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Global Consumer Electronics Market Forecast 2022

Published: Jul, 2016 | Pages: 100 | Publisher: RNCOS
Industry: Electronics | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The consumer electronics market has experienced an incredible growth in this digitalization era from the past few years. Mobility, connectivity and personalization remain the most important current trends within consumer electronics, as technology has been moulded to help users connect in a seamless and meaningful way which is propelling the consumer electronics market. Additionally, the growing desire for people to stay connected and informed, makes wireless consumer devices an opportunity for industry players. Moreover, rise in the disposal income, rising awareness amongst consumers, and launch of innovative technological products are among the factors accelerating the global consumer electronics market.

The report, "Global Consumer Electronics Market Forecast 2022", by RNCOS thoroughly studies the global consumer electronics market. The study revealed that North America tops the market share of consumer electronics products, followed by Asia-Pacific region. Asia-Pacific is home to the largest consumer electronics market, with China and India being the dominant growth drivers. While China has great influence on the consumer electronics market, India will see a blooming customer base in the coming times due to increasing consumer awareness about innovative technologies and a booming industrial sector.

The report covered detailed analysis of consumer electronics market by product category that includes TV, audio video devices, telecom equipment, computer, and other home appliances, which further bifurcated into its type along with the future projections till 2022. Evidently, it has been observed that OLED TVs, Smartphones and Tablets are among the few products that are witnessing high growth, and hold immense potential in the future. Eventually, the report also discusses consumer electronics scenario in 10 countries, including US, UK, Germany, China, Brazil, etc., along with the major consumer electronics players operating in this country.

The report also studies information of the key competitors in the market, and their business information, key financials, strength and weakness, and areas of expertise along with comprehensive outlook of the sector's present and future scenario. Overall, the report is a result of extensive research and prudent analysis that will be offering suitable knowledge base to those who are interested in this industry.
 Table of Contents

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. Global Consumer Electronics Market Outlook to 2022
     3.1 By Product
            3.1.1 Television
              Liquid Crystal Display TV (LCD TV)
              OLED TV
            3.1.2 Audio & Video
              Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
              Blu-ray Player
            3.1.3 High Definition Consumer Electronics
              HD Set-Top Boxes
              HD DVD Players/Recorders
              HD Game Consoles
            3.1.4 Telecom Equipment
              Mobile Handsets
            3.1.5 Computer
              Personal Computer
              Tablet Devices
            3.1.6 Home Appliances
              Air Conditioner
              Washing Machine

4. Country-Level Analysis: Studying the Future Potential
     4.1 US
     4.2 China
     4.3 Brazil
     4.4 South Korea
     4.5 India
     4.6 South Africa
     4.7 Taiwan
     4.8 UK
     4.9 Germany
     4.10 Japan

5. Industry Trends
     5.1 Smart Home Concept Driving the Industry
     5.2 Miniaturization and Efficiency of Products Accelerating Market
     5.3 Asia Pacific is Propelling the Consumer Electronics Industry
     5.4 Wearable's Technology to Drive the Industry

6. Competitive Landscape
     6.1 Apple Inc.
            6.1.1 Business Overview
            6.1.2 Key Financials
            6.1.3 Strength & Weakness
            6.1.4 Product Portfolio
            6.1.5 Recent Developments
     6.2 Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
            6.2.1 Business overview
            6.2.2 Key Financials
            6.2.3 Strength & Weakness
            6.2.4 Product Portfolio
            6.2.5 Recent Developments
     6.3 LG Electronics Inc.
            6.3.1 Business Overview
            6.3.2 Key Financials
            6.3.3 Strength & Weakness
            6.3.4 Product Portfolio
            6.3.5 Recent Developments
     6.4 Philips
            6.4.1 Business Overview
            6.4.2 Key Financials
            6.4.3 Strength & Weakness
            6.4.4 Product Portfolio
            6.4.5 Recent Developments
     6.5 Hewlett Packard
            6.5.1 Business Overview
            6.5.2 Key Financials
            6.5.3 Strength & Weakness
            6.5.4 Product Portfolio
            6.5.5 Recent Developments
     6.6 Hitachi Ltd
            6.6.1 Business Overview
            6.6.2 Key Financials
            6.6.3 Strength & Weakness
            6.6.4 Product Portfolio
            6.6.5 Recent Developments
     6.7 Sony Corporation
            6.7.1 Business Overview
            6.7.2 Key Financials
            6.7.3 Strength & Weakness
            6.7.4 Product Portfolio
            6.7.5 Recent Developments
     6.8 Toshiba Corporation
            6.8.1 Business Overview
            6.8.2 Key Financials
            6.8.3 Strength & Weakness
            6.8.4 Product Portfolio
            6.8.5 Recent Developments
List of Tables:

Table 4-1: US - Major Consumer Electronic Companies
Table 4-2: China - Major Consumer Electronic Companies
Table 4-3: Taiwan - Major Consumer Electronic Companies
Table 4-4: South Korea - Major Consumer Electronic Companies
Table 4-5: India - Major Consumer Electronic Companies
Table 4-6: Taiwan - Major Consumer Electronic Companies
Table 4-7: Taiwan - Major Consumer Electronic Companies
Table 4-8: UK - Major Consumer Electronic Companies
Table 4-9: Germany - Major Consumer Electronic Companies
Table 4-10: Japan - Major Consumer Electronic Companies
Table 6-1: Apple Inc. - Key Financials (Million US$), 2012-13 to 2014-15
Table 6-2: Apple Inc. - Product Portfolio
Table 6-3: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. - Key Financials (Billion KRW), 2013-2015
Table 6-4: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. - Product Portfolio
Table 6-5: LG Electronics Inc. - Key Financials (Billion KRW), 2013-2015
Table 6-6: LG Electronics Inc. - Product Portfolio
Table 6-7: Philips - Key Financials (Million EUR), 2013-2015
Table 6-8: Philips - Product Portfolio
Table 6-9: Hewlett Packard - Key Financials (Million US$), 2012-13 to 2014-15
Table 6-10: Hewlett Packard - Product Portfolio
Table 6-11: Hitachi Ltd - Key Financials (Million JPY), 2012-13 to 2014-15
Table 6-12: Hitachi Ltd - Product Portfolio
Table 6-13: Sony Corporation - Key Financials (Million JPY), 2012-13 to 2014-15
Table 6-14: Sony Corporation - Product Portfolio
Table 6-15: Toshiba Corporation - Key Financials (Million JPY), 2011-12 to 2013-14
Table 6-16: Toshiba Corporation - Product Portfolio 

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