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China Automobile Clutch Industry Report, 2014-2017

Published: Jul, 2014 | Pages: 110 | Publisher: SinoMarketInsight
Industry: Automotive | Report Format: Electronic (PDF)

Gasoline engines are of different types relying in various criteria such as ignition, application, motor arrangement and method of fuel management. Types if engines are rotary engines and piston-and-cylinder engines. According to the research study, sales volume of motorcycle engines, automotive engines and general gasoline engines, will reach over 28.70 million, 24.7 million and 25.20 million units respectively.

Modern gasoline engines, when used to power a car have over 25% to 30% efficiency.  Some of the work produced is lost as air, friction, turbulence and work use to turn appliances and engine equipment like oil pumps and water pumps and the electrical generator leaving only about 25-30% of energy release by the available fuel consumed to move vehicle.

The demand for motor vehicles has augmented rapidly with enhancement in consumption of Chinese people. The automobile output increased from 5.6 million in 2005 to 19 million in 2012 with an average annual rate of over 19%. Furthermore, motorcycle output was stabilized over 25 million per year from 2007-2012. Demand of gasoline engines are increased owing to expansion of passenger vehicles. Also, localization of international manufactures is rising resulting in increasing the sales volume of automotive gasoline engine.  This will impact the china gasoline engine industry over the forecast period. It has improved  from  over 3 million  units in 2005 to over 13 million units  in 2012 with average growth rate of over 21%.Gasoline engines convert  fuel to energy  through  a series of small combustions and explosion. The air is mixed with fuel ignited by sparks and compressed by pistons from spark plugs.

Several advantages of gasoline engines are its smooth acceleration, efficiency and its light-weight. Furthermore it’s less noisy and produces fewer vibrations. These engines are easier to start in cold weather owing to their volatile characteristics. They also have better burning rate as compared to other engines. On addition, gasoline engines are cheaper and easy to refuel as compared to other engines.
 1. Industry’s Macro Environment
    1.1 Decelerated Growth in Chinese Economy
    1.2 A Drop in Growth Rate of Fixed Assets Investment
    1.3 Remarkable Slowdown in Import and Export
    1.4 Steady Increase of Social Consumption

2 Overview of Automobile Clutch Industry
    2.1 Definition and Classification
    2.2 Relevant Policies

3 Automobile Clutch-related Industries
    3.1 Development of Automobile Industry
            3.1.1 Overview of Automobile
            3.1.2 Passenger Vehicle
            3.1.3 Commercial Vehicle
    3.2 Auto Parts Industry
            3.2.1 Staus Quo
            3.2.2 Market Pattern
            3.2.3 Market Size
            3.2.4 Development Trend

4 Automobile Clutch Market
    4.1 Market Size
    4.2 Supporting Relations

5 Import and Export Markets of Automible Clutch
    5.1 Import
    5.2 Export

6 Automobile Clutch Market Segments
    6.1 Master Cylinder 
    6.2 Slave Cylinder
    6.3 Booster
    6.4 Disc Assembly
    6.5 Cover & Pressure Plate

7 Major Global Clutch Companies
    7.1 ZF
            7.1.1 Profile
            7.1.2 Operation
            7.1.3 Spending on R&D
            7.1.4 Clutch Business
    7.2 EXEDY
            7.2.1 Profile
            7.2.2 Revenue and Profit
            7.2.3 Operating Revenue (by Division)
            7.2.4 Gross Margin (by Division)
            7.2.5 Supporting Customers
            7.2.6 Business in China 
    7.3 Schaeffler
            7.3.1 Profile
            7.3.2 Revenue and Profit
            7.3.3 Operating Revenue (by Division)
            7.3.4 Business in China 
    7.4 F.C.C.
            7.4.1 Profile
            7.4.2 Revenue and Profit
            7.4.3 Operating Revenue (by Product)
            7.4.4 Customers
            7.4.5 Business in China
    7.5 Valeo
            7.5.1 Profile
            7.5.2 Operation
            7.5.3 Supporting Customers
            7.5.4 Business in China 
    7.6 BorgWarner 
            7.6.1 Profile 
            7.6.2 Revenue and Profit 
            7.6.3 Operating Revenue 
            7.6.4 Supporting Customers
            7.6.5 Business in China 

8 Major Chinese Clutch Comapnies
    8.1 Changchun Yidong Clutch Co., Ltd.
            8.1.1 Profile
            8.1.2 Operation
            8.1.3 Primary Business
            8.1.4 Investment and R&D
            8.1.5 Major Customers
            8.1.6 Performance Forecast
    8.2 Zhejiang VIE Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. 
            8.2.1 Profile
            8.2.2 Operation
            8.2.3 Primary Business
            8.2.4 Investment and R&D
            8.2.5 Major Customers
            8.2.6 Performance Forecast
    8.3 Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Mechanical & Electronic Co.,Ltd.
            8.3.1 Profile
            8.3.2 Operation
            8.3.3 Primary Business
            8.3.4 Spending on R&D
            8.3.5 Supporting Customers
    8.4 Shanghai Sachs Powertrain Components Systems Co., Ltd.
            8.4.1 Profile
            8.4.2 Output, Sales Volume and Supporting
    8.5 FCC Foshan Co., Ltd.
            8.5.1 Profile
            8.5.2 Supporting Customers
    8.6 Northeast Industries Group Co., Ltd.
            8.6.1 Profile
            8.6.2 Output, Sales Volume and Supporting
    8.7 Hubei Tri-Ring Clutch Co., Ltd.
            8.7.1 Profile
            8.7.2 Output, Sales Volume and Supporting Customers
    8.8 Donghua Automotive Industrial Co., Ltd.
            8.8.1 Profile
            8.8.2 Output, Sales Volume and Supporting
    8.9 Rongcheng Huanghai Clutch Co., Ltd.
            8.9.1 Profile
            8.9.2 Output, Sales Volume and Supporting
    8.10 Dongfeng Automotive Propeller Shaft Co., Ltd.
            8.10.1 Profile
            8.10.2 Output, Sales Volume and Supporting
    8.11 Wuhu Hefeng Clutch Co., Ltd.
            8.11.1 Profile
            8.11.2 Output, Sales Volume and Supporting
    8.12 Zhejiang Tieliu Clutch Co., Ltd.
            8.12.1 Profile
            8.12.2 Output, Sales Volume and Supporting
    8.13 Wenzhou Dongqi Auto Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd.
            8.13.1 Profile
            8.13.2 Output, Sales Volume and Supporting
    8.14 Hubei Jinchi Machinery Co., Ltd.
            8.14.1 Profile
            8.14.2 Output, Sales Volume and Supporting
    8.15 Shenyang Yi Dong Four Ring Clutch Co. Ltd.
            8.15.1 Profile
            8.15.2 Output, Sales Volume and Supporting

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