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Global Market for Architectural Coatings - UAE

Published: Nov, 2015 | Pages: 48 | Publisher: IRL
Industry: Chemicals & Materials | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

For the first time, IRL is releasing an in‐depth analysis of the top global markets for Architectural coatings.

Building on our successful Overview of the Global Architectural Coatings market and our innovative country‐by‐country database of coatings market data, IRL is offering a detailed and comprehensive guide to this interesting coatings market sector.

For the first time, we are covering market shares, revenues, sales channels and prices in our analysis.

The in‐depth reports focus on the top country markets worldwide for marine and protective coatings. Geographical coverage of the reports is as follows:
• Germany 
• UK 
• Spain 
• Italy 
• France 
• Turkey
• Poland
• Russia
• Saudi Arabia
• South Africa
• China
• South Korea
• Japan
• India
• Indonesia
 • USA
• Brazil
• Argentina
• Canada
• Mexico

The reports provide, by country, consumption estimates in both volume and value for Architectural coatings, with 2014 as the base year and forecasts to 2019.

In our two‐tiered approach, top‐level data is also available for the remaining countries covered in our global database (~100 countries). 

The information in the reports is based on a comprehensive programme of telephone interviews with key players in each country market, backed up by thorough secondary research and IRL’s in‐house database of global paints and coatings market data. 

For each in‐depth country report the following market analysis is provided:
Market Volumes (Tonnes) & Values (€)
Market by End‐Use Application
 New Housing
 Residential RMI
Type of Paint
 Wall Emulsions/Dispersions
 Wood Coatings/Preservatives
 Metal Coatings
Market by Resin Type
 Pure Acrylic
Market by Application System
Gloss Level
Paint Composition
 Binder/Resins (solid content)
Paint Grade
Market Shares by Volume & Company Profiles 
  For each of the major manufacturers/suppliers
Distribution Channel Shares Market Prices (MSP)
Key Trends and Drivers
 Table of Contents

UAE Architectural

Architectural Coatings

UAE - Coatings Background
1.0 Title Page 1
1.1 AE - Background - Overview 2
1.2 Key Figures 6
1.3 Macroeconomic Trends and Forecasts 6
1.4 Historical and Current Exchange Rate 7

Foreword - Architectural Coatings
1.0 Title Page 8
1.1 Foreword - Architectural Coatings 9

UAE - Architectural Coatings Overview & Dist.
1.0 Title Page 14
1.1 AE - Arch. Coatings Overview and Distribution 15
1.2 New Dwelling Construction 20
1.3 Main Distributors/End User Profiles 21

UAE - Architectural Coatings Product Section
1.0 Title Page 22
1.1 AE - Market Overview 23
1.2 Historical Trends and Forecasts: Arch. Coatings 28
1.3.1 Prices and Market Values 29
1.3.2 Prices and Values by Application System (EUR) 29
1.3.3 Prices and Values by Application System (USD) 30
1.3.4 Prices and Values by Resin Type (EUR) 31
1.3.5 Prices and Values by Resin Type (USD) 32
1.3.6 Prices and Values by Paint Type (EUR) 33
1.3.7 Prices and Values by Paint Type (USD) 34
1.4.1 End Use : Historical and Forecasts 35
1.4.2 Application System : Historical and Forecasts 36
1.4.3 Resin Type : Historical and Forecasts 37
1.4.4 Paint Type : Historical and Forecasts 38
1.4.5 Paint Composition : Historical and Forecasts 39
1.4.6 Paint Composition : Breakdown by Resin Type 40
1.4.7 Gloss Levels : Historical and Forecasts 41
1.4.8 Interior/Exterior : Historical and Forecasts 42
1.4.9 Paint Grade : Historical and Forecasts 43
1.5 Market Shares : Architectural Coatings 44
1.6 Distribution : Architectural Coatings 45

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