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China Automotive Abs Market Report, 2014 - 2017

Published: Mar, 2014 | Pages: 86 | Publisher: SinoMarketInsight
Industry: Machines | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

ABS (or anti-lock braking system) is a device installed in an automobile to prevent the tires from skidding or cease tire rotation when the brakes are applied. It provides better control of the vehicle and decreases stopping distance on slippery or snow-laden surfaces.

The China automotive ABS market is reported to reach an overall volume of 22.5 million ABS sets by 2017. Factors such as regulations pertaining to safety and increase in automobile sales in the region is expected to drive market demand over the forecast phase (2014-2017). 

China’s automobile production has risen to 22.13 million units, displaying a 14.8% annual growth rate in 2013. The sales volume rose to approximately 22 million units in 2013, growing at an estimated CAGR of almost 14%. Passenger vehicles had a 62% market share, whereas commercial vehicles had a 90% share in the same year. Passenger vehicles were led by foreign brands, while commercial vehicles were dominated by domestic players. 

This triggered a demand for ABS in all vehicles, reaching almost 15.14 million sets in China in the same year.
Products of the China automotive ABS market are hydraulic ABS and pneumatic ABS. The former are used in passenger vehicles, whereas the latter are employed in commercial vehicles. Hydraulic ABS had a market volume, in terms of demand, of 12.26 million sets in 2012. This figure reached 14.65 million units in 2013, at a 19% growth rate. But pneumatic ABS had a high growth potential on account of many freight cars still unequipped with the device. Demand of pneumatic ABS had reached only 480,000 sets in 2013.  

Top regions in China that guarantee large sales are Shandong, Jiangsu, Chongqing, and Liaoning. Due to the Chinese market being large and fragmented, foreign brands need to forge partnerships with local outlets or distributors to gain a steady hold. Domestic players are another threat for foreign brands, as they plan to upgrade their product portfolio in the near future. 

Prominent manufacturers of the China automotive ABS market include BOSCH, Beijing West Industries (BWI), TRW Automotive, NISSIN, and VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprises). 
 1 China’s Macroeconomic Analysis
    1.1 China's Economic Growth Slows Down
    1.2 Investment in Fixed Assets Falls Back
    1.3 Remarkable Slowdown in Imports & Exports
    1.4 Steady Growth in Social Consumption

2 Development of China's Automobile Industry
    2.1 Automobile Manufacturing
            2.1.1 Operation of the Industry
            2.1.2 Automobile Production and Sales Volume
    2.2 Manufacturing of Passenger Vehicle
            2.2.1 Production of Passenger Vehicle
            2.2.2 Segments by Model
            2.2.3 Competition Pattern
    2.3 Manufacturing of Commercial Vehicles
            2.3.1 Production of Commercial Vehicles
            2.3.2 Segments by Model
            2.3.3 Competition Pattern

3 Profile of Automotive ABS Industry
    3.1 ABS Profile
    3.2 Development History
    3.3 Policy Environment
    3.4 Auto ABS Market Size

4 Development of China's Hydraulic ABS
    4.1 Hydraulic ABS Market
    4.2 Competition Pattern
    4.3 Product Matching

5 Analysis on China's Pneumatic ABS Market
    5.1 Market Size
    5.2 Competition Pattern
    5.3 Product Matching

6 Analysis on ABS Manufacturers
    6.1 Teves/SABS
            6.1.1 Profile
            6.1.2 Production
            6.1.3 Product Matching
            6.1.4 R&D
    6.2 BOSCH
            6.2.1 Profile
            6.2.2 Main Products
            6.2.3 Operation
            6.2.4 Major Clients
            6.2.5 Product Matching
            6.2.6 Production Base
            6.2.7 R&D
    6.3 MANDO
            6.3.1 Profile
            6.3.2 Financial Data
            6.3.3 Operation
            6.3.4 Products
            6.3.5 Prodcution Layout
            6.3.6 Customers
            6.3.7 Product Matching
    6.4 ADVICS
            6.4.1 Profile
            6.4.2 Main Products
            6.4.3 Operation
            6.4.4 Major Clients & Product Matching
            6.4.5 ADVICS (Tianjin) Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
            6.4.6 ADVICS (Guangzhou) Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
    6.5 NISSIN
            6.5.1 Profile
            6.5.2 Main Products
            6.5.3 Financial Data
            6.5.4 Major Clients
            6.5.5 Product Matching
            6.5.6 Production Base
    6.6 Wanxiang Qianchao
            6.6.1 Profile
            6.6.2 Financial Data
            6.6.3 Production and Sales Volume
            6.6.4 R&D
            6.6.5 Production Base
            6.6.6 Product Matching
    6.7 Beijing West Industries (BWI)
            6.7.1 Profile
            6.7.2 Product Matching
            6.7.3 Arrangement
    6.8 TRW
            6.8.1 Profile
            6.8.2 Financial Data
            6.8.3 Product Matching
            6.8.4 Production Base
            6.8.5 R&D
    6.9 APG
            6.9.1 Profile
            6.9.2 Product Matching
    6.10 WABCO
            6.10.1 Profile
            6.10.2 Financial Data
            6.10.3 Major Clients
            6.10.4 Production Base
    6.11 KORMEE
            6.11.1 Profile
            6.11.2 Development History
            6.11.3 Product Matching
    6.12 VIE
            6.12.1 Profile
            6.12.2 Financial Data
            6.12.3 R&D
            6.12.4 Clients
            6.12.5 Production Base & Product Matching
    6.13 Chongqing Juneng
            6.13.1 Profile
            6.13.2 Product Matching

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