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Diamond Mining in Botswana to 2020

Published: Jan, 2016 | Pages: 23 | Publisher: Timetric
Industry: Mining | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Timetric's 'Diamond Mining in Botswana to 2020' report comprehensively covers Botswana's reserves of diamond by deposits and grade, the historic and forecast data on rough diamond production and historic and forecast production by selected diamond mines. The report also includes factors affecting demand for diamonds, profiles of major diamond producing companies and information on the active and development diamond projects. The Fiscal Regime section provides information about the country's regulatory authority, laws, licenses and other fiscal regime information such as taxes, rates and other charges applicable to the mining of the commodity in the country. It is an essential tool for companies active in Botswana's mining and for new competitors considering entering the industry.

Botswana has deposits of diamond, copper, nickel and silver and mining plays an important role in the country's economy, accounting for 22.9% of the country's GDP in 2014. The diamond mining industry is export oriented and rough diamonds contributed approximately 70% of the country's total exports revenue, valued around US$1.7 billion in the first six months of 2015. Botswana had the world's third-largest diamond reserves at the end of 2014, with 130 million carats (Mct) or 17.8% of the global total. Significant diamond reserves are found in the Central and Kgalagadi districts.

The report contains an overview of the Botswana's diamond mining industry together with the key factors affecting the industry and demand for the commodity. It also provides information about Botswana's diamond reserves, historic and forecast data on rough diamond production and production by selected mines, the competitive landscape and active and development diamond projects.

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Gain an understanding of the diamond mining industry in Botswana, diamond reserves, historic and forecast data on rough diamond production and production by selected mines, demand drivers, active and development diamond projects, the competitive landscape and the country's fiscal regime.

Key Highlights
The country was the world's fourth-largest rough diamond producing nation, producing 24.7Mct in 2014, up by 8.7% compared with 2013 on account of 6.1% increase in production at the Orapa mine in 2014. Diamond deposits at Orapa mine located in the Central district is one of the world's largest kimberlite-type deposits which contain two kimberlite pipes, each 1,500m long and 1,000m wide. The country's mining industry is governed by the Ministry of Mineral, Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR), and sub-departments such as the Department of Geological Survey (DGS), the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) and the Department of Mines (DoM).
 Table of Contents
1 Executive Summary 2 Diamond Mining in Botswana - Reserves and Production 2.1 Reserves by Deposits and Grade 2.2 Historic and Forecast Production 2.2.1 Historic and forecast production by selected diamond mines 2.3 Active Mines 2.4 Development Project 2.5 Location of Selected Diamond Mines in Botswana 2.6 Factors Affecting Demand for Diamonds 2.6.1 Demand from end-use market 3 Major Rough Diamond Producers in Botswana 3.1 De Beers SA 3.2 Lucara Diamond Corp. 3.3 Gem Diamonds Ltd 4 Fiscal Regime 4.1 The Botswanan Mining Industry - Governing Bodies 4.1.1 Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR) 4.2 The Botswanan Mining Industry - Governing Laws 4.2.1 Mines and Mineral Act, 1999 4.2.2 Explosives Act 4.2.3 Unwrought Precious Metals Act 4.3 The Botswanan Mining Industry - Licenses 4.3.1 Prospecting license 4.3.2 Retention license 4.3.3 Mining license 4.4 The Botswanan Mining Industry - Rights and Obligations 4.4.1 Prospecting holder rights 4.4.2 Prospecting holder obligations 4.4.3 Retention holder rights 4.4.4 Retention holder obligations 4.4.5 Mining license holder rights 4.4.6 Mining license holder obligations 4.5 The Botswanan Mining Industry - Key Fiscal Terms 4.5.1 Royalty rate 4.5.2 License fees 4.5.3 Corporate income tax 4.5.4 Capital gains tax 4.5.5 Withholding tax 4.5.6 Capital allowance 4.5.7 Loss carry forward 4.5.8 Value added tax (VAT) 5 Appendix 5.1 Abbreviations 5.2 Bibliography 5.3 Secondary Research 5.4 Primary Research 5.5 Contact Timetric 5.6 About Timetric 5.7 Timetric's Services 5.8 Disclaimer
List of Tables
Table 1: Diamond Mining in Botswana - Historic and Forecast Rough Diamond Production (Thousand Carats), 2000-2020 Table 2: Diamond Mining in Botswana - Historic and Forecast Rough Diamond Production by Selected Mines (Thousand Carats), 2012-2020 Table 3: Diamond Mining in Botswana - Active Mines, 2015 Table 4: Diamond Mining in Botswana - Development Projects, 2015 Table 5: Diamond Mining in Botswana - De Beers SA Projects, 2015 Table 6: Diamond Mining in Botswana - Lucara Diamond Corp. Projects, 2015 Table 7: Diamond Mining in Botswana - Gem Diamonds Limited Projects, 2015

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