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China Multi-purpose Vehicle (MPV) Industry Report, 2014-2017

Published: Jun, 2014 | Pages: 110 | Publisher: SinoMarketInsight
Industry: Automotive | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

China Multi-purpose Vehicle (MPV) Industry Report, 2014-2017 released by Sino Market Insight forecasts China’s MPV market will maintain a rapid growth rate in the coming years and the sales volume will reach 1.6 million units in 2017.
In 2013, Chinese MPV market grew faster than the overall automobile market and the passenger car market. The MPV output soared 168.73% year on year to 1.32 million units and the MPV sales volume surged 164.53% YoY to 1.31 million units. From January to April of 2014, China’s MPV output and sales volume reached 651,000 units and 625,000 units separately, up 62.05% and 56.86% year on year respectively. In 2013-2014, Chinese MPV witnesses rapid growth, mainly because China Association of Automobile Manufacturers defines SAIC-GM-Wuling’s Wuling Hongguang as an MPV model instead of the previous cross-type passenger car model as well as low-cost MPV models are launched.
By nationality, American MPV brands enjoyed 46.53% market share in China in 2013, 7.73 percentage points higher than Chinese counterparts and far higher than Japanese and European brands. The adjustment in the position of SAIC-GM-Wuling’s Wuling Hongguang and the sales growth of GM Buick GL8 were the key drivers. From January to April of 2014, American MPV brands ranked first with the market share of 48.06%, followed by Chinese MPV brands with 40.92%.
As for models, SAIC-GM-Wuling’s Wuling Hongguang is the best-selling model in 2013-2014. 530,100 ones of such model were sold out in 2013, accounting for 40.61% of the total MPV sales volume; from January to April of 2014, the number and proportion rose to 270,100 and 43.18% respectively. In addition, Lingzhi and JOYEAR produced by Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor, HONOR of Changan Automobile, Buick GL8 of Shanghai GM and JAC’s Refine are also popular in China.
In the medium and high-end fields, Buick GL8 still acts as a leader. In 2013, the output of Buick GL8 jumped by 24.46% year on year to 74,898; the sales volume grew 9.67% year on year to 70,191. From January to April of 2014, Buick GL8 generated the output of 26,485 and the sales volume of 30,497, ranking the sixth by sales volume.

The report contains six chapters and 130 charts, involving overview of China automobile industry, passenger car market segments, MPV market (including segments: A0 class and below, A class, B class, C class and above), competition patterns and features, powertrain and other aspects. Finally, it analyzes capacity, MPV production and marketing, supporting and production bases of 14 major manufacturers.
 1. Industry’s Macro Environment
    1.1 Decelerated Growth in Chinese Economy
    1.2 A Drop in Growth Rate of Fixed Assets Investment
    1.3 Remarkable Slowdown in Import and Export
    1.4 Steady Increase of Social Consumption
2 Definition and Classification of Chinese MPV 
    2.1 Definition and Classification 
    2.2 Industry Policy 
            2.2.1 Automobile Consumption Tax Rate
            2.2.2 Defective Automotive Product Recall Management Regulations
            2.2.3 Accounting Methods for Average Fuel Consumption of Passenger Car Enterprises 
            2.2.4 Standards on Mandatory Retirement of Motor Vehicles  
            2.2.5 Policies Encouraging New Energy and 1.6L (or less) Passenger Cars
3 Chinese Passenger Car Market
    3.1 The Growth Rate of Passenger Car Output and Sales Volume will Shrink to 9% 
    3.2 The Output and Sales Volume of Passenger Cars will Account for 83%
    3.3 Passenger Car Market Segments
            3.3.1 The Market Share of Basic Passenger Cars will by Degrees Decline
            3.3.2 SUV
            3.3.3 MPV
            3.3.4 Cross-type Passenger Car
4 MPV Market
    4.1 The Growth Rate of MPV Output and Sales Volume Broke 160%, 2013
    4.2 Competition Pattern 
    4.3 Competitive Characteristics 
            4.3.1 The Sales Volume of MPV under American Brands Soars 
            4.3.2 SAIC-GM-Wuling Ranks First by Sales Volume
            4.3.3 Wuling Hongguang is the Best Selling Model 
            4.3.4 Buick GL8 Leads the High-end Commercial MPV Market
    4.4 Powertrain Supporting
5 MPV Market Segments
    5.1 A0 Class 
            5.1.1 Market Overview 
            5.1.2 Competition Pattern 
    5.2 A Class 
            5.2.1 Market Overview 
            5.2.2 Competition Pattern 
    5.3 B Class 
            5.3.1 Market Overview 
            5.3.2 Competition Pattern 
    5.4 C Class 
            5.4.1 Market Overview 
            5.4.2 Competition Pattern 
6 Major Enterprises
    6.1 SAIC-GM-Wuling
            6.1.1 Profile 
            6.1.2 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.1.3 Main Models and Supporting
            6.1.4 Production Bases 
    6.2 Dongfeng Motor 
            6.2.1 Profile 
            6.2.2 Operation 
            6.2.3 Operating Revenue Structure 
            6.2.4 Gross Margin 
            6.2.5 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.2.6 Automobile Capacity 
            6.2.7 Major Customers 
            6.2.8 Main Models and Supporting
    6.3 Changan Automobile 
            6.3.1 Profile 
            6.3.2 Operation 
            6.3.3 Operating Revenue Structure 
            6.3.4 Gross Margin 
            6.3.5 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.3.6 Production Bases and Capacity  
            6.3.7 Main Models and Supporting
    6.4 Shanghai GM 
            6.4.1 Profile 
            6.4.2 Operation 
            6.4.3 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.4.4 Main Models and Supporting
            6.4.5 Production Bases and Capacity  
    6.5 JAC 
            6.5.1 Profile 
            6.5.2 Operation 
            6.5.3 Operating Revenue Structure 
            6.5.4 Gross Margin 
            6.5.5 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.5.6 Main Models and Supporting
            6.5.7 Production Bases 
    6.6 FAW Group 
            6.6.1 Profile 
            6.6.2 Operation 
            6.6.3 FAW Car 
            6.6.4 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.6.5 Main Models and Supporting
            6.6.6 Production Bases and Capacity  
    6.7 Dongfeng Honda 
            6.7.1 Profile 
            6.7.2 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.7.3 Main Models and Supporting
            6.7.4 Production Bases and Capacity  
    6.8 Shanghai Volkswagen 
            6.8.1 Profile 
            6.8.2 Operation 
            6.8.3 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.8.4 Main Models and Supporting
            6.8.5 Production Bases and Capacity  
    6.9 GAC Honda 
            6.9.1 Profile 
            6.9.2 Operation 
            6.9.3 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.9.4 Main Models and Supporting
            6.9.5 Production Bases and Capacity  
    6.10 Jinbei Automotive 
            6.10.1 Profile 
            6.10.2 Operation 
            6.10.3 Operating Revenue Structure 
            6.10.4 Gross Margin 
            6.10.5 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.10.6 Main Models and Supporting
            6.10.7 Production Bases and Capacity  
    6.11 GAC Toyota 
            6.11.1 Profile 
            6.11.2 Operation 
            6.11.3 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.11.4 Main Models and Supporting
            6.11.5 Production Bases and Capacity  
    6.12 BAIC Yinxiang
            6.12.1 Profile 
            6.12.2 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.12.3 Main Models and Supporting
            6.12.4 Production Bases and Capacity 
    6.13 Haima Motor 
            6.13.1 Profile 
            6.13.2 Operation 
            6.13.3 Operating Revenue Structure 
            6.13.4 Gross Margin 
            6.13.5 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.13.6 Main Models and Supporting
            6.13.7 Production Bases and Capacity 
    6.14 BYD 
            6.14.1 Profile 
            6.14.2 Operation 
            6.14.3 Operating Revenue Structure 
            6.14.4 Gross Margin 
            6.14.5 MPV Output and Sales Volume 
            6.14.6 Main Models and Supporting
            6.14.7 Production Bases and Capacity

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