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China Flip-Flop Industry Outlook 2020

Published: Jul, 2016 | Pages: 65 | Publisher: RNCOS
Industry: Retail | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

China's footwear industry has been successful in maintaining its position as the world's largest footwear manufacturer and consumer. However, due to rising labor costs and currency appreciation in recent times, it has witnessed slow demand from the export market. China has been losing its traction as the largest supplier of footwear, due to employee shortages in coastal areas and surging production costs. Although the footwear industry is increasingly facing the tough challenges, owing to a large population base and rising standards of living, the footwear market has risen at a steady pace. 

Intensifying competition has provided industry players with more room for market development. Well-known international brands have adopted aggressive promotional strategies to capture a bigger market share. Hence, although given some obstacles in the growth path of footwear industry in China, footwear products are expected to become more specialized, and competition is further expected to heat up in near future.

The market for flip-flops in China has seen drastic transformation over the past few years. Due to growing per-capita income of people, coupled with increasing influence of western trends and changing lifestyles, there has been a paradigm shift in the Chinese flip-flop market - from traditional flip-flops to trendy and fashionable ones. Fashionable flip-flops have become popular in the Chinese market as they can be used for outdoor as well as indoor purposes, and are available at affordable prices. Due to their designs and rich look, flip-flops have slowly and gradually caught the attention of the huge population base of the country. The Chinese flip-flop market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 10% during 2015-2020.

Our recent market research report, "China Flip-Flop Industry Outlook 2020", portrays the current and future scenario of flip-flops in China. Our analysts anticipate that the market for flip-flops will grow in the country in the coming years due to the increasing popularity of fashionable flip-flops. 

Additionally, in order to tap the demand prospect of various types of flip-flops in the country, we have portrayed the current and future market for EVA, PVC and rubber flip-flops. Extensive research and analysis revealed that EVA flip-flops occupies the dominant position in the Chinese flip-flop industry and is expected to increase its overall market share in the coming years.
 Table of Contents

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. Macro Economic Indicators
     3.1 Gross Domestic Product
     3.2 Population
            3.2.1 By Age-Group
            3.2.2 By Gender
     3.3 Personal Disposable Income

4. Chinese Footwear Market Outlook

5. Chinese Flip-Flop Market Outlook till 2020

6. By Types
     6.1 EVA Flip-Flop Market
     6.2 PVC Flip-Flop Market
     6.3 Rubber Flip-Flop Market
     6.4 Others

7. By End Consumer
     7.1 Women
            7.1.1 By Flip-Flop Market
            7.1.2 By Preference
     7.2 Men
            7.2.1 By Flip-Flop Market
            7.2.2 By Preference
     7.3 Children
            7.3.1 By Flip-Flop Market
            7.3.2 By Preference

8. Market Drivers
     8.1 Chinese Flip-Flops making Way to E-Commerce
     8.2 Gaining Momentum among Every Age Group
     8.3 Switching from Traditional Designs to Fashionable Flip-Flops

9. Roadblocks
     9.1 Increasing Health Issues
     9.2 Rising Labor Cost

10. Regulatory Environment

11. Competitive Landscape
       11.1 Havaianas
                11.1.1 Business Overview
                11.1.2 Strengths and Weakness Analysis
       11.2 Ipanema
                11.2.1 Business Overview
                11.2.2 Strengths and Weakness Analysis
       11.3 Baofeng Modern International Holdings Co. Ltd.
                11.3.1 Business Overview
                11.3.2 Strengths and Weakness Analysis
       11.4 Fujian Putian Best Co. Ltd
                11.4.1 Business Overview
                11.4.2 Strengths and Weakness Analysis
       11.5 Jinjiang Hengren Shoes Co. Ltd.
                11.5.1 Business Overview
                11.5.2 Strengths and Weakness Analysis
       11.6 Fuzhou Rongqi Shoes Co. Ltd
                11.6.1 Business Overview
                11.6.2 Strengths and Weakness Analysis
       11.7 Fuzhou Heva Shoes Co. Ltd.
                11.7.1 Business Overview
                11.7.2 Strengths and Weakness Analysis
       11.8 Fuzhou Colo Shoes Co. Ltd.
                11.8.1 Business Overview
                11.8.2 Strengths and Weakness Analysis
       11.9 Xiamen Everpal Trade Co. Ltd
                11.9.1 Business Overview
                11.9.2 Strengths and Weakness Analysis
       11.10 Quanzhou Rowoo Shoes Co. Ltd.
                   11.10.1 Business Overview
                   11.10.2 Strengths and Weakness Analysis
List of Figures:

Figure 3-1: China - Gross Domestic Product (Trillion RMB), 2015-2020
Figure 3-2: China - Unit RMB to US$ (Q1 2013 to Q2 2016)
Figure 3-3: China - Population (Million), 2015-2020
Figure 3-4: China - Population by Age Group (%), 2015
Figure 3-5: China - Population by Gender (%), 2015
Figure 3-6: China - Per Head Personal Disposable Income (RMB), 2015-2020
Figure 4-1: China - Footwear Production (Billion Pairs), 2012-2016
Figure 4-2: China - Footwear Exports (Billion Pairs), 2012-2016
Figure 4-3: China - Footwear Exports (Billion US$), 2012-2016
Figure 4-4: China - Footwear Imports (Billion Pairs), 2012-2016
Figure 4-5: China - Footwear Imports (Billion US$), 2012-2016
Figure 4-6: China - Domestic Footwear Consumption (Billion Pairs), 2012-2016
Figure 4-7: China - Domestic Footwear Market (Billion US$), 2012-2016
Figure 5-1: China - Flip-Flop Production (Billion Pairs), 2015-2020
Figure 5-2: China - Domestic Flip-Flop Market (Billion US$), 2015-2020
Figure 6-1: China - EVA Flip-Flop Market (Billion US$), 2015-2020
Figure 6-2: China - PVC Flip-Flop Market (Billion US$), 2015-2020
Figure 6-3: China - Rubber Flip-Flop Market (Billion US$), 2015-2020
Figure 6-4: China - Other Material Flip-Flop Market (Billion US$), 2015-2020
Figure 7-1: China - Share of Flip-Flops Market by End Consumer (%), 2015
Figure 7-2: China - Share of Flip-Flop Market by End Consumer (%), 2020
Figure 7-3: China - Women Flip-Flop Market (Billion US$), 2015-2020
Figure 7-4: China - Share of Women Flip-Flop Preference by Type (%), 2015
Figure 7-5: China - Men Flip-Flop Market (Billion US$), 2015-2020
Figure 7-6: China - Share of Men Flip-Flop Preference by Type (%), 2015
Figure 7-7: China - Children Flip-Flop Market (Million US$), 2015-2020
Figure 7-8: China - Share of Children Flip-Flop Preference by Type (%), 2015
Figure 8-1: China - Online Retail Sales Market (Trillion US$), 2015-2020
Figure 8-2: China - Number of Online Shoppers (Million), 2015-2020 

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