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China Water Purifier Market Research, 2013 (Update)

Published: Jun, 2013 | Pages: 70 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Housewares | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

The overall market value of water purifier market is projected to cross CNY 13.5 billion in 2017. Water purifier market is constantly expanding with the improvement of people's healthy consumption awareness. Novel competitors in the industry are surging, and the development projects are progressively put into action.  In 2012, the market shares of East China and South China are bigger in terms of regional distribution. They contributed for 63% of the national total market. 

The market share of other regions was less than 10%. According to huidian research survey, 98% of customers pay attention to price, purpose, brands and outward show. They stated around 12.5% of customers supported foreign brands and 22.5% customers choose the domestic brands. 65% consumers just focus on product itself relatively to the brand.

The output value of this market in China was estimated at CNY 2.5 billion in 2012.  China's environmental protection department stated that around 82% of the country's rivers are contaminated to a range of extent. In China's seven key river systems, approximately 40% of the rivers are not apt to be as filtered water resources. About 50% of the urban groundwater is polluted .Furthermore, 78% of the rivers in cities are not suitable to be as drinkable water resources. These outrageous figures provide an opening for the brisk growth of water purifier sector. Also, it notifies populace to treasure water resources. 

Customers pick on water purifier products is moving from responsiveness to rationality. Only the products with high cost-efficiency and superior quality can be preferred by the users. So, companies are paying more consideration to products rather than other unpractical features.  Approximately 44% of consumers purchase water purifiers in conventional stores; 27% and 17% of consumers will select elite stores and online store. So, it appears that product retail store will turn out to be the future trend, driving the global water purifier market. The physical stores are said to be of two types. It includes stores in the inhabited area and flagship stores in cities with the large populace. These flagship stores can be the key trading podium and information exchange stage. 
 Table of Contents

1. Water Purifier Related Overview 
1.1 Water Purifier Overview 
1.2 Water Purifier Sorted by Water Treatment Mode and the Characteristics 

2. Overview of the World Water Purifier Industry Operation 
2.1 Operation Environment of the World Water Appliance Industry 
2.2 Market Operation Pattern of the World Water Purifier Industry 
2.3 Market Operation of Water Purifier Industry in Some Countries 
2.3.1 U.S. 
2.3.2 Japan 
2.4 Development Trend of the World Water Purifier Industry 

3. Policy Environment of China's Water Purifier Industry 
3.1 Analysis of National Standards 3
3.2 Four Standards and Two Kinds of Tests of the Ministry of Health 
3.3 Standards in China's Water Purifier Industry 
3.4 Import and Export Policies 
3.5 Compulsory Implementation of "Hygienic Standard for Drinking Water" 

4. Operation Trend of China's Water Purifier Industry 
4.1 Status Quo of China's Water Purifier Industry 
4.1.1 Market Development of China's Water Purifier 
4.1.2 Problems Existing in the Development of Water Purifier Industry 
4.2 New Technology of China's Water Purifier 
4.2.1 Main "Technical Schools" of Water Purifier 
4.2.2 Key Technologies and Development Trends of Household Water Purifier at This Stage 
4.2.3 Development Trends of Water Purifier's Key Technologies 

5. Operating Situation of Hot Products in China's Water Purifier Industry 
5.1 China's Water Purifier Market Operating Dynamic 
5.1.1 Water Purifier Becomes a New Fashion in Home Decoration 
5.1.2 Water Purifier Spot Check Situation 
5.1.3 Technical Water Purifier is Favored 
5.2 Economic Operation of China's Water Purifier Industry 
5.2.1 Industry Production and Marketing Situation, 2009-2012 (Jan-Jun) 
5.2.2 Industry Profitability, 2009-2012 (Jan-Jun) 
5.2.3 Industry Management and Development Capacity, 2009-2012 (Jan-Jun) 
5.2.4 Industry Debt Paying Ability, 2009-2012 (Jan-Jun) 
5.3 Import and Export Data of Household Water Filter or Purification Machines and Devices 3
5.3.1 Import Volume and Amount, 2010-2012 
5.3.2 Export Volume and Amount, 2010-2012 

6. China Water Purifier Market Consumption Research 
6.1 Consumers' Cognitive Channels on Water Purifier Brands 
6.2 Consumers' Concern Extent about Water Purifier Brand 
6.3 Consumers' Water Purifier Purchase Situation 
6.4 Water Purifier Purchase Channels 

7. Water Purifier Market Competition Pattern in China 
7.1 Industry Competition Status Quo 
7.2 Industry Concentration Ratio 
7.3 Industry Competition Trend 

8. Key Domestic Water Purifier Enterprises 
8.1 Midea ChungHo Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd 
8.1.1 Company Profile 
8.1.2 Business Performance 
8.1.3 Strength and Weakness of the Products 
8.1.4 Enterprise Comprehensive Advantages 
8.2 Qinyuan Group Co., Ltd. 
8.2.1 Company Profile 
8.2.2 Business Performance 
8.2.3 Company Competitiveness 
8.2.4 Development Strategy 
8.3 Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Industrial Group Corporation 
8.3.1 Company Profile 
8.3.2 Business Performance 
8.3.3 Product Technical Advantages 
8.3.4 Business Channels 
8.3.5 After-sale Service 
8.4 Litree Purifying Technology Co. Ltd. 
8.4.1 Company Proflie 
8.4.2 Business Performance 
8.4.3 Product Application 
8.4.4 Technology Advantages 
8.5 Pentair Group (Everpure) 
8.5.1 Company Profile 
8.5.2 Main Customers 
8.5.3 Business Performance 
8.5.4 Channel Strategy 
8.6 Shenzhen Chengdelai Industrial Co., Ltd. (Qlife) 
8.6.1 Company Profile 
8.6.2 Main Products and Advantages 
8.6.3 Business Performance 
8.6.4 Channel Promotion 
8.6.5 After-sale Service 
8.7 Kunshan Ecowater Systems Co., Ltd. 
8.7.1 Company Profile 
8.7.2 Business Performance 
8.7.3 Enterprise Advantage 

9. Development Forecast of China's Water Purifier Industry 
9.1 Development Prospect 
9.2 Market Forecast 
9.2.1 Supply Forecast 
9.2.2 Sales Forecast 
9.3 Product Sales Situation in China's Water Purifier Market 
9.3.1 Main Sales Region 
9.3.2 Market Demand Characteristics 

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