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China Automotive Starter Industry Report, 2014-2017

Published: Apr, 2014 | Pages: 75 | Publisher: SinoMarketInsight
Industry: Automotive | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Automotive starters are devices used to rotate the internal combustion engine, which allows it to run the engine at its own convenience. Electric starter, pneumatic starter, hydraulic, fuel-starting, and spring starter are the types of automotive starters.

The China automotive starter industry is poised to achieve a target of 32.4 million sets by 2017. This market will undergo sluggish growth on account of environmental regulations throughout the forecast period (2014-2017). China’s automotive industry has recently seen an annual growth rate of 14.82%, with production exceeding 22 million units. The sales volume had climbed almost 14%, with units sold amounting to almost 22 million.

The automotive industry in China has created a niche for after-market services and parts replacements. With automotive production at an all-time high, the China automotive starter industry will see a surge in its production.  The after-market size has seen annual 12% growth rate, amounting to 1.26 million sets in 2013. 

Current trends driving the market include consumer preferences, consumer behavior, and new regulations. Consumers need more digital applications within the car to sync with their smartphone. They are willing to pay extra for these features, which would change the sales volume over the forecast period. Features include an infotainment system and safety features need to be a standard in all automobiles. Stringent regulations related to fuel have made it difficult for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to manufacture parts at stable prices.

OEMs have employed strategies to collect consumer data to ensure customer loyalty as well as to track changing demands. The goal is to collect the discrete data and create an appropriate business model akin to Google and Amazon.

Major manufacturers in the China automotive starter industry include Wuxi Minxian Vehicle Electric Equipment Co. Limited, Shanghai Valeo Automotive Electrical Systems Co. Limited, Wuhu Generator Automotive Electrical Systems Company Ltd., JHEECO, and TDS.

Out of these, Shanghai Valeo Automotive is involved in the production of light duty trucks, starters and generators dependent on diesel engines. It aims to achieve an production capacity of 15 million units by 2015. End-users of these products include Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, and Beijing Hyundai.  
 1. China's Macroeconomic Analysis
    1.1 Domestic Economy Decelerates
    1.2 Fixed-asset Investment Growth Slows
    1.3 Import and Export Growth Slows Sharply
    1.4 Social Consumption Grows Steadily
2. Overview of China's Automotive Industry
    2.1 Vehicle Manufacturing
            2.1.1 Operation
            2.1.2 Production and Sales
    2.2 Passenger Vehicle Production
            2.2.1 Market Status
            2.2.2 Output
            2.2.3 Market Segments by Model
    2.3 Commercial Vehicle Production
3. Definition and Classification of Starter in China
    3.1 Definition
    3.2 Classification
    3.3 Technology Trends
    3.4 Industry Policy
4. Size of Major Automotive Starter Markets in China
    4.1 Overall Market
    4.2 Matching Market
    4.3 Maintenance Market
    4.4 Competition Pattern
    4.5 Market Forecast
5. Major Foreign Manufacturers
    5.1 Valeo
            5.1.1 Profile
            5.1.2 Operation
            5.1.3 Main Products
            5.1.4 Major Clients
            5.1.5 R&D Base
            5.1.6 Matching Conditions for Starters
            5.1.7 Production and Sales
            5.1.8 Shanghai Valeo Automotive Electrical Systems Co., Ltd.
    5.2 Bosch
            5.2.1 Profile
            5.2.2 Operation
            5.2.3 Main Products
            5.2.4 Major Clients and Matchings
            5.2.5 Bosch Automotive Products (Changsha) Co., Ltd.
            5.2.6 Bosch Automotive Components (Changchun) Co., Ltd.
    5.3 DENSO
            5.3.1 Profile
            5.3.2 Operation
            5.3.3 Development History in China
            5.3.4 Main Products
            5.3.5 Major Clients
            5.3.6 R&D Base
            5.3.7 Production and Sales
            5.3.8 Tianjin DENSO Engine Electrical Products Co., Ltd.
6 Major Manufacturers in China
    6.1 Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
            6.1.1 Profile
            6.1.2 Products and Clients
            6.1.3 Production and Sales
            6.1.4 Supporting Enterprises
    6.2 Wuxi Minxian Vehicle Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd
            6.2.1 Profile
            6.2.2 Products and Clients
            6.2.3 Production and Sales
            6.2.4 Supporting Enterprises
            6.2.5 Fujian Xianyou Minxian Vehicle Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.
    6.3 Wuhu Generator Automotive Electrical Systems Co., Ltd.
            6.3.1 Profile
            6.3.2 Major Clients
            6.3.3 Production and Sales
            6.3.4 Liuzhou Generator Automotive Electrical Systems Manufacture Co., Ltd.
    6.4 Changsha Hitachi Automotive Products Ltd.
            6.4.1 Profile
            6.4.2 Products and Clients
            6.4.3 Production and Sales
            6.4.4 Supporting Enterprises
    6.5 Prestolite Electric (Beijing) Limited
            6.5.1 Profile
            6.5.2 Products and Clients
            6.5.3 Production and Sales
            6.5.4 Supporting Enterprises
    6.6 Dongfeng Motor Electric Co., Ltd.
            6.6.1 Profile
            6.6.2 Products and Clients
            6.6.3 Production and Sales
            6.6.4 Supporting Enterprises
    6.7 FAW Liaoyuan Automotive Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
            6.7.1 Profile
            6.7.2 Products and Clients
            6.7.3 Production and Sales
            6.7.4 Supporting Enterprises
    6.8 Beijing Beiqi Feichi Auto Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
            6.8.1 Profile
            6.8.2 Major Clients
            6.8.3 Production and Sales of Main Products
    6.9 Zhejiang Songtian Automotive Motor System Co., Ltd.
            6.9.1 Profile
            6.9.2 Products and Clients
            6.9.3 Production and Sales of Main Products
            6.9.4 Sales Network
    6.10 Dixie (Shanghai)
            6.10.1 Profile
            6.10.2 Production and Sales
            6.10.3 Sales Network
    6.11 Changzhou Tianfa Power Assembly Manufacture Co., Ltd.
            6.11.1 Profile
            6.11.2 Products and Clients
            6.11.3 Production and Sales
    6.12 AVIC Guiyang Aviation Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.
            6.12.1 Profile
            6.12.2 Products and Clients
            6.12.3 Production and Sales
    6.13 Chengdu Huachuan Electric Parts Co., Ltd
            6.13.1 Profile
            6.13.2 Products and Clients
            6.13.3 Production and Sales
            6.13.4 Sales Network
    6.14 Asimco
            6.14.1 Profile
            6.14.2 Products and Clients
            6.14.3 Operation Network

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