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China Battery Industry Report, 2014-2017

Published: Jul, 2014 | Pages: 100 | Publisher: SinoMarketInsight
Industry: Energy | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

China Battery market is driven by the requirement from rising downstream segments which include energy storage kit and electric vehicle.  The Chinese battery market size is estimated to grow at more than 8% over the forecast period. The chemical batteries majorly used in China include lithium ion battery, lead-acid battery, nickel-metal hydride battery, and nickel-cadmium battery.

Lithium ion batteries and lead-acid batteries are having steady requirement with large market volume where as the remaining two are having less market expansion scope owing to the performance, cost, and environmental issues of these batteries. The lead-acid battery production was more than 200 million KVAh in 2013, rising more than 15.0% from the previous year.

Opinion was taken unanimously by the five ministries of China on the promotion of standard development of Lead-acid battery and secondary lead market. They considered as significant one along with rearward manufacture abilities be eradicated, and settled at eliminating outdated capacities which failed the security of the environment. And also which doesn’t fulfil admittance should be abolished by 2015. Hence, Lead-acid battery industry in China is going to be at a final phase of consolidation over the forecast period.

Lithium battery consignment was over 4.760 billion units increasing by more than 18.5% every year. The credit goes to it being free of heavy metal such as cadmium and lead, thus these batteries are known as the green-product, and this is the reason different countries strongly encourage the lithium battery and broadly used for equipment of energy storage and for the electric automotives. 

Nevertheless, in due course, the technical progress and decreasing price is going to be vital to the extensive functions of the lithium battery.  In 2013, China had shipped more than 800 million numbers of batteries of nickel-metal hydride, losing over 5.0% from the previous year. China produces small sized nickel-metal hydride batteries which are anticipated to face a reduction of shipment due to the replacement by the lithium battery.

The China battery market is reducing along with the decrease of battery import because many foreign companies are setting up their manufacturing industries in China to become a part of internal production, hindering China’s market. China battery market is ruled by the foreign funded industries.
 1. Industry’s Macro Environment
    1.1 Decelerated Growth in Chinese Economy
    1.2 A Drop in Growth Rate of Fixed Assets Investment
    1.3 Remarkable Slowdown in Import and Export
    1.4 Steady Increase of Social Consumption
2. Battery 
    2.1 Overview
            2.1.1 Definition
            2.1.2 Downstream Applications
    2.2 Performance Comparison of Main Batteries
3. Battery Market
    3.1 Overview
    3.2 Competitive Landscape
    3.3 Development Trend
4. Lead-acid Battery
    4.1 Profile
    4.2 Industrial Policy
    4.3 Industry Overview
            4.3.1 Output
            4.3.2 Regional Output
            4.3.3 Elimination of Backward Capacity
            4.3.4 Import and Export
    4.4 Competitive Landscape
    4.5 Downstream Applications
            4.5.1 SLI Battery
            4.5.2 Communications Battery
            4.5.3 Power Battery
            4.5.4 Energy Storage Battery
5. Lithium Ion Battery
    5.1 Profile and Classification
            5.1.1 Profile
            5.1.2 Applications
    5.2 Industrial Policy
    5.3 Global Market
            5.3.1 Market Size
            5.3.2 Competitive Landscape
    5.4 Chinese Market
            5.4.1 Shipment
            5.4.2 Industrial Scale
            5.4.3 Import and Export
    5.5 Downstream Demand
            5.5.1 Overview
            5.5.2 Electronics
            5.5.3 Electric Vehicle
            5.5.4 Energy Storage Equipment
6. Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery 
    6.1 Global Market
            6.1.1 Development
            6.1.2 Output
            6.1.3 Competitive Landscape
            6.1.4 Applications
    6.2 Chinese Market
            6.2.1 Shipment
            6.2.2 Industrial Scale
            6.2.3 Import and Export
            6.2.4 Competitive Landscape
    6.3 Downstream Application
            6.3.1 Overview
            6.3.2 Electric Vehicle
            6.3.3 Retail Market
            6.3.4 Cordless Telephone
            6.3.5 Cleaner
            6.3.6 Small Appliances for Personal Care
            6.3.7 Lighting Lamp
            6.3.8 Electric tool
7. Companies
    7.1 Chaowei Power Holdings Limited
            7.1.1 Profile
            7.1.2 Selected Financial Data
            7.1.3 Financial Data by Product
            7.1.4 Production Base
            7.1.5 Marketing Network
            7.1.6 R&D Expenditure
            7.1.7 Main Subsidiaries
    7.2 Tianneng Power International Ltd
            7.2.1 Profile
            7.2.2 Selected Financial Indexes
            7.2.3 Business by Product
            7.2.4 R&D
            7.2.5 Production Base
            7.2.6 Development Strategy
    7.3 Camel Group Co., Ltd.
            7.3.1 Profile
            7.3.2 Financial Data
            7.3.3 Revenue by Product
            7.3.4 Revenue by Region
            7.3.5 R&D Expenditure
            7.3.6 Major Customers
            7.3.7 M&A
            7.3.8 Key Projects
            7.3.9 Marketing Network
    7.4 Amperex Technology Limited
            7.4.1 Profile
            7.4.2 Revenue
            7.4.3 Production Base
            7.4.4 Developments
    7.5 Leoch International Technology Limited
            7.5.1 Profile
            7.5.2 Selected Financial Indexes 
            7.5.3 Business by Product
            7.5.4 R&D
            7.5.5 Production Base
            7.5.6 Development Strategy
    7.6 China Shoto Group Co., Ltd.
            7.6.1 Profile
            7.6.2 Selected Financial Indexes
            7.6.3 Business by Product
            7.6.4 R&D
            7.6.5 Production Base
            7.6.6 Development Strategy
    7.7 BYD Co. Ltd.
            7.7.1 Profile
            7.7.2 Battery Business
            7.7.3 Battery Capacity
            7.7.4 Key Projects
            7.7.5 Development Strategy
    7.8 Coslight Group
            7.8.1 Profile
            7.8.2 Selected Financial Indexes
            7.8.3 Business by Product
            7.8.4 R&D
            7.8.5 Production Base
            7.8.6 Development Strategy
    7.9 Fengfan Co., Ltd
            7.9.1 Profile
            7.9.2 Financial Data
            7.9.3 Revenue by Product
            7.9.4 Revenue by Region
            7.9.5 R&D Expenditure
            7.9.6 Major Customers
            7.9.7 Key Projects
            7.9.8 Marketing Network
            7.9.9 Development Strategy
    7.10 Shenzhen Desay Battery Tech Co., Ltd.
            7.10.1 Profile
            7.10.2 Financial Data
            7.10.3 Revenue by Product
            7.10.4 Revenue by Region
            7.10.5 R&D Expenditure
            7.10.6 Major Customers
            7.10.7 Key Projects
            7.10.8 Marketing Network
            7.10.9 Development Strategy
    7.11 Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd.
            7.11.1 Profile
            7.11.2 Revenue
            7.11.3 Production Base
    7.12 Zhejiang Narada Power Source Co., Ltd.
            7.12.1 Profile
            7.12.2 Financial Data
            7.12.3 Revenue by Product
            7.12.4 Revenue by Region
            7.12.5 R&D Expenditure
            7.12.6 Major Customers
            7.12.7 Key Projects
            7.12.8 Marketing Network
            7.12.9 Development Strategy

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