9: UK - Nanotechnology Companies in Healthcare Sector
Table 6-10: Ireland - Number of Nanotechnology Patents & Published Patent Applications (2016)
Table 6-11: Ireland - Proposed Focus Area for Nanotechnology Research
Table 6-12: Russia - Number of Nanotechnology Patents & Published Patent Applications (2016)
Table 6-13: Russia - RUSNANO's Funding in Nanotechnology by Key Companies (Million US$), 2009-2020
Table 6-14: Japan - Number of Nanotechnology Patents & Published Patent Applications (2016)
Table 6-15: Japan - Nanotechnology Market by Application (Billion JPY), 2005, 2010, 2020 & 2030
Table 6-16: South Korea - Number of Nanotechnology Patents & Published Patent Applications (2016)
Table 6-17: South Korea - Nanotechnology Dedicated Budget (Billion KRW), 2010-2013
Table 6-18: Taiwan - Number of Nanotechnology Patents & Published Patent Applications (2016)
Table 6-19: China - Number of Nanotechnology Patents & Published Patent Applications (2016)
Table 6-20: China - Top 10 Companies in Nanotechnology
Table 6-21: India - Number of Nanotechnology Patents & Published Patent Applications (2016)
Table 6-22: India - Nanotechnology Companies by Type of Production/Service
Table 6-23: Australia - Number of Nanotechnology Patents & Published Patent Applications (2016)
Table 7-1: Global - Top Countries in Nanotechnology Patents in USPTO (2016)
Table 7-2: Global - Top Countries in Nanotechnology Published Patent Applications in USPTO (2016)
Table 7-3: Top Assignees in Nanotechnology Granted Patents in USPTO (2015)
Table 7-4: Global - Top 15 Assignees in Nanotechnology Patent Literature (2013)
Table 8-1: Altair Nanotechnologies - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2011-2013
Table 8-2: Nanophase Technologies Corporation - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2012-2014
Table 8-3: Ablynx - Financial Overview (Million EUR), 2012-2014
Table 8-4: PEN Inc - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2013-2015 

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