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China Infant Formula Milk Powder Market Report, 2013-2017

Published: Jul, 2013 | Pages: 75 | Publisher: Huidian Research
Industry: Dairy Products | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

In China, the infant food industry is in the rapid development stage. In 2012, the cumulative shares of the top five brands nearly reached 60% in China's infant milk powder market. With the increasing competitive market, the concentration ratio of infant milk powder industry is continuously improved. 

In China, the high-end milk powder market has been dominated by the foreign brands, including, Mead Johnson, Dumex, Wyeth, Nestle and Abbott. In 2012, the total shares of the top five foreign milk powder brands nearly reached 60% in China. In the first-tier cities, the foreign milk powder has ranked the leading position since 2004 with the market shares of more than 90%. The majority sales amount of national brand milk powder is from in the market of the second and third-tier cities.

With the coming of the fourth baby boom, it is predicted that the number of newborns every year will exceed 17 million and the 0-3-year-old babies will maintain about 50 million in the future few years; the infant food market will focus on the formula milk powder and food supplements. According to the estimations, in 2012, the scale of China's infant food market was about CNY 60 billion, among which, the formula milk powder was CNY 51 billion accounting for 85% and the food supplements were CNY 9 billion accounting for 15%. By 2015, the scale of China's infant food market will reach CNY 90 billion with nearly CNY 80 billion of formula milk powder and CNY 10 billion of food supplements. The composite growth rate of infant formula milk powder market demand exceeds 15%; with the speeding-up of urbanization, improvement of per capita income level and coming of the fourth baby boom, it is predicted that China's infant milk powder industry will usher in the gold development period. The huge infant consumption groups are pregnant with huge market space for China's infant formula milk powder. 
 1. Development Overview of Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry 
1.1 Industry Definition of Infant Formula Milk Powder 
1.2 Industry Development Situation 
1.2.1 Development Overview of the World's Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry 
1.2.2 Development Situation of China's Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry 

2. Operating Environment of Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry in China 
2.1 Macroeconomic Environment in China 
2.1.1 Economic Development Status 
2.1.2 GDP 
2.1.3 Investment on Fixed Assets 
2.1.4 Total Import and Export Amount and Growth Rate 
2.2 Industry Related Policy and Standard in China 
2.2.1 Three Mandatory National Standards for Infant Milk Powder 
2.2.2 Regulate the Label Content of Infant Formula Milk Powder Product 
2.2.3 Infant Milk Powder that Iodine Does Not Meet the Standard Are Forbidden to Be Produced and Marketed 
2.2.4 China Carries Out the System of Infant Milk Powder Recall 
2.2.5 Infant Food Nutritional Quality and Health Indicators
2.3 Social Environment of Infant Formula Milk Powder Market in China 
2.3.1 Infant Milk Powder Nutrition Structure 
2.3.2 Consumption Concept 
2.3.3 Melamine Incident Made Consumers Have Confidence Crisis in Domestic Infant Milk Powder 

3. Development Status Quo of Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry in China 
3.1 Concentration Ratio 
3.2 Development Status Quo 
3.2.1 Infant Milk Powder Market Declining on the Whole and High-end Demand Showing the Rising Trend 
3.2.2 Low Concentration Ratio of the High-end Market 
3.2.3 Advantages of the Foreign Brands with Upgrading Formula Are Prominent. 
3.2.4 Market Entering the Benign Orbit 
3.3 Competitive Landscape 
3.3.1 Competition of Domestic Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry, 2012 
3.3.2 Competition of Infant Formula Milk Powder Products at Home and Abroad, 2012 

4. Industry Chain Structure of Infant Formula Milk Powder in China 
4.1 Industry Chain Structure 
4.2 Complete Industrial Chain Pattern 

5. Supply and Demand of Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry in China 
5.1 Supply Analysis and Forecast 
5.1.1 Supply Analysis, 2010-2012 
5.1.2 Supply Forecast 2013-2017 
5.2 Demand Analysis and Forecast 
5.3 Price Analysis and Forecast 
5.3.1 History of Price Changes 
5.3.2 Current Price 
5.3.3 Factors Affecting Price 
5.3.4 Price Trend in the Future 

6. Import and Export of Infant Formula Milk Powder in China 
6.1 Total Import and Export Volume and Average Price in the Past 
6.2 Source of Import and Export Destinations in Recent Years 
6.3 Import and Export Trend Forecast 
6.3.1 Factors Affecting Import and Export 
6.3.2 Import Forecast 2013-2017 
6.3.3 Export Forecast 2013-2017 

7. Key Domestic Milk Powder Enterprises 
7.1 Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. 
7.1.1 Main Business 
7.1.2 Business Performance 
7.1.3 Company Strength 
7.1.4 Development Prospect 
7.2 Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd. 
7.2.1 Main Business 
7.2.2 Business performance 
7.2.3 Company Strength 
7.2.4 Development Prospect 
7.3 Zhejiang Beingmate 
7.3.1 Main Business 
7.3.2 Business Performance 
7.3.3 Company Strength 
7.3.4 Development Prospect 
7.4 Feihe International Inc. 
7.4.1 Main Business 
7.4.2 Business Performance 
7.4.3 Company Strength 
7.4.4 Development Prospect 
7.5 Heilongjiang Yashily Dairy Co., Ltd. 
7.5.1 Main Business 
7.5.2 Business Performance 
7.5.3 Company Strength 
7.5.4 Development Prospect 

8. Development Forecast of Infant Formula Milk Powder Industry, 2013-2017 
8.1 Macro Environment Forecast 
8.1.1 Development Direction and Focus 
8.1.2 Industrial Layout 
8.1.3 Development Goal 
8.2 Development Trend of the Domestic Infant Formula Milk Powder Market, 2013-2017 
8.2.1 The Scale of Market Consumption Will Continue to Grow 
8.2.2 Branding Competition Will Be the Trend 
8.2.3 Market Share Will Gradually Be Concentrated 
8.2.4 Market Shows High-end Development Trend 
8.2.5 Marketing Mode Trends to Be Diversified 

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