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China Large Bus Industry Report, 2013-2017

Published: May, 2014 | Pages: 90 | Publisher: SinoMarketInsight
Industry: Automotive | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

According to China Large Bus Industry Report, 2013-2017 released by Sino Market Insight, China’s output of large buses is expected to reach 92,000 units in 2017, with the growth rate being in a stage of slow growth affected by market demand.
In 2013, the production and sales of large buses in China amounted to 79,200 units and 79,100 units respectively, rising 5.4% and 5.2% from a year earlier but a separate drop of 4.8 percentage points and 4.7 percentage points from last-year growth rates. In Q1 2014, the production and sales of large buses in China showed a respective year-on-year decline of 5.5% and 5.0% to 14,500 units and 14,800 units.
As far as vehicle model is concerned, the production and sales of new-energy bus has presented a fairly high growth rate benefitting from the policies by Central and local governments for vigorously promoting new energy vehicle in recent years. In 2013, the sales proportion of large new energy bus in large bus rose from 23.6% in 2012 to 40.4%, a surge of 16.8 percentage points.
In terms of competitive landscape for sales volume, the top five large bus companies are Kinglong Motor Group, Yutong Group, Zhong Tong Bus, FOTON, and Jinhua Youngman Automobile, among which Kinglong and Yutong enjoy absolute superiority, with their sales in 2013 hitting 25,930 units and 25,584 units respectively and accounting for 32.4% and 32.8% of sales volume, a total share of 65.2%.

The report involves seven chapters and 88 charts, highlights the overview of Chinese commercial vehicle market, overview and competition pattern of large bus market, the industrial policies on and market of new energy bus in China as well as China’s incomplete large bus market and competitive landscape, and at length introduces profile, bus production and sales, R&D investment, financial highlights, developments and otherwise of 15 leading bus enterprises consisting of Yutong Group, Kinglong Motor Group, Zhong Tong Bus, etc.
 1. Industry’s Macro Environment
    1.1 Decelerated Growth in Chinese Economy
    1.2 A Drop in Growth Rate of Fixed Assets Investment
    1.3 Remarkable Slowdown in Import and Export
    1.4 Steady Increase of Social Consumption
2. Overview of Commercial Vehicle Industry
    2.1 Definition and Classification
    2.2 Industrial Policy
3 Development of China Commercial Vehicle Industry
    3.1 Production
    3.2 Sales
    3.3 Import & Export
4 Development of China Large Bus Market
    4.1 Production and Sales as a Whole
    4.2 Production and Sales by Fuel
    4.3 Import & Export
            4.3.1 Export
            4.3.2 Import
    4.4 Competition Pattern
    4.5 Development Forecast
5 Large Bus Incomplete Vehicle Market
    5.1 Production and Sales as a Whole
    5.2 Production and Sales by Fuel
    5.3 Competition Pattern
6 Large New-energy Bus Market
    6.1 Industrial Policy
    6.2 Market Status Quo
    6.3 Development Planning
7 Key Enterprises
    7.1Yutong Group
            7.1.1 Profile
            7.1.2 Financial Highlights
            7.1.3 Main Business Structure
            7.1.4 Production and Sales
            7.1.5 Key Customers
            7.1.6 R&D Strength
            7.1.7 Cost Structure
            7.1.8 Developments
            7.1.9 Business Prospects
    7.2 Kinglong Motor Group
            7.2.1 Profile
            7.2.2 Financial Highlights
            7.2.3 Main Business Structure
            7.2.4 Production and Sales
            7.2.5 Key Customers
            7.2.6 R&D Strength
            7.2.7 Cost Structure
            7.2.8 Operation of Key Subsidiaries
            7.2.9 Developments
            7.2.10 Business Prospects
    7.3 Zhong Tong Bus
            7.3.1 Profile
            7.3.2 Financial Highlights
            7.3.3 Main Business Structure
            7.3.4 Production and Sales
            7.3.5R&D Strength
            7.3.6 Cost Structure
            7.3.7 Developments
            7.3.8 Business Prospects
    7.4 FOTON
            7.4.1 Profile
            7.4.2 Financial Highlights
            7.4.3 Main Business Structure
            7.4.4 Production and Sales
            7.4.5 R&D Strength
            7.4.6 Cost Structure
            7.4.7 Developments
            7.4.8 Business Prospects
    7.5 Jinhua Youngman Automobile-Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
            7.5.1 Profile
            7.5.2 Production and Sales
    7.6 Anhui Ankai Automobile
            7.6.1 Profile
            7.6.2 Financial Highlights
            7.6.3 Main Business Structure
            7.6.4 Production and Sales
            7.6.5 R&D Strength
            7.6.6 Cost Structure
            7.6.7 Key Customers
            7.6.8 Business Prospects
    7.7 Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation
            7.7.1 Profile
            7.7.2 Production and Sales
    7.8 Dandong Huanghai Automobile Co., Ltd
            7.8.1 Profile
            7.8.2 Production and Sales
    7.9 Chongqing Hengtong Bus Co.,Ltd
            7.9.1 Profile
            7.9.2 Production and Sales
    7.10 Yangzhou Asiastar Bus Co., Ltd.
            7.10.1 Profile
            7.10.2 Financial Highlights
            7.10.3 Main Business Structure
            7.10.4 Production and Sales
            7.10.5 R&D Strength
            7.10.6 Cost Structure
            7.10.7 Business Prospects
    7.11Guilin Bus Industry Group
            7.11.1 Profile
            7.11.2 Production and Sales
    7.12 FAW Group
            7.12.1 Profile
            7.12.2 Production and Sales
    7.13 Beijing North Huade Neoplan Bus Co., Ltd
            7.13.1 Profile
            7.13.2 Production and Sales
    7.14 Shanghai Shenlong Bus Co., Ltd (Sunlong)
            7.14.1 Profile
            7.14.2 Production and Sales
    7.15 BYD
            7.15.1 Profile
            7.15.2 Financial Highlights
            7.15.3 Main Business Structure
            7.15.4 Production and Sales
            7.15.5 Developments
            7.15.6 Business Prospects

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