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Chinas Feed Grade Manganese Sulfate Industry Research, 2012-2016

Published: Sep, 2012 | Pages: 55 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Agriculture | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Since 2011, the RMB continues to appreciate and the inflation is expected to increase; the basic chemical industries which rely on cheap labor and resources, especially the basic sulphate industry lost the advantages gradually and their profits have been squeezed. While the demand in domestic market is insufficient, the downstream feed and fertilizer industries are also affected by the global economic downturn, the growth trend will in slowdown situation in the next five years. 

Currently, the leading companies of domestic manganese sulfate industry are CITIC Dameng Mining Industries Ltd and Guangxi Yuanchen Manganese Industry Co., Ltd. Most of the enterprises only own small production scale and the production scale is generally of 5,000-10,000 tons/year. 

In 2011, the output of China's feed grade manganese sulfate reached 71,000 tons, year-on-year growth of 4.1%. At present, some enterprises are still in the expansion of production scale even facing the overcapacity crisis; this caused the impact on the industry which has already owned the oversize capacity. 

As for the processing technique, Hydro-metallurgy two ores process is accepted by China's manganese sulfate manufacturers gradually.
 1. Overview of Feed Grade Manganese Sulfate Products
1.1 Definition, Property and Application Features 
1.2 Classification
1.3 Overview of Industry Chain
1.4 Overview of All Kinds of Feed Grade Manganese Sulfate Products and the Bioavailability 

2. International Feed Grade Manganese Sulfate Market
2.1 Overview of International Livestock Feed Supplement Market
2.2 Overview of International Feed Grade Manganese Sulfate Market

3. Environment of China's Feed Grade Manganese Sulfate Industry
3.1 China's Economic Development Environment
3.1.1 GDP
3.1.2 Consumer Price Index
3.1.3 Income of Urban and Rural Residents
3.1.4 Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods
3.1.5 Whole Society Investment in the Fixed Assets 
3.1.6 Total Export-Import Volume and the Growth Rate
3.2 Industrial Relevant Policies, Standards, Laws and Regulations
3.2.1 China's Relevant Policies, Laws and Regulations
3.2.2 China's Relevant Standards

4. Development Status Quo of China's Feed Industry 
4.1 Total Output of China's Commercial Feed Set New Record 
4.2 Product Quality Improves Continuously 
4.3 Product Structure Continues to Adjust
4.4 Regional Harmonious Development
4.5 Industrial Scale Continues to Increase
4.6 The Number of Enterprises Slow Down the Growth Speed
4.7 Enterprise Groups Speed Up the Development
4.8 The Output of Feed Supplement Increases Steadily
4.9 The Upsizing Trend of Feed Mechanical Equipment is Obvious
4.10 Personnel Quality Improves Continuously

5. Features of Feed Grade Manganese Sulfate
5.1 Concentration Grade
5.2 SWOT
5.2.1 Strength 
5.2.2 Weakness
5.2.3 Opportunity 
5.2.4 Threat
5.3 Enter and Exit Situation

6. Development of China's Feed Grade Manganese Sulfate Industry
6.1 Market Status Quo
6.2 Product Output
6.2.1 Industrial Total Production Capacity Scale
6.2.2 Distribution of Production Areas
6.2.3 Output from 2008 to 2011
6.3 Market Demand
6.3.1 Demand Features
6.3.2 Distribution of Main Areas
6.4 Price Trend
6.4.1 Price Trend from 2009 to 2012
6.4.2 Current Market Price and the Analysis
6.4.3 Factors Affecting the Price

7. Import and Export of China's Feed Grade Manganese Sulfate Industry
7.1 Import 
7.2 Export

8. Technical Development of China's Feed Grade Manganese Sulfate Products
8.1 Traditional Leaching Process
8.2 Technical Skill Progress
8.3 Processing Method

9. Key Enterprises of Domestic Feed Grade Manganese Sulfate Industry in 2011
9.1 CITIC Dameng Mining Industries Ltd. (CITIC Dameng)
9.2 Guangxi Yuanchen Manganese Industry Co., Ltd.
9.3 Qinzhou Lantian Chemical Plant & Mine Co., Ltd. 
9.4 Qinyunshang Manganese Industry Co., Ltd.
9.5 Qinzhou Xiangda Chemical Co., Ltd.
9.6 Shaoyang Tianlong Chemical Plant

10. Suggestions on the Investment Feed Grade Manganese Sulfate Industry
10.1 Investment Environment
10.2 Investment Risks
10.3 Investment Suggestions

11. Development Forecast of China's Feed Grade Manganese Sulfate Industry
11.1 Development Trend
11.2 Industrial Operation and Forecast from 2012 to 2016
11.2.1 Output Forecast
11.2.2 Sales Revenue Forecast

12. Investment Suggestions and Opinions from Industrial Experts 
12.1 Investment Opportunities
12.1.1 Market Demand Increased Steadily 
12.1.2 The General Scale of Domestic Manufactures is Small 
12.2 Investment Risks
12.2.1 Short of Resources
12.2.2 Environmental Pollution
12.2.3 High Technical Costs
12.2.4 Shortage of Domestic Demand
12.2.5 Appreciation of the RMB and Inflation Expectation 
12.3 Coping Strategies of Enterprises 
12.4 Application of Key Account Strategy
12.4.1 Necessity
12.4.2 Reasonable Establish Key Accounts
12.4.3 Marketing Strategies for Key Accounts
12.4.4 Strengthen the Management to Key Accounts
12.4.5 Key Problems to Be Solved 

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