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Global DNA Vaccine Market Outlook 2022

Published: May, 2018 | Pages: 85 | Publisher: RNCOS
Industry: Healthcare | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The global DNA Vaccine market is anticipated to rise at a staggering CAGR during the forecast period. Due to increasing urbanization, the population is much vulnerable to autoimmune and infectious diseases. Rise in cost of antibiotics and microbial resistance for conventional therapies is majorly contributing to the mortality rate. The future prospects for DNA vaccine is on a much brighter side since it induces potent cellular immune against infectious and non-infectious disease.
The drivers for DNA vaccine market includes rise in demand for novel vaccines in cases of infection and the need for effective treatment. Subsequently, R&D for DNA synthesis, molecular biology and immunology leads to a significant market growth. Rise in mortality cases and unavailability of treatment for infectious disease is likely to propel the market demand during the forecast period. However, significant cost and less availability of storage facilities might restrict the vertical expansion of market growth. 

By type, the market segmentation includes animal DNA vaccine and human DNA vaccine. Human DNA vaccine accounts for a higher share in the global market due to increase in R&D and funding. By application, the DNA vaccine market segmentation includes veterinary disease and human disease. Technological segment for DNA vaccine market includes plasmid DNA vaccines and plasmid DNA delivery. 

Geographical segmentation for DNA vaccine market includes North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa. North America dominates the global market scenario owing to rise in patient population, growing investments and increasing number of geriatric patients suffering from chronic illness. Apart, the U.S. market is large in terms of revenue share.

Asia-Pacific regions are likely to develop at a significant rate due to rise in anti-microbial drug treatments and favorable reimbursement. Rise in number of travellers in the APAC regions need to adhere to vaccination standards, which in turn propels the demand for DNA vaccine market. Middle East and African countries are likely to grow during the forecast period owing to increase in awareness and active participation of NGOs with the local communities. The key players in the DNA vaccine market include Sanofi, Vical, Astellas Pharma, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, Dendreon Corporation, Invio Biomedicals, Merck & Co and Novartis Animal Health.

The DNA vaccine in this report refers to the vaccines manufactured using recombinant DNA technology. The advent of these vaccines has revolutionized the healthcare market. These vaccines are more effective, as well as have less side-effects associated with them as compared to traditional vaccines. Various vaccines have been introduced in the market based on this technique. Some of the major DNA vaccines include GlaxoSmithKline's Engerix-B, Twinrix, and Fendrix; Merck's Gardasil, and Recombivax HB; Protein Sciences Corporation's Flublok, etc. Currently, the researchers are engaged in developing genetic vaccines for humans. Animal genetic vaccines are already present in the market. These vaccines are third generation vaccines, and contain DNA that codes for specific proteins from a pathogen. This DNA is injected into host body and produces protein for which the body generates immune response. 

This comprehensive report by RNCOS entitled "Global DNA Vaccine Market Outlook 2022" provides an in-depth analysis of the global DNA Vaccines market, presenting readers a profound understanding of the various challenges, drivers, and developments in this industry. The study has publicized that though the numbers of DNA vaccines that target the human clinical segment are relatively fewer in number, however due to high sales of these vaccines, the DNA vaccine market is estimated to reach US$ 7 Billion by the end of 2016.

The report also contains detailed and in-depth analysis of the segmentation of the DNA vaccines market based on types of DNA vaccines, therapeutic indication, end-users, and geography. Based on the type, the DNA vaccines market is divided into recombinant protein and genetic. In 2016, recombinant protein segment is estimated to account for largest share in the market. This large share is attributed to the presence of high number of recombinant protein vaccines in the market. 

Based on end-user, the report segments the market into human and animal. The majority of DNA vaccines available in the market are targeted for humans. Moreover, the strong pipeline of human targeted vaccines is likely to aid the market growth.

Based on geography, the report further divides the market into four regions, namely, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World. North America is the largest market for DNA vaccines. The large share of the market is attributed to government's initiatives to immunize citizens, coupled with high awareness regarding the benefits of genetic vaccines targeted towards animals. The Asia-Pacific region is slated to witness the highest growth in the forecasted period. This growth is likely to be driven by rising awareness of people regarding the advantages of immunization against HPV and Hepatitis B.

The report also includes pipeline analysis based on the type of phase, therapeutic indications, and type of diseases for which the vaccines have been designed, such as infectious and vector borne diseases, and various types of cancers. 

Major players in the DNA Vaccines market are also profiled with company overview, financial overview, product portfolios, recent developments, and strengths and weaknesses. The last section of the report discusses about the recommendations which could help the DNA vaccine market grow at a faster pace. Conclusively, the research will prove to be a useful resource for all debut makers in DNA vaccine industry, and potential investors.
 Table of Contents

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. DNA Vaccine - An Introduction

4. Drivers & Challenges
     4.1 Drivers
            4.1.1 Increasing Investment
            4.1.2 Advantages of DNA Vaccines over Traditional Vaccines
            4.1.3 Dramatic Increase in Chronic Disorders
            4.1.4 Strong DNA Vaccine Pipeline
            4.1.5 Technological Advancements
     4.2 Challenges
            4.2.1 Uncertainty in Regulatory System
            4.2.2 Lack of Awareness in Developing Countries
            4.2.3 Development Limited to Plasmid Vectors

5. DNA Vaccine Market Overview

6. DNA Vaccines Market by Geography
     6.1 North America
     6.2 Europe
     6.3 Asia Pacific

7. DNA Vaccine Market by Type
     7.1 Recombinant Protein Vaccines
            7.1.1 By Geography (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific)
     7.2 Genetic Vaccines
            7.2.1 By Geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific)

8. DNA Vaccines Market by End User
     8.1 Human
     8.2 Animal

9. DNA Vaccines Market by Therapeutic Indication
     9.1 Infectious & Vector Borne Diseases
     9.2 Cancer

10. Pipeline Analysis

11. Trends
       11.1 Increasing Focus on Genetic Vaccine Development
       11.2 Expanding Applications Increasing Popularity of DNA Vaccines
       11.3 Partnerships Enhancing Genetic Vaccines Development

12. Company Profiles
       12.1 Novartis International AG
       12.2 Merck & Co., Inc
       12.3 GlaxoSmithKline plc.
       12.4 Sanofi
       12.5 Zoetis
       12.6 Green Cross Corporation
       12.7 Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,
       12.8 Bharat Biotech
       12.9 Protein Sciences Corporation
       12.10 Indian Immunologicals Ltd.
       12.11 Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd

13. Recommendations
List of Tables:

Table 10-1: Global - DNA Vaccines Pipeline
Table 12-1: Novartis International AG - Product Portfolio
Table 12-2: Novartis International AG - Pipeline Analysis
Table 12-3: Novartis - Key Financials (Million US$), 2013-2015
Table 12-4: Merck & Co. Inc - Product Portfolio
Table 12-5: Merck & Co. Inc - Key Financials (Million US$), 2013-2015
Table 12-6: GlaxoSmithKline - Product Portfolio
Table 12-7: GlaxoSmithKline - Key Financials (Million US$), 2013-2015
Table 12-8: Sanofi - Product Portfolio
Table 12-9: Sanofi - Pipeline Analysis
Table 12-10: Sanofi - Key Financials (Million US$), 2013-2015
Table 12-11: Zoetis - Product Portfolio
Table 12-12: Zoetis - Key Financials (Million US$), 2013-2015
Table 12-13: Green Cross Corporation - Product Portfolio
Table 12-14: Green Cross Corporation - Key Financials (Million US$), 2013-2015
Table 12-15: Inovio Pharmaceuticals - Key Financials (Million US$), 2013-2015
Table 12-16: Inovio Pharmaceuticals - Pipeline Analysis
Table 12-17: Bharat Biotech - Product Portfolio
Table 12-18: Protein Sciences Corporation - Product Portfolio
Table 12-19: Protein Sciences Corporation - Pipeline Analysis
Table 12-20: Indian Immunologicals Ltd. - Product Portfolio
Table 12-21: Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd. - Product Portfolio
Table 12-22: Serum Institute of India Ltd. - Pipeline Analysis 

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