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Global Influenza Vaccine Market Outlook 2022

Published: Jun, 2016 | Pages: 95 | Publisher: RNCOS
Industry: Healthcare | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The global influenza vaccine industry has reported a significant growth in recent years, and is presenting ample opportunities to the industry's players. With increasing pandemic as well as seasonal outbreak and rising awareness, the global influenza vaccine market is poised to scale newer acmes. Moreover, introduction of new vaccines, entry of new players, rising R&D investments, evolving government policies, and infrastructure projects are set to further boost the market's growth. 

Since the H1N1 pandemic, worldwide authorities have started to adopt proactive approach in the vaccination process. Virus of previous pandemics are still circulating in the environment and in the coming future, they may be classified as strains to be updated in seasonal vaccines. Moreover, a large chunk of global population is affected by influenza-related problems. In such a scenario, huge opportunity lies for industry participants to tap the fast growing market.
The latest research by RNCOS titled, "Global Influenza Vaccine Market Outlook 2022" unfolds the market dynamics of the influenza vaccine market. The report shows the global influenza vaccine industry being segmented on the basis of major vaccine in the market. Followed by this, important geographies have been highlighted along with their current and future markets outlook till 2022. The report also covers advanced stage pipeline analysis of key players, which list down the influenza vaccines already in Phase III trials. The report identifies and highlights the segments that offer maximum opportunity for growth in the global influenza vaccine market.

Our industry analysts studied all the facets of the global influenza vaccine market to portray a crystal clear picture of the current as well as the expected market outlook. Major drivers and trends have been identified that are set to act as catalysts towards boosting the industry's growth, along with roadblocks hindering the market's growth.

The report further highlights the competitive landscape of the global influenza vaccine market, describing the business, financials, and influenza vaccine business of the major industry players. The section is therefore expected to clearly help the reader gain crucial insight into the key market players' performances and strategies for growth. Holistically, the research provides all the pre-requisite information for clients looking to make a debut in this industry, and facilitates them to formulate strategies while going for an investment/partnership in the global influenza vaccine industry.
 Table of Contents
1. Analyst View 2. Research Methodology 3. Influenza Vaccine - Introduction 4. Industry Trends and Drivers 4.1 Increasing Pandemic Outbreak 4.2 Rising Affordability 4.3 Rising Ageing Population 4.4 Development of Universal Flu Vaccine 4.5 Collaborations in the Market 5. Industry Challenges 5.1 Testing and Regulatory Issues 5.2 Low Awareness 5.3 Lack of Medical and Healthcare Infrastructure 6. Global Influenza Vaccine Market Outlook 2022 6.1 Current Market Overview and Future Outlook 6.2 Major Marketed Vaccines 6.2.1 Fluzone/Vaxigrip 6.2.2 FluMist 6.2.3 Fluarix and Flulaval 6.2.4 Anflu 6.2.5 Fluvax/Afluria 6.2.6 Flucelvax and Fluvirin 7. Key Geographical Market 7.1 Americas 7.2 Europe 7.3 Asia Pacific 7.3.1 China 7.3.2 India 7.3.3 Australia 7.3.4 Japan 7.4 Rest of the World 8. Global Influenza Vaccine Market: Pipeline Analysis 9. Global Influenza Vaccine Market: Pricing Analysis 10. Competitive Assessment 10.1 Sanofi 10.1.1 Business Description 10.1.2 Financial Overview 10.1.3 Influenza Vaccine Business 10.2 GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK) 10.2.1 Business Overview 10.2.2 Financial Overview 10.2.3 Influenza Vaccine Business 10.3 CSL Ltd. 10.3.1 Business Overview 10.3.2 Financial Overview 10.3.3 Influenza Vaccine Business 10.4 AstraZeneca Plc 10.4.1 Business Overview 10.4.2 Financial Overview 10.4.3 Influenza Vaccine Business 10.5 Sinovac Biotech 10.5.1 Business Overview 10.5.2 Financial Overview 10.5.3 Influenza Vaccine Business
List of Tables:

Table 7-1: US - Major Influenza Vaccines & Manufacturers (2015-16)
Table 7-2: US - Percentage of Children Who Received Influenza Vaccine (2015-16)
Table 7-3: US - Percentage of Adults Who Received Influenza Vaccine (2015-16)
Table 7-4: US - Number of Pediatric Deaths in Flu Season (2005-06 to 2015-16)
Table 7-5: Europe - Major Influenza Vaccines & Manufacturers (2015-16)
Table 7-6: China - Vaccine Classification
Table 7-7: Australia - Major Influenza Vaccines & Manufacturer (2016)
Table 8-1: Global - Influenza Vaccine Pipeline Analysis
Table 9-1: Global - Major Influenza Vaccines Cost/Dose (US$), 2016-17
Table 10-1: Sanofi - Key Financials (Million US$), 2013-2015
Table 10-2: Sanofi - Influenza Vaccines Offered
Table 10-3: GlaxoSmithKline Plc - Key Financials (Million US$), 2013-2015
Table 10-4: GlaxoSmithKline Plc - Influenza Vaccines Offered
Table 10-5: CSL Ltd. - Key Financials (Million US$), 2013-2015
Table 10-6: CSL - Influenza Vaccine Portfolio before Merger
Table 10-7: CSL - Influenza Vaccine Portfolio after Merger
Table 10-8: AstraZeneca Plc - Key Financials (Million US$), 2013-2015
Table 10-9: AstraZeneca Plc - Influenza Vaccines Offered
Table 10-10: Sinovac Biotech - Key Financials (Million US$), 2013-2015
Table 10-11: Sinovac Biotech - Influenza Vaccines Offered 

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